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One thing I'm introducing in this patch, is special prefab buildings that I've always wanted. There's a few mods out there that have prefab houses and such, but I couldn't find any that had large snappable settlement-style buildings that fit in with custom walls/floors/etc.

The main prefab is a large tavern that's intended to be used with the Horizon "Full Bar" or any of the vendors, but it can obviously be used for anything. The other 2 prefabs are simple buildings that can be linked up.

(Let me know if there's any problems with the workshop menu not working if you don't have the Contraptions DLC)

Prefab images:

2 Taverns placed together to make a very large building

Empty Tavern

How it might look quickly decorated

Other prefabs

(NEW) Prefab Buildings
- 2 styles of buildings are included: Tavern (3x4), and 2 types of Warehouse Buildings (2x4)
- These buildings are located under: Structures/Warehouse/Prefabs
- Has a built-in deep foundation that can be used on hills or to raise above pesky plants
- Has full snap points all around the edges/foundation
- Has snap points for doorways to add doors in either direction
- The Tavern has an extra snap point inside to allow you to extend the loft area if you want
- The Tavern has boards (and some invisible walls) inside, that are setup to allow decorations to be placed better
- Most walls use opaque textures to give a cleaner/solid feel
- You can link 2+ of the same building together to create even larger buildings
- You can easily wall off the openings with standard walls*
- *Works best with the "Warehouse" set of parts, included with the Contraptions DLC
- NOTE: Connecting them in both directions doesn't always work, but you can connect 2 buildings with standard building pieces
- NOTE: Sometimes it's hard to place buildings looking up a hill, try placing it looking down the hill

- Tier 1 Food Vendors now properly have no requirements (I must have missed this one before)
- Tier 2 Food Vendors only require Local Leader 1*
- Tier 3 Food Vendors only require Local Leader 1 and Cap Collector 1*
- The "Full Bar" now uses a better neutral color material
*I may reorganize some of the vendor stall requirements again in the future, but this is fine for now

(NEW) Settings Holotape
>> A new settings holotape is available for Horizon to toggle certain options
- It can be crafted in the Robotics Lab under "EQUIPMENT" (this recipe disappears if you have one on you)
- "Show Special Menu Options": This option shows/hides the Companion Affinity menu option at the mailbox
- "Lock Breaching": You can now toggle on/off each specific lock breaching controller, in case you wanted to use another mod for this feature
- (more options will be added as needed in the future)

Command Mailbox
- (NEW) 29 new mail events have been added, based on companion affinity
- A new menu option is added to check companion affinity, but is ONLY available if you toggle it ON in the settings holotape*
- The affinity chart only shows companions that are above 0 affinity, so that they don't spoil any content
*This option is OFF by default, in case some players find it immersive breaking

- The Gatling Laser and Cryolator should now work with Cyborg

Guards Dog / Mini-Turrets
- Mini-turrets now have the sneak perk like companions*
- Guard Dogs and Mini-turrets now have agility like companions*
*This might help reduce the chance of these NPCs drawing too much aggro off of you (needs more testing)

Ammo Boxes
- Standard/Raider Ammo Boxes: Most types of ammo can now drop earlier
- Standard/Raider Ammo Boxes: A small amount of bonus ammo is more random now (slightly less on average)
- Standard/Raider Ammo Boxes: Increased chance of getting ammo scrap instead of generic junk

Super Mutants
>> Super Mutants are balanced based on their health/regen, and less on armor
- Some super mutant types have their base resists reduced
- Low level super mutants have slightly lower health
- Higher tier super mutants have increased health
- Some types of mutants give more XP now
- The health regen that super mutants get, now scales based on level scaling (it's less at low level, and more at higher levels)

Super Mutant Behemoths
- Adjustments to health/resists
- Now takes double damage from explosives
- Gives more XP
- No longer drops Deathclaw loot
- Now drops additional loot
- New junk items: Shopping Cart, Large Tattered Rags, Concrete Debris, Fire Hyrdant Weapon

- Tier 1 " Deathclaws" are now "Young Deathclaws" and are smaller and have less health (similar to New Vegas)
- Mid to high tier Deathclaws now have higher damage output
- Perception on lower Deathclaws is slightly reduced
- Damage vulnerability to the underbelly is increased to 4.0x (was 3.5x)
- Some Deathclaw types are different sizes now
- Chameleon Deathclaws: Now have a "stealthed while moving" mechanic, like Nightkins have
- Chameleon Deathclaws: Have lower health/resists than other Deathclaws

Misc NPCs
- Radroaches: Legendary/Glowing radroaches have increased health/damage
- Mole Rats: Tier 1 Mole Rats no longer have a reduction to their damage

- In the ArcJet quest, Danse should properly have reduced damage again, and now has increased damage against synths [only] in there
- Low level synths have less health

- Some Pre-war foods were slightly increased in value
- All Crops/Pre-war food was rebalanced to give a standard "rads per food value" now
- Ice Cold Nuka Cola Quantum now gives the same benefits as regular ones

- Sniper (rank 2): Bolt-action rifles now have a higher chance to knock down targets, and other rifles have a lower chance

- Some quests give increased caps (includes a few BOS quests, and DC wanted quests)

Loading Screen
- Many loading screen tips have been updated