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In an unmodded vanilla Fallout 4, loot rarity is somewhat unrewarding and boring. Horizon changes this.

Horizon's loot system is very detailed, and covers a large array of containers and NPCs. Many new items are added to the game to increase the feel that you're in a living world.

Containers often contain more appropriate loot. Locked containers also give more appropriate bonus loot based on the type of container (safes, ammo boxes, etc.)

Horizon also gives purpose to some crafting ingredients that weren't widely used before, adding more diversity to hunting down materials. Certain junk items are even converted into real crafting ingredients (such as tools), instead of just being scrap.

Overall, more items feel useful and valuable.

One thing that Horizon strives for, is to make more individual items have an actual (and sometimes more realistic) purpose now. This in turn makes exploring and salvaging more interesting. You should actually WANT to explore some cabin because it might have something good in it.

Horizon introduces many new junk items that give more flavor to looting and scrapping. It also finely tunes the weights and prices of all misc items.

Loot Changes and Additions[edit | edit source]

Horizon's loot system contains so many changes, it's impossible to document all of them. Don't let this small "Exploration" section of the documentation fool you.. the changes to loot in Horizon are a very large part of the mod.

Many new junk items were added in to add flavor and make it feel more like a living world.

A large amount of containers were completely overhauled to give more appropriate loot, and a much better (and balanced) distribution of loot.

Junk Items[edit | edit source]

  • Many new junk items add flavor and balance to crafting components
  • Many items that are used in crafting, are now converted to unscrappable parts, such as tools
  • Creatures have brand new junk items that can be harvested (many require the Hunter perk)
  • Robots/Synths have brand new junk items that can be harvested (many require the Technologist perk)
  • Most junk items were given more appropriate buy/sell values.
  • All junk weights are normalized based on their scrap components
  • A few recipes that used junk items directly, were converted to use components instead

Loot Containers[edit | edit source]

  • Many containers that are used post-war are relabeled, such as "Rusty Safe", "Damaged Ammo Box", "Tattered Suitcase"
  • Medkits/mirrors were overhauled, and can contain many brand new and appropriate items
  • Medkits/mirrors give a large assortment of medical loot that is very carefully balanced
  • Desks and filing cabinets were overhauled, and can contain brand new and appropriate items
  • Mailboxes were overhauled, and can contain appropriate items
  • Gun toolcases have a better chance of having some ammo, and rare chance of having extra
  • Gun toolcases can contain small bottles of smokeless powder
  • Vault 111 now contains specific starter items placed around it
  • The root cellar in Sanctuary now contains a small amount of starter items (these containers do not respawn)*
  • Too many other things to list..

Clean Ammo Boxes[edit | edit source]

  • This new type of ammo box type replaces specific boxes in certain areas (usually locked up rooms)
  • These boxes will always give a large consistant amount of ammo
  • Can still give a random assortment of ammo types
  • Does not respawn
  • Does not give extra random "locked" loot, since they are already balanced

Scrounger and Fortune Finder[edit | edit source]

  • Scrounger adds more of a realistic "feel" and specific purpose for these perks
  • Containers that generally have lots of drawers, or hidding spots, have increased gains (filing cabinets, desks, etc.)
  • Small containers or containers with little room for searching around, will no longer work (ammo boxes, safes, coolers, etc.)