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Crops are produced each production cycle based on total crop rating. You get 1 crop per cycle for every 20 rating that crop has, and fertilizer doubles that production.

Fertilizer[edit | edit source]

Fertilizer can be added at the resource station to double crop yields. Each extra crop consumes one stored unit of fertilizer. If you wish to only spend fertilizer on certain crops, you can set which are fertilized in the resource manager menu as well.

Crop rating[edit | edit source]

Every plant you build has a crop rating'. Special Horizon plants which are bigger give +6 rating compared to vanilla ones, but they can't be harvested manually. Vanilla plants can be harvested manually but can yield junk items instead of crop and have a lower rating of just 0.5. The junk items, (rotten vegetables, etc) should be added to the Farm Workbench to produce additional compost, along with (Diseased Meat, etc) found scavenging.

Crop stability[edit | edit source]

Since it's hard to detect whether planted plants are worked, plant production is affected by crop stability. If 75% of your crops are worked, at the end of production cycle you will receive 75% of normal harvest. There's slight leeway so if only a small fraction of plants are not worked, crop stability will still be 100%.

Plant Domestication // Plant Nursery[edit | edit source]

Resource Station -> Production Management -> Plant Nursery.

Select Active Services - Click Wild Carrot to Carrot and "trade"

Manage Service Slot #1 and Add Production Work Order (+1, +5, +25...)

Go back and you should see the select number of Work Orders in brackets. When the next production cycle has finished, your domesticated crops will be in your designated target.