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Many new objects and devices are created in Horizon, in order to extend gameplay and to expand settlement building.

Horizon also introduces many new crafting components, to fill gaps in the crafting system.

IMPORTANT NOTES on all crafting recipes[edit | edit source]

  1. The first thing to always keep in mind, is that some recipes have 2 perks listed, but it doesn't mean that it requires BOTH. Some items can be crafted if you have just one of the perks. Unfortunately, the UI does not know the difference, so it's not clear. However I don't want to remove this feature as it allows more versatility to crafting recipes.
  2. Another note, make sure you're using the newest version of DEF_UI if you want scrollbars. The older versions don't have a scrollbar for the ingredients required, so it's not immediately apparent if there's more than 5 ingredients needed.

Contracted work[edit | edit source]

There's a special category called "CONTRACTED WORK" in the Tech Lab (and the Weapons Lab too.)

This category allows you to bypass the perk requirement for crafting certain objects. But it comes at a cost.. normally requiring caps and extra ingredients. The concept is that a skilled artisan makes the item for you (i.e. could be a settler, or someone from a major town, etc.) if you lack the skill to make it yourself.

Some of these recipes require that you have ranks of "Recipe: Tricks of the Trade" which are acquired by finding Junktown Vendor magazines. This essentially allows you to open up more trading relations.

Take note, that if you have the skill to craft any of these objects, you should look for the "real" recipe located in another category, and NOT use the contracted work one. The real recipes are often cheaper and more efficient.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Certain items that are purposely flagged as unscrappable tools or parts (so they aren't accidentally scrapped), can still be scrapped from this category manually if you wish.

In the Weapons Lab, this consists of all the possible types of ammo/explosives you can break down into components.

Weapon scrapping and new components[edit | edit source]

There is a new system for dealing with scraping weapons and building turrets (and other items and objects.) Scraping weapons is supposed to actually feel much more beneficial.

When you scrap weapons, you receive components called "[weapon type] Weapon Parts." This is IN ADDITION to normal materials you receive when scraping a weapon.

Weapon parts can also come from damaged weapons (junk items.)

Weapon parts salvage from the following

  • Rifle Weapon Parts: Combat/assault/hunting rifle, submachinegun, minigun
  • Shotgun Weapon Parts: Combat and double-barreled shotguns
  • Energy Weapon Parts: Laser, plasma, gamma, gauss, laser musket, gatling laser guns
  • Pistol Weapon Parts: 10mm, .44
  • Pipe Weapon Parts: Any type of pipe gun
  • Heavy Weapon Parts: Missile launchers, flamethrowers, etc.