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WARNING: Be sure to prepare yourself BEFORE patching, as your carry weight may change upon loading your game!

WARNING: The Raider Overhaul compatibility patch will no longer work properly.. remove it. If you want to use RO, it's at your own risk. I can no longer support balancing large overhauls patches that directly conflict with my own NPC overhauling.

(NEW) Alpha Cargo Bot System (Overhauled)
- The Alpha Wrist Device no longer gives any carry weight bonuses (it may be re-used in the future, but currently does nothing now)
- All carry weight bonuses are obtainable from the "Cargo Bot Station"
- These new bonuses WILL work inside power armor or anywhere
- If you have existing Transmitter Chips in your Alpha Wrist Device, they can be extracted by swapping the mods to INACTIVE
- To manage your Cargo Bots, you need to construct a "Cargo Bot Station" in one of your settlements
- Using the station accesses a menu that allows you to see which Cargo Bots are active
- A sub-menu allows you to install Transmitter Chips to activate your Cargo Bots
- Transmitter chips (w/ the bots) are crafted in the Robotics Lab under the "Robotics" category
- The recipes to craft Transmitter Chips are more normalized to use roughly the same parts each bot
- When you craft Transmitter Chips, it will lock out the recipe if you are either carrying one, or have it installed already in the Station (this should help you avoid accidentially crafting a duplicate)
- Once you construct your bot, install the chip into the Cargo Bot Station
- Each Cargo Bot only grants 100 carry weight now (I may adjust this as needed - so don't freak out. I'm open to feedback)
- The Cargo Bot Station can access BOTH your Scrap Storage and Shared Storage containers
- The old "Scrap Storage" device can no longer be crafted (this replaces it), but existing ones that were built still exist
(In the future, I may give some type of universal upgrade, so you can have bots carry more than 100)
(I also have future plans to use this Cargo Station to allow you to access remote workbenches, provided they have a cargo station connected too)

- The gold requirement for crafting Cargo Bots themselves has been removed, but some recipes that use Cargo Bots still require gold
- Cargo Bots are cheaper to craft now
- "Call Cargo Bot" devices are slightly cheaper to craft now
- There's now duplicate recipes of bottle crafting in the cooking station under "Utility"
- All lock breaching devices now give 2 items per craft
- The standard Memory Device recipes requires Science only now (the "or" for the magazine is gone)
- Medicated Bandages have 2 recipes: 1 for medic, and 1 for the magazine

Resource Manager
- Every non-DLC workbench is now available for changing the production/cargo destination*
- The ZX-1 Lab will now always check your scrap storage for components, even if you set an alternate destination
* I could use some help testing this further, as I didn't check every single workbench myself. Thanks!

(NEW) Primal Instincts (Perk)
>> Purposely choosing to bypass the VANS training system and use your instincts instead, will give you bonuses as originally planned
>> NOTE: This is considered an OPTIONAL hardcore system, that most people won't be interested in doing*
- You gain +5% Damage every 5 levels (up to level 30)
- As soon as you train even 1 rank in VANS, you lose this bonus completely
- Damage bonuses kick in at Level: 6,10,15,20,25,30 (the first step is offset by 1 level on purpose)
- (More benefits may be added to this in the future)
*If you don't like this concept, just ignore it and play as normal. It's one of the aspects I originally wanted to implement when I made VANS an optional selectable method of gaining perk points.

Doctor Menu
- The doctor menu will now stay active until you click the exit button to leave (allows you to cure individual things without exiting the menu)
- The minimum caps cost is only checked and applied for the FIRST treatment of that particular visit (you can see it change on the bill too)
- The doctor animation (with the screen fading) at the end of the treatment is completely removed
- There are now small delays inbetween treatments when you use "Cure Everything"
(for anyone who had crashes using "Cure Everything", please let me know if this still happens, as I can't reproduce this problem myself)

