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Doctor services in horizon have been overhauled to be easy yet flexible to use, with the addition of a unique menu which appears when you talk to a doctor. Additionaly, there is a medical service item that looks like a wheelchair and allows you to use doctor services without any dialogue or finding the doctors themselves.

Horizon's doctor menu
  • Doctors have limited supplies which are restocked every week and limit how much of a doctor's services one can use.
  • Doctors charge you caps based on exactly what's cured and how much was cured
  • Curing everything at once will cure rads first, so that all of your health is fully healed
  • Curing everything at once can potentially be more cost effective (and easier/faster to deal with)
  • There's a minimum cost of 30 caps per selection (which is why it's recommended to "Cure Everything" if possible)
  • Health: 1 cap per health healed
  • Rads: 0.5 caps per rad healed
  • Limbs: 0.5 caps per total percentage needed to be healed
  • Disease: 20 caps per disease
  • Poison: 20 caps per poison
  • Addiction: caps cost based on the amount of total addiction you have (NOT the number of individual addictions) - maxes at 400 caps