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WARNING! The death system is still in beta, remember to save frequently.

In Horizon, dying will not force the player to reload their last save. Instead, the player character will be incapacitated, the screen will fade to black and the player will find themselves in their closest owned settlement. If the players owns no settlements, they will be transported to Vault 111.

Upon revival, their health will be set to 25 and if their rads were over 1000, they will be reduced to 970. Caps will be removed from the player's inventory to pay for this healing, at the same price per health/rad as a doctor. If the player was poisoned, the poison will be cured, but the player will be charged for that as well, at a higher rate than a doctor - 2x at level 10-19, 4x at level 20-29 and 6x at level 30+. If Caravan Supplies are available, they will be consumed instead. Curing poison or Infection costs 6 supplies each. The minimum penalty for revival is 2 supplies or 40 caps.

An Adrenaline Injector will also be removed from the player's inventory. If no injector is available, the will be affected by the Anemia debuff for 10 minutes, which reduces AP regen by 10% and causes you to take 10% increased damage.

This system can be turned off in the settings holotape.

Known issues[edit | edit source]

The system will not activate properly if you die while in the Pip-Boy menu, e.g. from eating radioactive food or if you have FallSouls installed.