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Many players have grown tired of the old lockpicking and hacking mini-games. They were interesting the first few times you use it, but have become tiring over 3 games. Most players even just bypass it completely, which removes some of the immersive feel from breaking locks.

Horizon has its own style of breaching locks, which is balanced around the gameplay. There are several ways to craft lock breaching devices.

General Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There are 3 new devices used to break locks (with 2 grades each)
  • There is 1 new device used to hack terminals (with 2 grades)
  • Some devices take a few seconds to perform their actions
  • When a device is activated, the lock is unusable until the device is finished
  • All devices make loud noises, and aren't supposed to be a stealthy way to open locks
  • The low grade version of each device is for Novice/Advanced locks
  • The high grade version of each device is for Novice/Advanced/Expert/Master locks
  • The system will always try to use your low grade devices first on lower lock difficulties
  • If you have no low grade devices for low level locks, it will then use a high grade device
  • Each recipe requires different ranks of "Recipe: Safecracker" which is advanced by finding Tumbler magazines
  • Each recipe can also be unlocked by a specific perk, from the perk tree
  • Some devices can rarely be found in loot
  • Tier 2 lock breaching recipes won't show up in the Robotics Lab until level 5
  • There's 1 explosive charge in the Sanctuary root cellar crate as an introduction to the devices
  • NOTE: Upon breaking into doors that zone into other areas, the act of animating the door automatically zones you inside (same as normal lockpicking)[1]
  • NOTE: when more methods of adding Safecracker ranks are introduced, the requirements may increase

Explosive Charges[edit | edit source]

  • Used to break the locks for any type of container, safe, or door
  • This option is accessed while sneaking
  • After the charge is set, a small explosion occurs after 5 seconds (doors have a larger explosion)
  • Explosive Charge I works on for Novice/Advanced locks (requires Safecracker rank 1 -or- Demolitionist rank 1)
  • Explosive Charge II works on for Novice/Advanced/Expert/Master locks (requires Safecracker rank 4 -or- Demolitionist rank 3)
  • Explosives are not guaranteed to break safes, but do have 100% chance on doors and regular containers
  • Using explosives on safes scale based on the lock difficulty and the grade of charge you're using
  • Ex: you have a 50% chance to crack an Advanced safe with a low grade charge (100% chance with high grade charge)
  • Ex: you have a 50% chance to crack an Master safe with a high grade charge (75% chance on an Expert safe)

Locksmith Tools[edit | edit source]

  • A brute force method of breaking out the lock from doors and normal containers
  • This option is accessed while standing
  • Locksmith tools have a 100% chance to work, but can't be used for safes
  • Takes 4 seconds to smash the lock (sparks and sound effects occur every second)
  • While smashing the lock, your character is unable to do anything else
  • Locksmith Tools I work on Novice/Advanced locks (requires Safecracker rank 1 -or- Locksmith rank 1)
  • Locksmith Tools II work on Novice/Advanced/Expert/Master locks (requires Safecracker rank 3 -or- Locksmith rank 3)
  • Character animations may be added in the future

Autodialers[edit | edit source]

  • These devices are used to specifically break into safes by finding the combinations
  • This option is accessed while standing
  • These devices have a 100% chance to work, but only work on safes
  • Every 4 seconds, it will figure out one of the combination numbers
  • Upon completing the last number, the device burns out
  • Autodialer MK I works on Novice/Advanced locks (requires Safecracker rank 2 -or- Technologist rank 2)
  • Autodialer MK II works on Novice/Advanced/Expert/Master locks (requires Safecracker rank 5 -or- Technologist rank 4)

Auto-Hack Devices[edit | edit source]

  • Works just like other lock breaching devices, except on computer terminals
  • Comes in 2 Tiers: Tier 1 = Novice/Advanced, Tier 2 = All levels
  • Auto-Hacker I requires Hacker Rank 1 -or- Recipe: Hack Attack Rank 1
  • Auto-Hacker II requires Hacker Rank 3 -or- Recipe: Hack Attack Rank 4
  • When you use the option on a terminal, it will takes some time to hack in, displaying messages
  • Will not work on terminals that cannot be hacked and require a password
  1. I may try to see if there's a way around this, without losing the door animation. I never liked how even normal lockpicking does that too.