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PLEASE NOTE: v1.2 is considered a MAJOR update release. A few simple things will be required if you are using an existing Horizon save game.

1> Load your save game (and backup any save games if you wish)
2> Unequip ALL your armor/clothing (don't be inside Power Armor either)
3> Don't have any food/chem buffs on
4> If you care about Power Armor, check the patch notes below, and unattach any material mods that are changed
5> Save your game
6> Uninstall the old Horizon, and install the new version
7> If you manually install, make sure "Z_Horizon_Tags.esp" is deleted. It's no longer used.

Update v1.2.0 - The Commonwealth United

The Command Table has returned in full force. This update contains part of what I originally wanted to bring to the Command Table when it was first implemented, but so many other things in Horizon have been taking priority before it.

This update adds a new gameplay element to settlers, to allow them to perform tasks and missions for both you and the community you're creating by building up your settlements.

My end goal with the settlement progression system (which still isn't anywhere near done) is to make settlements feel ALIVE and part of the game. You should want to expand settlements and rebuild the Commonwealth on a global scale.

This new system should work perfectly fine in parallel with Sim Settlements. Settlers can have a Horizon job, and still live in a Sims residental house. Horizon jobs are very specific, so this isn't something you assign to all settlers. It will have a nice mixture and balance with standard jobs (farming, vendors, defense, etc.)

Future updates will include reworking the Resource Manager and production to work more like this new system does.

Armor and Power Armor is completely overhauled. Any existing PA in the a save game will need to be modded in a PA station to be upgraded.

There are bound to be minor errors with armor (tags/icons, etc.), so please let me know when you find something.

Full patch notes below

- The file "Z_Horizon_Tags.esp" is no longer needed!
- If you installed using the installer, it should automatically remove it
- If you manually installed Horizon, BE SURE TO DELETE "Z_Horizon_Tags.esp"
- Leaving the old file in place will cause your item naming to be incorrect
- A blank version is included in the zip, in case anyone does not read the patch notes, so they hopefully overwrite it

(NEW) Settler Missions/Tasks (Command Table)
- Settlers can be assigned to specific roles, and sent on missions/tasks
- There is a maximum amount of personel that can be sent on missions/tasks, based on varying conditions (listed further below)
- You can have over this maximum of personal assigned, and they will gain settlement bonuses, but not be able to go on tasks/missions
- If you unassign a role that is used on a current task/mission, it will cancel that mission/task (this may or may not be working yet)

Job Assignment Roles
- All job stations add small mounts of happiness to the settlement
- Militia: Military personel that are assigned to both defense and offense.
- Technicians: These are salvagers and repairmen. 
- Hunters: Hunters can hunt animals for meat, and forage wild plants. 
- Engineers: Engineers can craft random devices, and help research technology. 
- Entertainers: Entertainers write literature and perform acts for other settlers.
- Doctors: Doctors that you assign to standard vendor stalls, count as Doctors.
- Traders: Traders that you assign to standard vendor stalls, count as Traders.
- (Doctors and Traders are tracked, but there are currently no tasks for them yet)

Job Stations
- Each job station declares what role this settler is filling
- Job stations are located in the "Resources->Misc" category of the workshop
- Some roles have multiple job stations, but these are for cosmetic variety only.. you can choose any of them you want.
- There's an Options Menu in the Command Table, where you can turn off job assignment messages

Job Assignment Missions and Tasks
- Militia: Assault missions, Scouting missions
- Technicians: Scrapping tasks, Scrounging tasks
- Hunters: Hunting tasks, Gathering tasks
- Engineers: Research tasks, Crafting tasks
- Entertainers: Book writing, Performing
- Craftsmen: Salvage/Scrap Armor, Salvage/Build Weapon Parts
- Doctors: N/A yet
- Traders: N/A yet

Job Skills - Overview
- All job skills are global for all settlements
- Skill can be gained up to 100 points
- Skills are gained by sending personel on missions and tasks
- Failing a task still gains skill for that job role
- Most tasks have a 45-50% base success chance
- Every 2 skill points increases the task's chance of success by 1%
- Most tasks give 2-4 points per success, and 1-2 per failure (tasks with more settlers usually give more xp)
- Above 79 skill, there is a -2 skill per day decay*
*This means settlers need to be honing their skills if they want to be in the "Master" skill level

Job Skills - Types
- Military: Gained from Militia missions
- Scavenging: Gained from Technician tasks
- Survival: Gained from Hunter missions
- Engineering: Gained from Engineer tasks
- Entertainment: Gained from Entertainers
- Smithing: Gained from Craftmen tasks
- Medical: N/A yet
- Trading: N/A yet

