Patch notes/Horizon/1.0.2

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- The icon for packaged Heavy Weapons is fixed
- Packaged Light Machine Guns are labeled properly
- Foam Rubber is now "Foam Rubber Bundle" (which is 60 packing material)
- (NEW) Foam Rubber - 10 packing material
- Rotten fruit, irradiated blood, and moldy food is tagged with a mushroom icon now to separate them as generic ingredients

- [Settings] and [Config] icon is added to the DEF_UI tags config

Factories (DLC Workshop02)
- The "basic" factory is now re-enabled and updated
- The following items can be created:
1> Steel Ball (default)
2> Bowling Pin (default)
3> Teddy Bear (default)
4> Foam Rubber (10 packing material) - requires plastic, rubber, and dirty water
5> Large Gas Canister (20 fuel) - slightly more efficient than crafting it by hand in the lab
6> Kickball (default)
7> Turret Deployment Parts 
8> Plastic Pumkin (default)
9> Fertilizer - requires rotten fruit, slightly more efficient than crafting it by hand in the lab
10> Fertilizer - requires rotten vegetables, slightly more efficient than crafting it by hand in the lab
11> New Toy Truck (default)
- I purposely chose workshop materials, since those are things that might be useful down the road to throw in the machine and have it stamp out a bunch.
(NOTE: some of these recipes may change again in the future)

Sim Settlements Balance Patch
- If you currently don't own a City Manager holotape, you can craft one from the Robotics Lab under "WORKSHOP"
- All crops use the Horizon crop gathering loot tables, and are removed from being destructible
- The Sensor is now crafted in the Robotics Lab under "WORKSHOP"
- Sensors: Requires less/easier materials (no rare mats)
- Residential Plots: Requires more wood/steel, and 1 cloth/12 packing material (for the 1 bed)
- Commercial/Industrial Plots: requires more wood/steel
- Farm Plots: Requires fertilizer, rotten fruit, and rotten vegetables (since it's random)
- Notes/Sensors/Holotape are tagged

- Raider Overhaul: Fixed the shishkebob tags