Legendary Weapons
- Custom modded weapons (i.e. legendary) can now sometimes drop on legendary-tier human NPCs (NOT guaranteeed drops)
- Unlike the vanilla system, the NPC's primary weapon is the legendary itself, so it will actually equip this weapon and use it against you!
- Each weapon has it's own pool of effects it can roll, which is appropriate to that style of weapon
- Only tier 1 and 2 mods can drop on NPC weapons (tier 2 can start dropping at level 15+)
- Most vanilla ballistic weapons are covered in 1.1.2, but more weapons will be added in the future
- Currently, very few melee weapons can roll with custom properties (I may leave it like this, because melee weapons already have such a limited ugprade abilities, that it takes away from crafting.)
- Some bosses may also have a chance to drop these weapons

Damaged Weapons
- NPCs that were still using the old system are converted over to the new system
- NPCs that use "Destroyed" weapons will have slightly more ammo to spend before their weapon stops working
- Damaged ranged weapons can be restored in the weapons workbench, using appropriate weapon parts and materials (in many cases, low-grade alloys)
- Restoring damaged weapons also requires specific perks depending on the type of weapon parts used
- Damaged melee weapons cannot be restored
- "Destroyed" weapons weigh drastically less (fixed weights) to emulate only carrying pieces of it, and to better match the ease of the old system
- "Destroyed" weapons will drop more often now on certain weapon types like they used to (especially pipe guns and lasers again)
- The "Damaged" tier is removed on ranged weapons ("Damaged" is still on melee weapons as it's worst tier)
- All tiers of damaged ranged weapons now give different amounts of scrap, like the old system had
- Melee weapons give the same amount of scrap regardless of the condition
- "Destroyed" = 2 parts, "Deteriorated" = 3 parts, "Degraded" = 5 parts, "Good Condition" = 6 parts
- Crafted weapons from the lab now give 6 parts
- In order to avoid weird problems, some NPCs such as settlers/minutemen will only receive weapons that aren't completely "Destroyed"
- Very rare "Pristine" condition weapons are worth 50% more caps now (instead of 40%)
- BUG FIX: Damaged energy weapons now properly have reduced energy damage
(NOTE: Energy and Heavy weapons may show multiple entries for "Destroyed" in the weapons workbench, this is intended)

(NEW) ZX-1 Base Weapon Mods
- First Strike: +10-25% damage if the target is at full health (any ranged weapon)
- Disruptor: +15-30% damage vs Robots and Synths (energy weapons only)

ZX-1 Lab
- (NEW) There's a new HELP menu, that explains a few parts of the crafting system in game
- Most weapon recipes require more weapon parts now
- The Aluminum Bat can be reverse engineered and crafted (see below)
- The Machete Glaive and the Handmade Axe can now be reverse engineered and crafted 

(NEW) Micro Sledge
- Based off the Micro Sledge from Fallout Tactics
- It is designed to give more variety to small concealed weapons for factions like the BOS
- It has mods similar to the Baton (including a re-sized stunpack that fits on the weapon properly)
- It uses the Baton animations when you take the weapon out and put it away
- VISUAL BUG: When the micro sledge drops on the ground, it breaks into pieces, but that's just a mesh problem, it doesn't really effect the item

(NEW) Thermic Lance
- Based off the Thermic Lance from New Vegas
- Unfortinately, it doesn't operate how you think it would, it just swings like a melee weapon (I may change this later)
- This is designed to give more cosmetic variety to melee Synths and other factions, and not really supposed to be a player-used weapon

(NEW) Institute Thermic Lance
- A "clean" looking institute version of the Thermic Lance (designed for internal institute use)
- This is designed for melee Synths inside the institute

(NEW) Electro-Blade
- This is a hybrid of the Electro-Suppressor (Shock Baton) and a bladed weapon
- By default this weapon has both physical and energy damage
- It currently cannot be modded (yet)

(NEW) Aluminum Bat
- Aluminum baseball bats are now a separate weapon from wooden baseball bats
- Both bats have their own attachments, and unfortunately can't share misc loose mods*
- This bat is designed to be used for the ZX-1 Lab
- It can drop randomly from enemies who might carry baseball bats
- 1 bat is sold in DC on the vendor
- (This bat type may be expanded to swap to other metal types in the future)
*I tried to make them interchangeable, but the game doesn't like it

