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Mailbox is a settlement building that lets you receive mail from various people. It also lets you sell magazines for pre-war money.

  • Interact with the Mailbox to open the menu
  • From the menu you can read your unread messages or open the mailbox inventory
  • Unread messages do not deposit their items into the inventory until you read them
  • When taking a wrapped package, the contents open into the mailbox, not your inventory (this is so you can see the items pop out more clearly)
  • Mail is processed once every 12 hours
  • You can only have a maximum of 2 unread mails at one time (you'll need to read them before you can receive any new mails next cycle)
  • Stats are tracked on the menu, including the total amount of mail you've ever received

Command Mailbox Events[edit | edit source]

  • Mail events are sent based on unlocking certain perks, completing quests, or having affinity with companions
  • Most mail events will be undocumented, as they're supposed to be immersive content that you discover
  • The number of events right now is very small, but more events will be added over time
  • A few basic events that are included with 1.0:
  • Level 1: Anonymous Sender = Sends you something after completing the Concord quest
  • Level 2: Anonymous Sender = Sends you 1 Ammo Guide, if you have Gun Nut trained
  • Level 2: Anonymous Sender = Sends you a tracking note for finding the first 5 magazines, if you have Gun Nut trained
  • Level 2: Piper at 50 Affinity = Sends you 1 K9 Dog Training Manual (requires that you recruited Dogmeat too)
  • Level 2: Codsworth at 50 Affinity = Sends you 1 Hacking Guide
  • Level 3: Codsworth at 150 Affinity = Sends you 1 Energy Ammo Guide, if you have Science trained
  • 2 additional issues of K9 Training can be acquired from companions based on different levels/perks