Tasks and Missions - Overview
- From the Command Table, you can send your personel out on tasks/missions
- Each task requires a certain number of personel, and supplies depending on the task
- Supplies are taken from either your inventory, the scrap storage, or your designated resource destination workbench
- Most tasks/missions have a starting 40-50% chance for success (this chance increases with skill)
- Most tasks take 48 hours (32 hours with timescale addon), a few larger ones take 72 hours
- The time it takes is NOT exact, as it is based on cycles

Tasks and Missions - Types
- Scouting: 2 Militia can bring back military supplies, with a chance of a scouting report*
- Assault: 6 Militia can assault an occupied enemy location, to obtain equipment and supplies
- Hunting: 1 Hunter can hunt wild game and return with raw meat, with a chance of a hunting report*
- Gathering: 1 Hunter can gather wild plants
- Salvaging: 3 Technicians can salvage nearby debris for raw materials and machinery parts
- Scrounging: 1 Technician can scrounge nearby buildings for small random items
- Engineer Crafting: 1 Engineer can use spare parts to try and craft up a random crafted device (lockpicks, cargo callers, etc.)
- Engineering Research: N/A yet
- Writing: 1 Entertainer can write a novel, to earn caps
- Performing: 1 Entertainer can perform in a major town, to earn caps
- Armor Scrapping: 1 Craftsman can salvage and scrap armor, to gain raw cloth, leather, and ballistic fiber (higher skill)
- Weapon Parts: 1 Craftsman can build weapon parts from Scrap Kits
- Medical Crafting: N/A yet
- Medical Research: N/A yet
- Market Trading: N/A yet
- Bargin Hunting: N/A yet

*Scouting Reports are not included in v1.2 - Coming soon..
> Scouting Reports: These are missions that the player is sent on to attack prime enemy targets that have been spotted by your scouts. They will always contain at least 1 legendary-tier enemy leader with a group.
> Hunting Reports: These are missions that give the location of legendary-tier creatures, spotted by your hunters.
(Reports will most likely only be gained from Tier-3 missions, which require 80+ skill, so by the time I finish this, you may be there)

Tasks and Missions - Rewards
- Tasks that fail give no reward
- Each successful task gives random rewards based on task type
- Rewards are placed into the Mission Container, which is accessed from the Command Table
- You can only withdraw items from the Task Container, you cannot store items in it
- Rewards can become increasingly better as settlers in this role become more skilled
- There are currently 3 tiers of rewards: 1-39 skill, 40-80 skill, 80-100 skill
- Example: Scrounging Tier 1 gives common junk, Tier 2 and 3 adds a chance for rare and unique items
- Example: Crafting Tier 1 gives Grade-1 Lockpicking tools, Tier 2 and 3 may give Grade-2 tools and various devices

Task Deployments (Maximum Deployments Slots)
>> The maximum amount of settlers you can assign to missions is based on your total settlement success in the Commonwealth
- Militia: 4 Starting, +1 per Successful Settlement, +4 per Military Outpost
- Technicians: 3 Starting, +1 per Successful Settlement, +2 per Industrial Park, +2 per Water Treatment Plant
- Hunters: 0 Starting, +1 per Farm, +1 at 1/3/6/10/15/21 Successful Settlements
- Engineers: 0 Starting, +1 per Industrial Park, +1 at 1/3/6/10/15/21 Successful Settlements
- Entertainers: 0 Starting, +1 per Recreational Park, +1 at 1/3/6/10/15/21 Successful Settlements
- Doctors: 0 Starting, +1 per Successful Settlement
- Traders: 0 Starting, +1 per Trading Market, +1 at 1/3/6/10/15/21 Successful Settlements

(NEW) Settlement Classifications
- Each "Successful Settlement" can further be molded into a specific classification for that settlement
- Each settlement can only be classified as one thing at a time, but can change based on it's current conditions
- Different classifications unlock more slots for personel to go on missions

Settlement Classifications are:
- Farming Communities: Requires 70+ food production
- Military Outposts: Requires 150+ Defense
- Trading Markets: Requires 25+ Trading Income
- Water Treatment Plants: Requires 100+ Purified Water Supply
- Industrial Park: Requires 200+ Power
- Recreational Parks: Requires 400+ Bonus Happiness

Notes on Jobs and Missions
- Keep in mind, these job roles are designed as specialists, so you don't need to be assigning LOTS of settlers to these roles. Just assign as many as you need to fill open task/mission slots.
- Settlers assigned to jobs do not technically ever disappear from their station even when sent on a mission. This is done on purpose (for now), to ensure there aren't any assignment problems.
- The assignment system will never be perfect because of the way settlements work. I would recommend (if you can spare them), to have 1-2 "extra" settlers of each job over what you can currently send out on missions.
- Doctors and Traders require vanilla or Horizon vendor stalls. They currently won't work with 3rd party vendor stalls. But currently they do nothing yet anyway.