- (NEW) Submachine Gun: Semi-auto receiver (the NPCs used this one before, but it wasn't available to players)
- The Handmade Rifle is now categorized as a Combat Rifle (works for both Sharpshooter and Commando)
- The Lever-action Rifle is now categorized the same as a Hunting Rifle
- The wooden baseball bat can no longer be swapped to aluminum
- The Baton no longer requires Blacksmith for upgrades, but it requires higher ranks of Science
- The Handmade Axe is now set to dismember instead of explode
- The shovel, water pipe, and organ pipe, no longer explode or dismember
- The Machete Glaive was reduced in damage (this may be changed again if/when mods are added to it)

Weapon Weight Tuning
>> The weights of weapons and mods seem a bit unrealistic in terms of how drastic the mods effect the weight, so this is being rebalanced
>> My goal with reworking weights, is so that a weapon that roughly weighs a certain weight, stays closer to this average weight
- Most "Standard" mods for ranged weapons are reduced to 0 weight, so that they are not effecting the base weapon weight at all*
- Submachine mods are drastically lowered, but the base weight is slightly increased (so that the SMG hovers around 10 pounds)
- Weights on receivers for most firearms have been reduced
- (Other weapon mods will follow in time)
*This is mainly to help keep base weapon weight consistant, such as in "Destroyed" weapons

(NEW) Clothing Variations
>> These are new clothing variants that are re-colored textures of existing clothing styles
>> I want more variety in clothing, and to specifically fit better with factions like Raiders
- All of these outfits are new items, so the original outfits still exist the same as they were
- New Headgear: Slicker Hat, Black Bandana, Faded Bandana, Blue Newsboy Cap
- New Clothes: Wastelander Clothes, Padded Jacket, Shoreman Outfit, Survivalist Outfit
- New Clothes: Black T-Shirt and Jeans, Red Jacket and Jeans
- New Clothes: Blue T-Shirt and Jeans, Black Jacket and Jeans
- Some NPCs will wear/drop these armors
(more are planned)

Armor/Clothing Changes - Phase 1
- Some common clothing had it's SPECIAL stat buffs removed (mostly endurance and strength so far)*
*This is being done to begin overhauling armor to make buffs more reasonable and balanced on armor/clothing

Armorsmith Extended Patch
- Most of this patch's changes are compatible in the AE patch (at least the older version I'm using)
(WARNING: I am still currently not using the newest version of AE, so ballistic weaves and whatnot are NOT balanced yet)

- Synths now have 3 tiers of resist scaling: light, standard, heavy, to help scale the different NPC types better as you level up
- Most Synth resists/healths were rebalanced and normalized better
- (NEW) Synth Stalker: A legendary-tier melee synth armed with the new Electro-Blade (this synth replaces the legendary Patrollers)
- Synth Stalker: Can become stealthed, but only while moving (also drops a burnt stealth unit)
- Synth Stalker: Has a 1 in 3 chance of dropping a legendary Electro-Blade
- The Eradicator (the highest tier synth) now has a lot more health but lower resists (this type is still MUCH tougher than all other synths)
- Some legendary-tier enemies will drop either good condition, modded, or legendary modded weapons

- Raiders have a better variety of clothing using the new color variations
- Veterans: Now have a chance to carry Handmade Rifles if you own Nuka World
- Wasters: Now have a chance to carry Lever-Action Rifles if you own Far Harbor
- Melee Forged raiders can now carry Thermic Lances, Machete Glaives, and Aluminum Bats (instead of wood)
- Some legendary-tier enemies will drop either good condition, modded, or legendary modded weapons

- A wider variety of Gunner ranks will appear much lower in levels now
- The distribution of ranks is better, in where there are always more lower rank gunners around than high ranks
- Conscripts: Carries their own junky weapons until they prove their worth in the Gunners
- Private/Corporal: Carries either a melee weapon or a basic firearm
- Seargent: Carries rifles
- Lieutenant: Carries a sniper rifle
- Captain: Carries energy weapons (including a gauss above level 20)
- Major: Carries automatic weapons
- Colonel: Carries a sniper rifle and a chance of a stealthboy
- Brigadier: Carries automatic weapons and a stealthboy
- Some legendary-tier enemies will drop either good condition, modded, or legendary modded weapons

