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Desolation mode is a difficulty modifier that drastically reduces loot available and generally makes your life harder. It's intended to be "mainline" experience of Horizon, and most balancing is done around it.

while 99% of my combat changes will effect default mode too, I want to balance the game around DM. I can always add in non-DM stuff to help casual players if it is too hard... but I want the real balance focused around survival mode and DM.
tbh... i really dont count default mode, because you can get ammo and shit so much easier. im not going to balance around that
my focus is on "what can you do with the supplies you get in DM... and what can't you do."
otherwise the player reports become so skewed, because 1 person in default will say they have 2000 rounds of .308, and its too easy. and a DM player might have 90 rounds.
the real issue is trying to fix the DM players who have 1000 rounds :)

~ Zawinul on Discord

Desolation can be enabled during Horizon installation, and to disable you need to reinstall it and start a new game.

Food/Medical[edit | edit source]

  • All pre-war food (that isn't preserved) is considered garbage food and has high risk of disease (not recommended to eat)
  • Crops/rations and Wild plants have a moderate chance of disease (which makes cooked food much more valuable)
  • All pre-war food is worth very little caps
  • The debuff on Combat Stimpaks is increased to -150 rad resists (up from -50)
  • Doctors have much less supplies
  • Doctors have a much stricter price increase per level

Settlements[edit | edit source]

  • Resource production Vendor Credit Income is halved
  • Resource production can give 4-16 Supply Kits maximum per cycle based on your progression
  • Resource production can give 8-20 Purified Water bottles maximum per cycle based on your progression
  • Resource production can give 3-20 of each Crop maximum per cycle based on your progression
  • Resource production can give 100-1500 Vendor Credit Income maximum per cycle based on your progression

Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • Purified water can no longer be crafted by hand, and requires real purifiers (Tech Level 8) to process it for you. Craft sanitized water and buy purified water instead.
  • Some medical supplies require more antiseptic or other materials
  • Crafting antiseptics from alcohol requires more pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals require more materials
  • Cooked pre-war food is not available

Loot[edit | edit source]

  • Tools drop less from containers
  • Hunting Skill is -50% as effective in terms of harvesting items
  • Exploration Skill is -50% as effective in terms of scrounging extra items
  • Salvaging Skill is -25% as effective in terms of harvesting items
  • Ammo boxes: -90% chance
  • Ammo misc: -80% chance
  • Ammo from NPCs: -85% chance
  • Medical supplies: -50% chance
  • Tools: -70% chance
  • Unique junk: -40% chance
  • Rare junk: -40% chance
  • Food/drinks: -90% chance
  • Chems: -90% chance
  • Caps Bonus: -90% chance (partial coverage of rewards and loot)

Bartering[edit | edit source]

  • Vendors don't trust you. All sell prices are 25% of the caps value (down from 50%)
  • Combat Stimpaks and Blood Packs cost more caps

Survival[edit | edit source]

  • Weakness makes you take 40% extra damage
  • Lethargy reduces AP regen by -75%
  • Insomnia also reduces your Rad Resistance by -100
  • Parasites also reduce your Poison Resistance by -30
  • Some poisons deal more damage per tick
  • Infection does 10 damage per tick from level 1-4
  • Infection does 15 damage per tick from level 5-9
  • Infection does 20 damage per tick from level 10-19 (this can now kill you)
  • Infection does 30 damage per tick from level 20+

Armor[edit | edit source]

  • Power Armor repairs are more expensive