(NEW) Settler Equipment Outfitter!
>> This brand new system allows you to walk up to a settler and quickly/easily equip them with weapons and outfits
- To access the menu for the outfitter, interact with a settler while you are CROUCHING*
*This is done so that the option doesn't conflict with popular mods such as Quick Trade

Settler Equipment Outfitter - **IMPORTANT NOTES**
- This system is experimental, and has limitations. Read before you use it.
- Don't keep any clothing/armor that you value on settlers, and it won't ever be a problem
- Equipping multiple settlers in a short time can cause a backlog. It'll go through but it may take a minute or 2.
- It's NOT recommended to leave a settlement (especially fast travel), until the settler's equipment swap is done

Settler Equipment Outfitter - Options
- There is an OPTIONS menu on the bottom, that allows you to switch how old equipment is dealt with
- Click on each option button to cycle through the available settings

Settler Equipment Outfitter - Weapons
- Weapons require weapon parts and some raw materials
- Weapons come in 2 Tiers: Standard (base weapon damage) and Powerful (+75% damage)
- Powerful weapons require Smithing skill (from Craftsmen) to be 50+
- These weapons CANNOT be modded, and have 0 caps value
- These weapons can be scrapped (usually 4 weapon parts)
- You can enable an option that will automatically move ALL old weapons/ammo into your inventory or scrap storage!

Settler Equipment Outfitter - Outfits
>> WARNING: Outfits will always REPLACE existing clothing/armor on the settler
>> The system attempts to move all existing clothing/armor on the settler first, before applying the new one*
- Clothing/Armor sets come in a variety of styles
- Equipment categories: Clothing, Leather, Metal
- Each category of armor usually requires different materials
- The destination of where the old clothing is put, can be selected in the options menu
- This automated process is done on purpose, because the game will DESTROY existing clothing
- WARNING: The system does NOT account for retrieving DLC armor/clothing or player-modded armor/clothing.. these items will be destroyed if replaced
*The system knows about most vanilla clothing/armor, but if it doesn't know how to "save" something, it will get DESTROYED. It will not destroy other items, such as weapons, ammo, etc.

(NEW) Equipment Shredder
>> This new settlement device can shred large quantities of clothing and armor into scrap
>> This device may not make casual scrapping much easier, but it's designed to make swapping/scrapping settler outfits easier
- It can shred: clothing, hats, armor, helmets, and eyewear
- It outputs based on the scrap you normally get: cloth, leather, metal, plastic, and glass
- It does NOT account for mods. If you want the best possible scrap on armor, scrap it manually
- To build this device, it's located under "Crafting" in the workshop
- To use this device, simply activate it to bring up the menu
- Select "Open Container" and add any clothing or armor you want to scrap
- After you activate the shredder, you can go about your business, and the shredder works in the background
- Notification messages will appear when the shredder processes each material type
- These messages can be disabled/enabled in the menu
- When the shredder is completed, you can take the processed materials out of it's container
- Any items that it doesn't know how to process, will remain in the container

- Starting value for maximum settler population is now "20 + Charisma" (up from 10) to account for the Charisma changes
- The Mailbox container is now withdrawl ONLY (you cannot put items into it anymore)
- Opening the container on the mailbox will go back to the menu after
- The bonus happiness on the decorated pool table is increased considering it takes a lot of components
- Tier 3 vendors give more bonus happiness
- The Cargo Bot that you call out, is specifically called the "Cargo Bot 1-X", so that it has a unique name
- Fast Traveling no longer fails when you're over-encumbered and try to use the caravan transport (part of the point of a caravan is to carry stuff for you)
- BUG FIX: The Cargo Bot Station can now properly give you rank 9 of the Cargo Bot perk

Caravan Travel Hub
- Supply Kits only give 30 supplies (based on the new ingredients per kit, its actually a +10 buff)
- It only costs 400 caps for 30 supplies (slightly cheaper per supply than before)

Speech Check Overhaul
>> Dialog speech checks are changed to account for the changes in charisma (and because the default is not very good)
>> No longer should having 8 charisma FAIL on easy checks, and 10 is the maximum needed now
- REMINDER: Some survival debuffs reduce charisma... remember this before making incorrect bug reports!
- You need at least the minimum range listed below to have any chance to pass a check
- Easy (yellow) = Requires: 2-5 charisma (25%,50%,75%,100% chance)
- Medium (orange) = Requires: 5-8 charisma (25%,50%,75%,100% chance)
- Hard (red) = Requires: 8-10 charisma (35%,70%,100% chance)
- Lady Killer/Black Widow now give +20%/+40%/+60% chance (up from 10/20/30)*
*Example: you have 5 charisma, 25% chance on medium, but with a black widow rank 1 target it would be 45%

