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Architect is settlement building system that allows you to place structures of any size, virtually anywhere.

Everything in Architect is optional, so you can use exactly what you want. It should be fully compatible with any mod (including Sim Settlements), because it uses very few Fallout 4 overrides. There are even specially designed platforms built specifically for Sim Plots.

I created this mod, because I have always wanted a way to place very large structures, WITHOUT the age old problems that are associated with placing large prefabs. Architect makes placing large structures very easy, and includes many options per structure. It also removes that horrible problem with prefabs, where you could accidentally move or scrap the building you're trying to decorate. On top of that, it doesn't count towards your settlement build limit.

Architect is included with Horizon, but will be released as a stand-alone mod soon.

Highlights of Architect
- Very easy to place ANY size structure with very little placing restrictions.
- You cannot accidentally scrap/store/move the buildings while you're decorating them!
- Does NOT effect your settlement build limit!
- Structures are grouped into categories, so that the ingredients required are appropriate.
- You can change Building Designs at any time (within it's category.)
- Many buildings contain their own stairs, doors, detailing, clutter, and furniture.
- The different layers of objects can be turned on and off individually (beds, clutter, doors, etc.)
- Buildings can be moved manually (by moving the controller object) or nudged around (via the menu) after they are placed.
- Multiple building designs can be selected via a UI system, based on the category of the structure.
- The master controller object can be used to access the options menu per structure.
- The controller objects are generally small immersive objects, such as mailboxes and power boxes.
- You can "lock" the structure in place, so that you can move the small master object around afterwards.

More Patch notes..

Technical Highlights
- All buildings have full navmeshes.
- Navmeshes in Architect are active immediately, and do not require any reloads or restarts.
- Authors who wish to create buildings for Architect, also do NOT need navcuts (if built properly.)
- Most of my buildings don't use glass in the windows on purpose, to keep framerates high.
- Most of my buildings don't overpopulate clutter, so it looks nice and runs fast.

Currently Available Structures by Category..

Small Houses
- Small House (2-Story): 9 colors, 4 beds (optional)
- Cabin: 3 colors
- Covenant Houses: 2 styles

Large Houses
- Large House (2-Story): 5 colors, 8 beds (optional)
- Large House w/ Garage (2-Story): 5 colors, 6 beds (optional)
- Sanctuary House (Refurbished): This is a grungy sanctuary house refitted with sheet metal panels

Small Urban Buildings
- Townhouse: 9 colors, 4 beds (optional)
- Old Townhouse: 4 colors, 4 beds (optional)
- Red Rocket: Has 3 connection points for a floor vendors behind the counters
- Drumline Diner: Has 1 connection point for a floor vendor behind the counter
- Military Bunker

Large Urban Buildings
- Brick Store: 6 beds (optional)
- Panucci's Pizza: Can have 5 beds enabled upstairs
- Large Brick Building
- Supply Yard

Warehouse Buildings
- Tavern (The tavern from Horizon which was filled out more)
- Warehouse Garage

Wooden Boardwalks
- Boardwalk (2 dockable plots for Sim Settlements)
- Large Boardwalk (10 dockable plots for Sim Settlements)

Metal Structures
- Military Platform
- Military Platform (Large)
- Industrial Platform
- Barge (Small)
- Barge (Large)

- House Foundation (3x6)
- Warehouse Foundation (3x3)
- Stone Foundation (5x7)
- Bunker Foundation (5x6)

Natural Foundations
- Terrain (A large elevated dirt/grass terrain patch)
- Main Street Road (A large straight section of street)

Colossal Structures
- Falon's Department Store (A very.. very large 4-story building with a large roof top)
- Airship Construction Yard (A very large construction yard with industrial buildings underneath a large airship)

(..Many more buildings will be added over time, including ones from other authors!)

Author-created Structures
- Architect has support for authors to add their own buildings via an addon module
- Alternatively, authors can contact me about contributing structures directly to Architech
- Instructions, tips, and discussions will be provided to help you assemble all the parts of your building. I've worked out many easy shortcuts and processes to help make buildings relatively quick.
- Navcuts are NOT needed for Architect buildings, providing you follow my tips. Navmeshes work fully upon placement in Architect.
- Keep in mind, I don't have time to teach authors the basics on building structures in the creation kit, you need to have some understanding yourself.

