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Critical damage[edit | edit source]

Critical damage should occur because of the following situations:

  • Skill - Being skillful enough to aim at weak points even inside of vulnerable areas
  • Surges - Energy weapons could potentially be overloaded to provide extra damage at times
  • Strength - Using brute strength to occasionally add more power to your swing

Critical damage is now intended to only work well if you actually invest into it.

  • The base critical hit damage for most ranged weapons is now +25% damage (down from +100%)
  • The base critical hit damage for most melee weapons remains at +100%
  • Critical damage bonuses are being removed from ballistic weapon mods, and replaced with other bonuses
  • Critical damage bonuses will remain on energy weapon mods, with the idea that surges of energy could be released
  • Critical damage is adjusted on perks
  • Critical Hit chance is added to 3 different perks, and works with all attacks (even outside of VATS)[1]

Sneak attacks[edit | edit source]

Sneak attack damage is much more balanced in Horizon. You can no longer stack absurd amounts of it, but it's also not necessary anymore either since Horizon's NPC health is no longer bloated out of control.

  • Base ranged weapon sneak attack damage is +50% damage
  • Base melee weapon sneak attack damage is +100% damage
  • Most sneak attack bonus damage on mods and perks is reduced

Legendary Items[edit | edit source]

  • MANY legendary properties have been rebalanced to fit Horizon
  • Legendary Melee weapon rolls will now choose better types (it will no longer roll boards, canes, pool cues, etc.)
  • Legendary weapons will now roll melee weapons less often
  • Legendary humans now drop an "Empty Mutagenic Serum" item (makes it more believable as to why a human is mutating)
  • Legendary synths and robots now drop a "Burnt Overdrive Unit" item
  • Some Legendary creatures now drop unique junk items that contain rare components (Hunters get even more)
  1. Executing critical hits in VATS still guarantees a hit, which can be extremely powerful even by itself