- Advanced Antibiotics are now called "Advanced Cure-X", and is priced higher
- Calmex's water breathing tooltip now properly states that it cures Insomnia too
- Calmex is reduced to 2 agility and 2 perception, but it's much more common now (on vendors and loot)
- Psychotats can be found more often on some vendors and loot
- Psychotats only lasts for 5 mins now, no longer gives perception, but gives +20 damage resist (up from 10)
- Psycho Raiders can now drop any of the 4 types of Psycho instead of just the regular one
- Psycho Jet is reduced back to the vanilla value of 25% damage, since it is more available now
- Refreshing Beverage requires Survivalist rank 2 and Survival Skills rank 5 now
- Poison Antidote gives a more stable version of the Poison Immunity buff now, and will display in the perk tabs while active
- Caps prices on some chems were adjusted
- Grape Mentats: Now gives +2 Int and 20% bartering bonus (up from 10%), but no longer gives charisma*
- X-Cell: No longer gives charisma, but lasts for 10 mins now (up from 5m, which was originally 2m), and has half the addiction cost
- Day Tripper: No longer gives charisma, but gives +4 luck and only -1 strength
- Day Tripper: Fixed the bugged duration so it lasts for it's listed duration now
- [DLC] Smooth Operator: No longer gives charisma
- (All beers still give +1 charisma)
*This type of buff does exactly what was needed for a long time. It's actually useful for any charisma level, and less overpowered for low charisma.

Doctors / Health
- Endurance now gives 20 health per point (up from 10), since you cannot gain it dynamically anymore
- Having "Dark Craving" should now be counted as an addiction to allow the menu you to cure you

- NOTE: There are more menu categories in both the Robotics Lab and Weapons Lab, so you'll need to scroll down now
- (NEW) Portable Memory Device Mk-2 (Reusable) - Requires Science rank 2 and Recipe: Fact or fiction rank 3
- (NEW) Tool Kits - Used for tasks/missions (and future uses)
- Tool Kits: There are 4 recipes - 3 use various tools, and 1 is for Local Leader 3 that allows raw materials
- The Purified Water recipe now shows that it gives 3 bottles, and also refunds dirty bottles and a used filter
- The Purified Water recipe only requires 4 dirty water now
- The Sanitized Water recipe now shows that it gives 4 bottles, and also gives dirty bottles back
- The Turret Deployment Parts recipe now shows that it gives 2 parts per craft
- Supply Kit recipes require less ingredients per kit
- The Supply Kit recipes that requires Local Leader 1 and 2, now gives 3 supply kits each
- The Supply Kit recipe that was in the Contracted Work tab, is now in the Workshop tab, and has no requirements
- Auto-Repair devices now give 4 per craft
- Filters and Filter Modules are separated into 2 recipes each, 1 for each possible perk
- The Decorated pool ball sets are moved to the "Tools and Parts" category
- Disassembling Baseball or Flash grenades no longer requires any skill
- The individual Herbal immunity buffs require 1 less herb each

(NEW) Material Crafting
- There's a new category in the Robotics Lab called "MATERIALS"
- This category contains a few recipes that can be used to convert alloys into higher grades
- The maximum grade that can be upgraded to is Grade-5
- These recipes require both Blacksmithing and Chemist
- Grade-3 can be created using Grade-1 and Grade-2 alloys (requires rank 1 and 1)
- Grade-4 can be created using Grade-1 and Grade-3 alloys (requires rank 2 and 2)
- Grade-5 can be created using Grade-1 and Grade-4 alloys (requires rank 3 and 3)
- NOTE: This is an OPTIONAL way to get different grades.. not an intended way. Alloys are primarily gained from random loot.

Lock Breaching Tools
- All breaching device recipes have their own category
- All breaching device recipes now show how many they give per craft
- Locksmith Tools and Explosive Charges are labeled as "Grade-1" and "Grade-2", instead of roman numerals
- Autodialers renamed to "Safe Autodialers"

(NEW) Prismatic Shielding Generator
- Grants -90% damage reduction against most forms of damage
- Lasts 10 seconds
- There is currently only 1 in the game, located in Fort Hagen, and intended for the quest
- (This device may or may not be craftable in the future)

