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This is the list of known mods that are compatible with Horizon and details of interaction. For general advice on modding, see Using other mods with Horizon.

"Version" and "Horizon ver." list the latest release of the mod and Horizon that have been tested. Other version may or may not work the same way.

Mod Category Version Horizon ver. Compatibility Notes
Crossbows of the Commonwealth Weapon 1.4 Patch included Not really needed unless you want that crossbow, Horizon has 2 bolt weapons of its own
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements Settlement 1.55.1 Patch included
Sim Settlements Settlement 4.0.0 Patch RedBarons patch is now the official Horizon Sim Settlement patch. RedBarons is no longer patching.
Immersive Fallout Gameplay Compatible Does not need a patch, load after Horizon. Disable recoilless lasers. (Does not work on Horizon custom weapons)
Fallout 2287 - Gas Masks of the Wasteland Gameplay Patch Need to manually tag Horizon items such as invisible gas mask to make them work
FallSouls Gameplay 1.0.4 Compatible Compatible, but has many inherent issues
Start Me Up Gameplay 6.1 Partially compatible Works, but has numerous issues; see page for further details
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch Gameplay ~ Compatible
Unique NPCs - Creatures and monsters of the Commonwealth Aesthetics ~ Patch
No Combat Boundaries Gameplay Patch
Radiation Cleaning Gameplay 1.4.0 Patch Functions without patch but is prohibitively expensive
HUD framework Aesthetics ~ Compatible
Settlement Menu Manager Gameplay ~ Compatible
Eli's Armor Compendium Armor Patch Patch is outdated
Immersive Teleportation 2 Gameplay ~ Compatible Horizon patch included in the FOMOD installer.
True Nights Aesthetics 0.3 Compatible Only changes graphical effects
Companion Command Gameplay 1.3 Compatible Uses vanilla commands
Automatically Lowered Weapons Aesthetics 1.4 Compatible Should work with all weapons.
Interior Enchanced Aesthetics 2.0 Patch Seems to mostly change fog, light and RGB-values. Patch on nexus has been hidden, not available.
Vapor Trails and Tracers Aesthetics - Probably Only changes tracer counts, so may not work on some custom weapons, but will not break anything
True Storms Aesthetics 1.4 Patch May work without patch if you load after Horizon. Outdated
LooksMenu Aesthetics 1.6.3 Compatible Not sensitive to load order.
We are The Minutemen Gameplay Patch Patch is no longer being maintained as of Horizon 1.7.6
NPC Travel Gameplay Patch
Tales from the Commonwealth Aesthetics Patch Some weapons/armour don't have sorting tag but that's easily fixed by adding a tag manually when renaming them in a workbench.
Beantown Interiors Project Gameplay 9.3.2 Patch Use the settings holotape to active Hardcore Clutter making it Horizon compatible.
Bullet Time - Slow Time Gameplay Compatible
CROSS Jetpack Gameplay Patch Patch is outdated
Minuteman Watchtowers Gameplay Compatible Breaks precombines
Doc Drumlin Gameplay Compatible
Settlers of the Commonwealth Aesthetics Patch Same mod page as Tales of the Commonwealth. Check the file section.
SKK Combat Stalkers (hostile spawns) Gameplay Compatible
Arbitration Gameplay Semi-compatible Modular installation where Combat AI and Stealth are compatible.
Unlimited Companion Framework Gameplay Compatible Load after Horizon
Unlimited Survival Mode - F4SE Gameplay Compatible
Inside Jobs - Commonwealth Interiors Add-On Aesthetics Compatible Horizon patch included in the FOMOD installer.
Immersive Gunners Plaza Aesthetics Compatible Load before Horizon. The author MoreLikeVicky have made similar mods that also should be compatible since they use vanilla NPCs
Vivid Weathers - Fallout 4 Edition Aesthetics Compatible Have not been tested with the playerhome that comes with the mod.
Diamond City Expansion Aesthetics Patch
Advanced AI Tweaks Gameplay Semi-Compatible Let Horizon overwrite the few conflicts that existing by loading AI Tweaks BEFORE Horizon.
Survivalist Armor Armor Patch
SKK Settlement Attack System Gameplay Compatible
Fallout 4 Wheel Menu Gameplay Compatible
Workshop Plus Gameplay Compatible
Goodneighbor Expanded Aesthetics Compatible Has a doctor that's compatible with Horizon.
HUD Plus Plus Aesthetics Compatible
Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth Gameplay Compatible
Nameplates - Floating Healthbars Gameplay Compatible
The Danse Dilemma (pka Face Maxson etc.) Gameplay Patch Patch is outdated
See Through Scopes Weapon Patch Patch balances construction costs and scope effects to Horizon standards.
Backpack of the Commonwealth Armor Patch