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NOTE: This patch is REQUIRED if you want to use the official Horizon weapon pack (coming soon.)

DLC weapons are rebalanced and adjusted better. You now have options to use receivers with standard ammo in the DLC rifles.

Triggermen are overhauled quite a bit. Damaged submachine guns will only fire at a semi-auto rate, and can break in combat, forcing the NPC to use their concealed melee weapon. This game mechanic is only active on submachine guns for now, and may be extended to other damaged weapons in the future. This system does not screw with the ammo drop balance at all (which is great.)

This system won't work for "working" weapons, and I don't think I'd ever want it to. I still like the idea that NPCs can pin you down indefinately, provided they actually are using good weapons. This kind of gives you a sense that each NPC might be smarter, stupider, luckier, or lazier than others, when it comes to maintaining their weapon/ammo.

NOTE: Any NPCs that are already spawned may not be updated with some of these changes.

Radium Rifle (DLC Far Harbor)
- (NEW) .45-70 Powerful Piercing Receiver (replaces Calibrated Powerful)
- (NEW) .45-70 Powerful Piercing Auto Receiver (replaces Hardened Piercing Auto)
- All automatic receivers increased in damage
- Advanced receiver decreased in damage
- Calibrated receiver adjusted to match Horizon's critical damage balance
- Reload speed adjusted to match Horizon's tweaked
- Tagged to show it's caliber in the name

Lever Action Rifle (DLC Far Harbor)
- (NEW) .308 Powerful Receiver (replaces Calibrated Powerful)
- Calibrated receiver adjusted to match Horizon's critical damage balance
- Tagged to show it's caliber in the name

Handmade Rifle (DLC Nuka World)
- (NEW) 5.56 Powerful Receiver (replaces Calibrated Powerful)
- (NEW) 5.56 Powerful Rapid Receiver (replaces Rapid Automatic)
- All automatic receivers increased in damage
- Advanced receiver decreased in damage
- Calibrated receiver adjusted to match Horizon's critical damage balance
- Tagged to show it's caliber in the name
- BUG FIX: The reload speed is no longer unintentionally super slow

- .45-70: Value increased, crafting mats slightly increased

- The "Overcharged Fusion Cell" can now be crafted (for the Holorifle)
- Many ammo types have their recipe requirements lowered slightly
- Settlement beacons are slightly easier to build (only 1 crystal now)

- Dirty and Sanitized water is now normalized for rad damage per value
- Any remaining food/water that wasn't normalized for rad damage is fixed (DLC's included)
- Ice Cold Gwinnett Beers now have the same value as regulars
- Removed the ($) suffix on Gwinnett Beers
- The value of a few pre-war foods were slightly increased
- All raw meat has high illness risk now (some are increased from "standard" risk)

- Food recipes are sorted into categories that match the skill required:
- Simple Meals = standard recipes that don't require any skill-based perks (but a few may require magazine recipe perks still)
- Large Meals = Survivalist rank 1
- Exotic Meals = Survivalist rank 2 -or- special meals from exotic creature meat (deathclaw meals from quests, etc.)
- Reduced the amount of dirty water required for purified water and sanitized water
- DLC Recipes updated, and tweaked

- The Gauss Rifle now also works for Cyborg (but doesn't benefit from Future Soldier bonuses - most of them wouldn't be great for the Gauss anyway)

Legendary NPCs
- Humans: No longer has a "Legendary" name prefix (it's just a normal named NPC who happens to have acquired a mutagen serum)
- Animals: Most legendary animals/creatures are now prefixed by "Mutant" instead of "Legendary"
- Robots: Most legendary robots are now prefixed by "Overcharged" instead of "Legendary"
- (Deathclaws can still be named "Legendary")

- Gunners: Tier 1 Legendary Gunners should now have the proper scaling resists
- Humans can have more detailed resist scaling now (so far, only Triggermen take advantage of this)

Damaged Submachine Guns (NPC Only)
- These will be the first weapons in Horizon that can run out of ammo, causing the NPC to switch to a melee weapon
- This feature emulates the weapon breaking down while in combat
- The amount of "real" ammo on the NPC that drops is completely uneffected, and will NOT effect the existing ammo balance
- When an NPC rolls this type, it will always carry a small concealed melee weapon (switchblade, knuckles, lead pipe)
- The amount of ammo they can spend is random, but can still be a fair amount in some cases
- NPCs will fire damaged submachine guns at a semi-auto rate of fire, instead of full automatic
- This is considered a test, since Submachine Guns are fairly limited to mostly Triggermen
- The idea of this test, is that someone running around with a poorly maintained weapon, may actually break it in combat, and be forced to melee

Triggermen Overhaul
- Now have unique names, stats, combat AI, and weapons for each type
- Triggermen are the first NPCs that I'm removing level restrictions completely
- All tiers can show up at any time and scale based on your level
- This will allow you to see all the types at any given time, regardless of level
- This will allow the main storyline quest to scale better, so you don't feel like you have to do it at an optimal time
- The types that are chosen, are balanced so you will see common types more often
- All health pools remain as normalized values, but the added resists mainly come from the level scaling, and not the "base" NPC stats
- Better variety of weapons even at low levels
- Instead of every melee Triggerman having a baseball bat, they have a wider variety of weapons that fit in with the genre
- Has their own loot table for personal junk and rare personal junk now
- Triggerman Associate: Uses pistols, has weaker stats, uses light scaling
- Triggerman Soldier: Uses random weapons, and standard stats
- Triggerman Bouncer: Uses melee weapons, uses heavy scaling
- Triggerman Enforcer: Uses submachine guns
- Triggerman Hitman: Uses a combat rifle*, uses light scaling (these rifles are always damaged, for balance purposes)
- Triggerman Bodyguard: Uses random weapons, has higher base resists, uses heavy scaling
- Triggerman Captain: Uses a .44 Revolver, has higher resists, drops bonus ammo
- The Vault 114 guards with the boss, are specifically assigned as "Bodyguards", but are weaker versions to help with balance
- The Vault 114 bosses always drop modded weapons and extra ammo (as long as you're high enough level to even roll a mod)

DLC Nuka World: NPC Balancing - Stage 1
>> NOTE: Even though I'm trimming down some bloat, some of these creatures still won't scale well for low levels, I may add better scaling later
>> Be aware that this rebalancing is NOT done yet.. but it should help a bit for the time being, until I can go over it more
- Many creatures were reduced in health, and had some resists tweaked
- Some creatures had their damage reduced
- All raider types now have the proper Horizon raider scaling/health
- Most NPC types will now spawn earlier to match Horizon's leveling system

- Workshop building descriptions fixed for the Training Desk and Industrial Water Purifier
- Description for Survivalist is fixed