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Mission slots determine how many settlers assigned to each job can be deployed on missions. A free slot is required for each settler deployed on a mission, with missions that deploy multiple setters requiring multiple free slots.

You can increase the number of mission slots available to each job by making settlements successful, and by specializing them into communities.

Some jobs have mission slots unlocked by ranks of the Trailblazer perk.

Each rank of Trailblazer is unlocked at 1/3/6/10/15/21/28 successful settlements.

  • Militia: 4 Base, +4 per Military Outpost, +1 per Successful Settlement.
  • Technicians: 3 Base, +2 per Industrial Park, +1 per Successful Settlement.
  • Engineers: 1 Base, +1 per Industrial Park (up to +5), +1 per Research Outpost, +1 per rank of Trailblazer.
  • Hunters: 0 Base, +1 per Farming Community (up to +6), +1 per rank of Trailblazer, for a maximum of 13.
  • Entertainers: 1 Base, +3 per Recreational Community (up to +8*), +1 per rank of Trailblazer, for a maximum of 16.
  • Craftsmen: 1 Base, +3 per Trading Market (up to +9), +1 per rank of Trailblazer, for a maximum of 17.
  • Doctors (unused): 0 Base, +1 per Successful Settlement.
  • Traders (unused): 0 Base, +1 per Trading Market, +1 per rank of Trailblazer.

*The third Recreational Park only gives +2 slots, rather than +3.

In addition to requiring enough free mission slots for the relevant job, there is also a cap of 25 total active missions at any one time, across all jobs. Each active mission contributes 1 towards this total, regardless of the number of settlers deployed on it.

Settlement Communities[edit | edit source]

  • Each "Successful Settlement" can be further developed into a "Settlement Community" once specific goals are reached.
  • Different communities unlock more mission slots for different jobs.
  • A settlement can only be classified as one community at a time.
  • If the requirements for multiple communities are met, the settlement becomes the community with the highest "priority". Community type can be manually set from eligible ones in command table.

Communities in order of "priority" are:

Farming Community[edit | edit source]

  • Crops give +1 point per crop rating
  • Milk Brahmin now contribute +20 points each towards a Farming Community
  • Fish Traps contribute +5 points towards a Farming Community
  • Hunter jobs contribute +5 points towards a Farming Community
  • Requires 200 points total

Research Outpost[edit | edit source]

  • Requires 4 Engineer Job Stations
  • Engineer job stations contribute +10 points each
  • Research Library, Research Mainframe, Research Station and Research Computer contribute +10 each. You can only build two of each (=80 total)
  • Requires 200 points total

Trading Market[edit | edit source]

  • Requires 1 Shipping Manager (the job station) and 5 actual settler Traders (not shipping containers, etc.)
  • Requires 100 points total

Military Outposts[edit | edit source]

  • Militia job stations contribute +10 each points each towards a Military Outpost (they still do NOT increase defense rating though)
  • Defense contributes +1 point per defense rating, but only up to 100 points max (this means you require Militia jobs in a Military Outpost also)
  • Military Outpost requires 200 points total (ideally you would aim for: 10 Militia and 100 defense)

Recreational Community[edit | edit source]

  • Requires specific objects such as Casino games, Pinball machines, etc.

Industrial Park[edit | edit source]

  • Requires Factories (+10 each), Extractors (+10 each), Arc Furnace/Refinery (+15 each), Power Converters (+10 each), and/or Construction Depot/Vehicle (+10). Craftsmen add +5 each.
  • Requires 200 points total