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Caravan travel allows you to fast-travel between settlements at the cost of Supply Kits. One kit gives 30 Supplies, one travel will cost at most 10 Supplies, depending on distance travelled.

To use caraven travel, build a Caravan Hub or Caravan Radio in a settlement, use it to add supply kits (or caps at extortionary rate), and travel to another settlements.

Special caravan hubs[edit | edit source]

Special hubs allow travel to them once you unlock them, then save and load the game.

[fallout:Diamond City Diamond City][edit | edit source]

You can have one in DC if you buy Home Plate and build it there.

[fallout:Prydwen Prydwen][edit | edit source]

Unlocks once you arrive aboard, but can only travel there after completion of Show No Mercy. Located at Command Deck near the door to flight deck.

[fallout:Goodneighbor Goodneighbor][edit | edit source]

Located in Memory Den near the cashier. Complete [fallout:Big Dig Big Dig] or [fallout:Art Appreciation Art Appreciation] and reload game to unlock.

Railroad HQ[edit | edit source]

In the back near the mattresses. Activated once you gain entry.

Nuka World[edit | edit source]

Unlocks when completing "All Aboard". There's a Caravan Radio on the left side of south entryway to Nuka-Town U.S.A.