Combat stimpak

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Vanilla Stimpak is Combat stimpak in Horizon.

  • Is usable in combat
  • They heal a fixed amount of health now
  • No longer heals limb damage (with 1 exception below)
  • Heals 5% leg limb damage, to allow you to recover from limping in an emergency
  • Has a 50-second cooldown before you can stimpak yourself again
  • Applies a debuff that reduces your radiation resistance while it's healing
  • Is boosted with the Medic Perk
  • All Stimpaks that were hand-placed in the world are now replaced by "Adrenaline Injectors"
  • Can be obtained rarely from loot (such as First Aid containers), and sometimes NPCs
  • Can be purchased from doctors, and can also still be crafted with the right skills