Super Mutants
- (NEW) Nightkin finally have a proper skin texture, which matches very close to the New Vegas colors
- Nightkin now have a chance to drop legendary Machete Glaives or Handmade Axes
- Some legendary-tier enemies will drop either good condition, modded, or legendary modded weapons
- Super Mutants have a more normalized health range now
- (more is coming soon with Super Mutants)

- Railroad NPCs are more diverse now
- Agent: Uses standard random weapons
- Scount: Uses standard random weapons
- Heavy: Uses light machine guns, combat rifles, and combat shotguns
- Infiltrator: Carries pistols or laser weapons, and can carry a stealthboy
- Sniper: Carries sniper rifles, and can carry a stealthboy

- Scavengers now have their own loot tables and stats, instead of sharing it with settlers and raiders
- Scavengers should no longer have high settler-based resists if you have the Local Leader perks

Children of Atom (Commonwealth)
- Has better loot tables, capable of more random weapons
- Commonwealth Children of Atom can drop Radium Rifles, if you have the Far Harbor DLC
- Has higher energy resists, but lower physical resists

- Has better loot tables, capable of more random weapons
- Bosses have their own stat balance

- The Power Armor frame in Concord only comes with 1 badly damaged left arm and right leg
- Some named human enemies now carry legendary weapons

Beta Testing (this stuff will not impact your gameplay)
- Leather Chest Pieces will show a Light/Medium/Heavy category when you go to mod your armor. You can't actually change anything yet, but it lets you visually see the 3 tiers of armor, and how the armor values differ. I plan to add this in for all armor pieces, and possibly allow you to change between the tiers, depending on your perks (usually armorer.)

Sim Settlements Patch (Requires v2.0.0)
- Updated for 2.0.0
- Commerical plots now require caps (to somewhat offset getting free vendors - this NEEDS to be balanced better somehow in the future)
- SMM recipes are updated to match normal recipes
- 10-pack of sensors added and moved to the Robotics Lab
- Martial Plots require a few pipe weapon parts (this will need to be balancd better too... I'm not sure how)

Raider Overhaul Patch
- Unfortunately I have to drop this patch completely now. The patch is no longer available in the zip file.
- Why? Because it directly conflicts against my own raider overhauling, and is too time-consuming to even try to make it work at all.

Patch v1.1.3

- The texture archive file should now be copied in when using the installer

Horizon Loading Manager
- Horizon now has a version upgrade detection system (this won't kick in until after the next update)
- This will help give proper warnings based on your current save game in the future
- New save games won't receive past-version warnings, since they should begin with the newest version already set

Patch v1.1.4

NPC Health Bug fix
- Triggermen, Raider Dogs, Children of Atom, and certain named NPCs, should no longer be receiving a phantom scaling health bonus
- NOTE: Any NPCs that are already spawned may still have bugged health
- NOTE: Please let me know if you run into any named NPCs that appear to be negatively effected (via some Quest), by this reduction in health

- BUG FIX: Triggermen should now properly be carrying their secondary concealed melee weapons again
- Triggermen levels shouldn't appear as high compared to their actual difficulty

- Caravan Supply Kits are now called "Supply Kits", and will have more uses soon
- (NEW) There's a 2nd recipe for making Supply Kits that uses Settler Rations, requires Local Leader rank 3

- (NEW) Used Duct Tape: 1 adhesive, 1 packing material
- Duct Tape: Now gives 2 adhesive, 1 cloth, and 1 packing material
- Duct Tape Pack: Now gives 6 adhesive, 3 cloth, and 3 packing material
- Military Duct Tape Pack: Now gives 7 adhesive, 1 Ballistic Fiber, and 3 packing material
- Some container loot has Duct Tape swapped with Used Duct Tape, so that finding full rolls feels more useful but you don't always get a full roll
- A few misc items had the wrong components in the DEF_UI components ESP file

Cargo Bots
- Cargo Bots have a steel colored texture, instead of bronze (I'm hoping to eventually add a carrying basket to them also)

Strict Carry Weight Addon
- Now only gives +20 lbs of carry weight per bot

Timescale Addon
- The "Worn Down" perk should now properly display if you're using the timescale addon