- Many of Horizon's vendor stall meshes are moved to Architect
- All Architect vendors are upgradeable (see further below)
- There are 2 styles of vendors: Standard decorated counters, and bare-bones vendors mats
- Architect vendors are located in the Arcitect menu, not the vendors menu (it's too cluttered in the vanilla stall menu)
- (Horizon Only) Vendor upgrades often require Vendor Credits, instead of caps
- (Horizon Only) All vendor stalls will count as Job Stations for Traders/Doctors

Upgradeable Vendor Stalls
>> These new vendor stalls can be upgraded as you progress, without the hassle of dealing with replacing tiered stalls
- All Architect vendors are classified as Tier-3
- All Architect vendors start with NO income gains, and require upgrade modules to add income and happiness
- All stalls have connection points on the sides, so they can snap together like (and with) vanilla vendor counters
- 4 upgrades can be added to each stall to increase their income and happiness ratings
- You do not need to upgrade them if don't care about income generation for your settlements
- Each module adds +2 Income and +5 Happiness to the settlement
- Upgrade 1: Caravan Beacon - Requires Local Leader 1
- Upgrade 2: Cash Register - Requires Local Leader 2 and Cap Collector 1
- Upgrade 3: Radio - Requires Local Leader 2 (Horizon: Local Leader 3)*
- Upgrade 4: Supplies - Requires Cap Collector 2 (Horizon: Settler Skills)
- There are separate supplies for each type of vendor, which require different materials/supplies
- Floor-mat vendors all use the same generic supply upgrade instead of specific supplies
*I may add alternatives for this slot, so it's more of an "advertising" type slot, and everyone isn't just using radios to attract customers

Upgradeable Vendor Mats
- These objects are a simple floor mat that can be placed behind any appropriately sized counter
- Along with the floor mat, there's also a crate on the floor, which is used to hook in supply and caravan upgrades
- Each type of vendor has decoration on the counter appropriate to the type, along with hooks for radio and register upgrades
- NOTE: These objects can fit behind most counters, but still require a certain amount of space for the upgrades (and they also require an appropriate HEIGHT)

Empty Vendor Counters
- A few styles of counters can be used with any vendor mat
- Each counter has connection points for a vendor mat to easily snap into
- Each counter has connection points so you can link them together from the sides
- (More counter types will be added in the future)

(NEW) Large Crops
>> Large crops give you an easier way to manage/produce your crops, without making you feel obligated to hand-pick them
- Each crop gives 3 food and 6 production rating (this rating is 4x higher than vanilla crops)
- These plants CANNOT be harvested manually by the player (since they yield more production)
- Each large crop has it's own new customized graphic
- Objects like Melon/Gourd crops, have a new trellis which looks much better on uneven terrain
- 1 settler only needs to tend to 2 of these plants (settlers can harvest 6 "food" total)
- (Horizon Only) Vanilla crops can be scrapped now, so you can re-use existing plants for large crops

(NEW) Farming Workbench
- Allows you to convert food items into fertilizer
- Allows you to convert wild plants and vault plants into plantable crops (Horizon: Requires Survivalist)
- The workbench can be constructed from "Arcitect/Farming"

(NEW) Garden Planters
- These new custom planters allow you to plant crops anywhere, just like the DLC Garden Plots
- The new large crops will automatically snap into slots per planter, making it very quick and easy to plant crops
- There are currently 8 planter types
- NOTE: You CAN move the planters WITH large plants attached to them, but the game doesn't update some of the farming data until you load your save game again. So your settlers may be harvesting the old locations, etc. until you reload.

(NEW) Defense Upgrade Options
- Horizon's Guard Stations are moved to Architect
- Most guard posts are set to +6 Defense, to flag them as a full-time defense assignment
- Guard Post: (+6 Defense) A simple floor mat for a guard to stand at
- Guard Patrol: (+2 Defense) A simple floor mat that allows patrols (Use 3 mats to create a patrol route)
- Guard Barrier: (+6 Defense) A simple sandbag guard post
- Sentry Chair: (+6 Defense) A simple chair for a guard to sit on
- Upgradeable Guard Tower: (+6 Defense base) Can be upgraded to add defense
- Guard Tower Upgrade: Watchman's Upgrade (+4 Defense)
- Guard Tower Upgrade: Command Tower Upgrade (+5 Defense)
- Command Tower Upgrade: Radar (+5 Defense)
- Command Tower Upgrade: Siren (+5 Defense)
- (More upgradeable guard posts are planned, especially a floor-mat style one that is smaller and can be placed behind existing barricades)