(NEW) Energy Converter (Utility Weapon)
- This device can convert Fusion Cores into raw Energy Cells
- Simply hold down the trigger as long as you like to convert Fusion Core power into Energy Cells
- It will convert a full Fusion Core (500 ammo) into roughly 100 Energy Cells (randomly varies a bit)
- Energy Cells are deposited directly into your inventory
- It does not do any damage, and does not fire any real projectiles
- This device can be constructed in the Robotics Lab
- Recipe #1 = Located under "EQUIPMENT" - Requires Nuclear Physicist Rank 1
- Recipe #2 = Located under "CONTRACTED WORK" - Requires VANS rank 2 and Tricks of the Trade rank 3

(NEW) Electron Charge Cell
>> The classic ammo type for Gatling Lasers has returned
- The Mini-Turret's "Micro-Cells" are renamed to "Electron Charge Cell"
- It has the classic red/white texturing on the ammo itself
- The beam color for this ammo type is now red (for the Microtron)
- Gatling Lasers now use Electron Charge Cells, instead of Fusion Cores
- Gatling Lasers will now drop with Electron Cells, for both regular and scrounger chances
- The energy cell requirements to craft this ammo is increased
- There's a 2nd recipe to craft this ammo now that matches the Fusion Core perk requirements
- The base damage on the Microtron was increased to 4 damage (up from 2)
- The base damage on the Gatling Laser was reduced slightly
(NOTE: The gatling laser still shows a fusion core when reloading the weapon, I may re-texture that later on)

Ammo Crafting
- All ammo is now sorted into multiple categories: Ballistic, Energy, Contracted Work, Imported
- Overcharged Fusion Cells no longer require copper
- (NEW) Overcharged Fusion Cells ammo recipe in the Contracted Work tab
- Most ammo crafting recipes now give ammo packs, so you can see how many rounds you're getting per craft
- The 10mm and .38 crafting recipes are increased to 20 rounds each, and the gunpowder is appropriately increased
- The 5mm crafting recipe is increased to 50 rounds, and the gunpowder is appropriately increased
- .45 Contracted recipe is lowered to VANS 1
- 5.56 Contracted recipe is lowered to VANS 1
- .44 Contracted recipe is lowered to VANS 2
- .17 and .223 scrapping recipes should properly be in the Weapons Lab instead of the Robotics Lab
- (NEW) 9mm ammo recipe for the Contracted Work tab
- The 9mm ammo recipe requirements are reduced to match the .38 recipes
- The caps price on contracted work ammo are cut in half (the powder requirement remains the same)

(NEW) Ammo Field Switching
- NOTE: Any existing weapons WILL NOT work with this until you drop them on the ground and pick them up again
- You can now use a device called the "Weapon Toolkit" to switch ammo and firing modes on certain weapons
- This device can be crafted in the Weapons Lab under "Tools and Parts"
- The device is located in the AID tab, and can be assigned to your favorites bar
- Certain ammo types may require additional tools called "Conversion Kits"
- You simply need to carry the appropriate Conversion Kit with you, in order to swap some ammo types
- Some ammo types that require a conversion kit cannot be swapped while in combat*
- Ammo types that don't require a conversion kit, can be swapped at any time
- There are 3 styles of kits: Pipe, Pistol, and Rifle - Each has 3 ranks
- Each rank of the conversion kit can be upgraded into the next rank
- You only need to carry the highest rank conversion kit, and the previous kit is consumed when you upgrade it
- The toolkit menu will tell you which ammo requires a conversion kit (and which rank)
- The toolkit menu will display how much of each ammo you currently have
*I may possibly remove this, depending on how the balance feels

Weapon Changes and Fixes
- (NEW) Many ballistic weapons now have a separate ammo mod with a few new ammo types
- (NEW) Some weapons allow you to change the firing mode now (Automatic and Semi-Automatic)
- Receivers are independent from the ammo loaded, so you can always upgrade to the best one
- Many ballistic weapons now have a chance to spawn on NPCs with different ammo loaded in them
- The Institute Laser Gun no longer has a damage penalty on the standard receivers
- Laser Gun: Sniper barrels now convert ammo to Overcharged Fusion Cells, and increase the damage
- Gatling Lasing: Charging Barrels - Reduced damage, converts ammo to Fusion Cells
- Laser Musket: 6-crank receiver lowered to Science rank 4 (still requires Future Soldier)
- Incinerator: now has a new properly textured ammo cell on the weapon itself
- "Pristine" weapon conditions are removed (they weren't used)
- Destroyed weapons should consistantly work better for NPCs (they shouldn't occasionally run out of ammo immediately)
- DLC: Melee weapons are properly added to Horizon
- DLC Automatron: The Tesla Rifle is properly flagged as an energy weapon
- DLC Nuka: The Wester Revolver is properly added to Horizon
- Machete Glaive: Slightly decreased the base damage*
- Handmade Axe: Slightly increased the base damage*
- Synth Blade: Increased caps value*
*These weapons will be rebalanced again if I ever add mod upgrades to them

