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Did you mean Wilson (Cargo Bot 1-X)?

Cargo bot is an item used in crafting logistics-related buildings and for personal cargo hauling.

Furthermore a Cargo Bot is often part of Recipes for enhanced crafting Workbenches.

Introduction[edit | edit source]


Personal Cargo Bots[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Tech Lab, Resource Station

Personal Cargo Bots are a very simple way to allow you to increase your personal carry weight.

These Cargo Bots are completely stealthed, and automatically give you extra weight based on how many you have.

Each unique chip has their own requirements to craft them, and you can only craft 1 of each.

To enable them, you must craft Cargo Bot upgrade chips in the Tech Lab, and then install them using any Resource Station.

Available Transmitter Chips:

  • Transmitter Chip – Cargo Bot REX-1
  • Transmitter Chip – Cargo Bot REX-2
  • Transmitter Chip – Cargo Bot REX-3
  • Transmitter Chip – Cargo Bot SCB-1
  • Transmitter Chip – Cargo Bot SCB-2
  • Transmitter Chip – Cargo Bot SCB-3

Supply Lines[edit | edit source]

Main article: Resource Station

Cargo Bots can be used to create Supply Lines between your settlements. This works exactly the same as standard settler Supply Lines, except they don't require a settler. They also don't add NPCs travelling around, getting in your way, and reducing your framerate.

Each Resource Station acts as it's own source for a Supply Line. You can make as many Resource Stations as you wish per settlement, and have them each pointing to a different settlement.

Once you build a Resource Station, simply navigate it's menu and choose your supply line destination.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Cargo Bot can be crafted in Tech lab.

One can also be found in Sanctuary's Root Cellar.

Purchased at certain Traders

(Updated as of Horizon 1.8.0.BETA-7)