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Market trading terminal is a "crafting station" which allows you to trade various items. Different items are available every 48 hours, and new traders are unlocked with game progress (e.g. BoS trader is unlocked then you meet BoS). Goods usually require vendor credits and often you can "craft" something you lack skills for if you pay extra.

You can also trade vendor credits for caps here.

  • Requires Marketeer Rank 1 to build, located under Resources->Utility
  • Each menu category is a unique trader or faction (5 standard traders, 4 factions, 1 black market)
  • Marketeer Rank 3 unlocks the Black Market
  • Some traders require Vendor Credits or Pre-war Money as currencies
  • Some traders require different items in exchange for their goods
  • There is currently no limit to how many of each trade you can do, but the costs can be fairly steep or limited based on rare items or currencies
  • Faction traders require that you are on good terms with them (i.e. the faction perk you gain)
  • The faction traders should be hidden until you are at least introduced to them
  • The faction traders don't offer much yet, but there will be more (there's currently no trades for institute or MM yet)
  • (More items will continue to be added to the market over time)

Important trade deals[edit | edit source]

  • Often you can trade ammo ingredients for other ingredients