Cryo Freezing Effects
- Freezing effects from the Crylotor or Cryo Rounds, now work on most enemies (to varying degrees)
- Consecutive hits on tougher enemies, only partially chill them, and still cannot completely freeze them
- Consecutive hits on weaker enemies can still freeze them solid as usual
- Some creatures now have Cryo Resistance (see further below)
- Creatures that have Cryo Resistance, are often susceptible to taking extra fire damage (useful when using Awareness)

API Rounds (Armor Piercing Incendiary)
- There is no more armor penetration on perks and weapon receivers, its only based on the ammo now
- API Rounds loaded into weapons will grant armor penetration based on the weapon and the caliber
- .50 API = -100% Armor Penetration
- .308 API = -85% Armor Penetration
- .45 API = -50% Armor Penetration
- 5.56 API = -50% Armor Penetration
- Some API rounds can shoot through walls and body parts based on the weapon and the caliber
- Lower caliber rounds have a lower hit chance in VATS to hit through walls and body parts
- All API rounds are now more expensive to craft, and require Tungsten alloy
- There are more sources of Tungsten alloy in loot/junk now
- (NEW) Tungsten Rod: scraps into 2 tungsten alloy (located rarely on some vendors or loot)

(NEW) HE Rounds (High-Explosive)
- These rounds explode on contact damaging everything in a small area for 20 damage per hit
- These rounds have a 20% chance of knocking down the main target you hit directly 
- The knockdown effect does not work on larger enemies
- These rounds do not pierce armor (they do not have the internal mechanics that API rounds have to penetrate armor, only raw explosive material)
- HE rounds are only available on weapons that use .50 and 12.7mm
- You can craft them in the Weapon Lab

(NEW) Irradiated Rounds
- Adds radiation damage, but reduces ballistic damage
- Irradiated rounds are only available on weapons that use .38 rounds

(NEW) Pulse Rounds
- Adds energy damage, but reduces ballistic damage
- Deals +50% damage against Robots and Synths
- Pulse rounds are only available on weapons that use .44 rounds
- Has a graphical EMP effect upon impact

(NEW) VENOM Rounds
- Adds 40 poison damage over 10 seconds, but reduces ballistic damage
- VENOM rounds are only available on weapons that use .44 rounds
- Has a graphical green cloud effect upon impact

Gauss Rifle
- All Gauss weapons that use 2mm EC, now have 50% Armor Penetration as a standard property
- The Gauss Rifle has been reduced in damage
- The Gauss Rifle is now located in the "High-Powered Ballistic" category in the ZX-1 Lab

(NEW) Handmade Gauss Rifle
- This new custom assembled gauss rifle is faster to use and smaller, but does less damage per shot
- This weapon does not require charging up like the large gauss rifle does
- It uses 2mm EC rounds, and can hold 4 shots per reload (4 high-voltage capacitors)
- Crafting it requires Science rank 2 and Energy Recipes rank 4
- It can use all of the same scopes that the laser gun can
- It has 3 upgrade options for receivers
- Legendary Gunner and Raider snipers can sometimes carry these above certain levels
- Railroad snipers can sometimes carry these above certain levels
- Can be crafted in the ZX-1 Lab

(NEW) Institute Gauss Rifle
- This new custom assembled institute gauss rifle is faster to use and smaller, but does less damage per shot
- This weapon's frame is 30% smaller than the standard institute weapon
- It uses 2mm EC rounds, and can hold 3 shots per reload (3 high-voltage capacitors)
- Synth snipers can sometimes carry these above certain level ranges
- It can use all of the same scopes that the institute laser gun can
- It has 3 upgrade options for receivers
- Can be crafted in the ZX-1 Lab

(NEW) Institute Tactical Pistol
>> This pistol is a rescaled copy of the institute laser gun, but smaller to match the size of the regular laser gun
- This weapon is 30% smaller than the standard institute weapon
- This version of the institute laser gun has a limited set of mod attachments
- It can use all of the same scopes that the institute laser gun can
- (NEW) Gamma Converter - This is a muzzle attachment that converts the weapon into a Gamma weapon
- The critical damage mods are moved to the barrel slot (I may do this for other energy weapons later)
- Some Synths can carry these weapons, and sometimes have a Gamma muzzle attached (beware!)
- Can be crafted in the ZX-1 Lab
- The meshes for this weapon were manually resized and adjusted
- This weapon does NOT replace the standard institute laser gun
- (More mod attachments will be added to this weapon later)