Pipe Turrets
- Horizon's Pipe Turrets are moved to Architect
- There are 4 grades of Pipe Turrets available
- Pipe Turret Mk I: 4 defense
- Pipe Turret Mk II: 6 defense, increased health, increased damage, has a smaller base without the tripod legs sticking out
- Pipe Turret Mk III (MG): 8 defense, increased health, increased rate of fire
- Pipe Turret Mk IV (Irradiated Rounds): 10 defense, increased health, adds radiation damage per hit
- (Horizon Only) Each tier of pipe turrets use +1 turret deployment part; the Mk IV also requires radioactive material

Caravan Transport
- Horizon's Caravan Hubs are moved to Architect

- A new vault-style Chemistry stations is added
- A new cooking stove is added

- Pinball Machines: Gives +5 Happiness. There are 16 styles, each has different magazine perks as requirements
- Arcade Machine: Gives +5 Happiness
- Pinball and Arcade machines are limited to 1 per settlement (per type.. you can have 1 of each pinball machine active)
- Giddyup Buttercup: Gives +10 Happiness.
- Decorated Pool Table: Gives +50 Happiness. Requires a full set of pool balls (Horizon sorts these as crafting ingredients)
- Pool Ball sets are crafted in the chemistry lab under utility (located in a different workbench in Horizon)
- Intact Giddyup Buttercup misc items can be assembled from individual parts in the chemistry lab under utility (located in a different workbench in Horizon)

- 2 new beds are added that have covers and pillows
- Personal Beds can be crafted that are only usable by the player and do not count as settler beds

Power Pylons
- Telephone Pole: Gives 3x the range of standard pylons
- Small Traffic Light: Gives 3x the range of standard pylons

Directional Stools
- 5 vanilla stools that have very small (and appropriate looking) markers added to them so you know which way they are facing
- The small marker piece is located at what is the BACK of the stool
- Located in the vanilla category with other chairs and stools

Structural Objects (with connection points)
- Blocks (1x1): 13 styles of foundation blocks (most match the textures I use for buildings)
- Stairs: 4 styles of concrete stairs, and 4 styles of large wooden stairs
- Walls: White plaster wall, White plaster doorway wall
- Support Columns: 5 styles of support columns
- (More pieces will be added, but I don't plan on building up a large library of pieces.. these are simply appropriate pieces to go along with textures and parts that I use in my buildings.)

Misc Objects
- Red Carpets can be crafted or stored (The ones from the airport)
- Bars can be crafted or stored (The ones from the airport)
- Added 3 workshop stairs useable in Homeplate, in case you scrap the stairs in there with SE

Workshop Menus
- Architect has it's own menu located on the main menu, which contains sub-menus for everything
- Some Architect objects will exist in the vanilla menus, but I may move more into this menu over time
- The vanilla icons for Resources, Food, and Water were replaced
- (Horizon Only) The Architect Menu will appear at the front of the workshop menu for easy access (this directly edits vanilla records)

Addon Module: Architect Extras
- WARNING: This addon is optional! If it causes mod conflicts, either don't use it, or you're responsible for patching it yourself. This is separate from Architect for just that reason.
- The Architect Menu will appear at the front of the workshop menu (this directly edits vanilla records)
- (More stuff will be added here over time)

Addon Module: Build Limits
- NOTE: This addon mod should be loaded BEFORE other mods that edit settlements (such as Scrap Everything)
- Increases the height you can build in settlements
- Increases the height that settlers will travel around (i.e. sandboxing)
- (Horizon Only) This addon mod is NOT required if you are using Horizon's Scrap Everything patch, as that automatically adjusts the limits

Tips and Comments on placing your structures:
- Be sure to move your building around BEFORE you decorate it with your own objects. Objects you place do NOT move with the building. Walk around your building, and make sure it's in a good position first.
- It's recommended to position your building before enabling beds, since this makes moving the structure slower.
- Don't worry about having the controller in a bad spot.. you can move it separately later on, by "locking" all objects. Then you can move the controller freely (or even on or inside the building itself.)
- If you try to move the controller object before it's done "building", only the controller will move.
- Be sure to NOT block off the controllers. There's currently no way to access the menu if you bury the controller. I may add some recovery option in the future.