(NEW) Laser Musket - Overcharged Receivers
- This new receiver uses Overcharged Fusion Cells, instead of regular cells
- It only needs to be cranked (reloaded) once per 3 shots
- The base damage is significantly higher, turning it into an easier-to-use laser sniper rifle
- Tier 1 = Requires Science rank 1, Sets the base damage to 68
- Tier 2 = Requires Science rank 2, Sets the base damage to 82
- Tier 3 = Requires Science rank 4, Sets the base damage to 96
(This receiver has a very nice and fluid feel to it, and I think people who hate the normal musket receivers may really like this option)

Hunting Rifle
- Has a new mod slot to swap ammo types independently from the receiver
- Some receivers are changed, so that they are linear upgrades
- Each damage receiver upgraded (starting after "Hardened") requires the previous mod
- The base ammo is now .45-70
- NPCs at low levels will drop .45-70 ammo more often, but will carry more .308 as you level
- Sniper NPCs have a chance to use API and .50 rifles
- (NEW) Can use .50 HE Rounds

10mm Pistol
- This weapon is now named the "N99 Pistol" to match FO's lore better (also because naming it by the caliber doesn't make sense)
- Has a new mod slot to swap ammo types independently from the receiver
- Has a new mod slot for Firing Mode to switch between Semi and Auto
- The base ammo is now 9mm
- NPCs at low levels will drop 9mm ammo more often, but will carry more 10mm as you level
- The 5mm ammo swap is NOT effected by the receiver upgrades, and remains at a fixed damage range
- The 5mm ammo will naturally benefit more from ZX1 upgrades, so this will even out
- (NEW) Can use 12.7mm Rounds
- (NEW) Can use 12.7mm HE Rounds

.44 Revolver 
- The .44 Revolver is now named "Revolver" (for the same reasons as the 10mm pistol)
- Has a new mod slot to swap ammo types independently from the receiver
- The base ammo is now .357
- NPCs at low levels will drop .357 ammo, and usually won't drop .44 until higher
- (NEW) Can use .44 Pulse Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .44 Venom Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .357 Rounds: Faster rate of fire and reload speed. Reduced damage.

Pipe Revolver
- The base damage is increased to be close to other .45 weapons
- Has a new mod slot to swap ammo types independently from the receiver
- (NEW) Can use .44 Pulse Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .44 Venom Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .357 Rounds: Faster rate of fire and reload speed. Reduced damage.

Combat Rifle
- Has a new mod slot to swap ammo types independently from the receiver
- Has a new mod slot for Firing Mode to switch between Semi and Auto
- (NEW) Can use .45 Cryo Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .45 API Rounds
- (NEW) Can use 5.56 API Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .308 API Rounds

Light Machine Gun
- Has a new mod slot to swap ammo types independently from the receiver
- Has a new mod slot for Firing Mode to switch between Semi and Auto
- (NEW) Can use 7.62 Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .50 HE Rounds

Submachine Gun
- The base ammo is now set to .38, however NPCs still drop .45 often
- The starting damage for .45 ammo is much higher now, but the receiver upgrades are less of an increase
- Has a new mod slot to swap ammo types independently from the receiver
- Has a new mod slot for Firing Mode to switch between Semi and Auto
- The Semi-auto receiver should no longer bug out the firing sound effects
- (NEW) Can use .45 Cryo Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .45 API Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .38 Irradiated Rounds
- Some templates were fixed, which might have had the wrong SMG's spawning on NPCs

Pipe Gun
- Has a new mod slot to swap ammo types independently from the receiver
- Has a new mod slot for Firing Mode to switch between Semi and Auto
- (NEW) Can use .38 Irradiated Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .44 Venom Rounds
- (NEW) Can use .44 Pulse Rounds

Companion Signature Weapons
>> All Companion weapons are reworked*
- (NEW) All weapons now have their own damage receiver upgrades
- Damage can be upgraded from +25% to +125% (better than most regular weapons)
- All signature weapons now come with some built-in mods (such as scopes, better grips/stocks/mags, etc.)
- These weapons can't be modded with any other attachments
- Veracity deals 40% damage vs humans (up from 30%)
- Victory deals 40% damage vs super mutants (up from 30%)
- Justice deals 40% damage vs robots AND synths (up from 30%, and adds synths now)
*Unfortunately, your existing companion weapons won't have the intended starting mods.. but you can still use the old weapons.

ZX1 Experimentation Lab
- NOTE: All schematics will disappear in this patch, and weapons need to be reverse engineered again
- The system to track learning weapons has been altered, to work better for non-vanilla weapons
- The Synth Blade, Improvised Mace, Improvised War Club, and Thermic Lance can now be reverse engineered

Weapon Patch Support - (For weapon patch authors)
- Make sure every weapon in your copy of AddonItems_Z_TEMPLATE has a unique "Label" property
- Each label must be named something that no other weapon (including vanilla) will be named
- Try not to use any weird characters or anything, as I'm not sure what the game engine will do with them

Perk Changes

Perk: Penetrator -> Deadeye
- Penetrator is now called "Deadeye"
- No longer grants the ability to shoot through walls or body parts
- Deadeye rank 1: In V.A.T.S. you gain +10% chance to hit any target, on any body part.
- Deadeye rank 2: In V.A.T.S. you gain +20% chance to hit any target, on any body part.

Perk: Marksman
- Rank 2 and 4 no longer give Armor penetration
- Rank 2 now gives improved hip-fire accuracy with semi-automatic ballistic rifles
- Rank 4 now gives +5% Critical Hit Chance with semi-automatic ballistic rifles
- Rank 4 now gives +15% VATS hit chance (up from 10%)
- Rank 2 and 4 now properly adds (instead of multiplies) the intended amount of hit chance in VATS (which is more now)

Perk: Sniper
- Each rank of Sniper gains +25% Sneak Attack Damage (75% total at rank 3) while using a Scoped Long-Ranged weapon*
- Each rank of Sniper gains increased stability with aiming through scopes (higher than vanilla)
- Rank 2 no longer grants the knockdown proc

Perk: Marauder Specialization
- Super Mutants and larger creatures can no longer be knocked down by this ability
- Damage bonus increased to 40% (up from 30%)

Perk: Ninja
- Sneak attacks from Ninja now only work for Melee (unarmed included), Pistols, and Shotguns

Perk - Blacksmith
- Blacksmithing is now heavily involved with constructing and repair Power Armor
- (NEW) Blacksmith: Rank 4

Perk: Fortune Finder
- Fortune Finder can now find other currency-type items in addition to caps
- Common finds: pre-war money, subway tokens, bobby pins
- Rare finds: rare coins, award medallions, book return tokens

- Hunters (Rank 2+) now have a very small chance of harvesting Mutated parts from some standard animals and creatures
- Iron Defender rank 3 now gives -20% damage reduction (up from 15%) under 20% health
- Action Boy/Girl may have been bugged due to the DLC addon, but it's properly removed from the DLC
- Astoundingly Awesome perks that give 5% damage at night, and with scoped weapons, is disabled (I'll replaced these later)
- Magazine perks that are disabled in Horizon will no longer appear in your perk chart
- BUG FIX: The Training Desk will now properly take 1000 caps to untrain your specialization (it said 1000, but took only 500 before)

Survival Mode
- You can now sleep in a sleeping bag or dirty mattress for up to 9 hours
- Sleeping bags and dirty mattresses no longer have a penalty to block you from getting "rested" status
- Sleeping bags and dirty mattresses still do not let you get the "Well Rested" buffs

- Tougher versions of many NPC types will now appear much lower in level
- Gunners now have customized armor/clothing lists based on their rank
- Albino Deathclaws now have some Cryo resistance, and now take 300% extra fire damage
- Albino Mongrels now have some Cryo resistance, and now take 300% extra fire damage
- Super Mutants and larger creatures can no longer be knocked down by some knockdown abilities

Yao Gaui
- Tougher versions of Yao Gaui will now appear much lower in level
- Now take 400% fire damage (up from 200%)
- Now have some Cryo resistance, and some other stats were adjusted
- The non-legendary Dusky Yao Gaui give legendary materials
- The 2 highest tiers of legendary Yao Gaui gives extra materials

- Tougher versions of Behemoths will now appear much lower in level
- Now give mutated crafting ingredients and extra loot
- Now give more XP
- Now have the standard Super Mutant health regeneration
- Can no longer be knocked down
- Glowing Behemoths can now give irradiated blood or nuclear material

- Tougher versions of Radscorpions will now appear much lower in level 
- Now have some Cryo resistance, and some other stats were adjusted
- Now take 400% fire damage (up from 200% - Albinos still take 500%)

Automatron / Far Harbor / Nuka World
- Most robots are reduced in health by a fair amount
- Many legendary enemies are now properly set to drop legendary materials
- (Legendary Trappers may still not always drop prototypes, this will be fixed later)

- (NEW) The unpublished issue of Robco Fun #3 can now be found somewhere! (increases the Robco recipe perk)
- (NEW) There are now 5 guides (of each listed below) available from random loot (30 guides total)
- Some of these issues are the same previous ones from rewards (which allows you another method to obtain them)
- You CAN get duplicate issues, which do nothing. It's random.
- Settler Scavenging Missions have a small chance to recover a guide, based on their current skill
- Settler Assault Missions have a small chance to recover a guide, based on their current skill
- Some trunks/safes can have random guides
- Locked safes have a 2nd chance to drop random guides
- Locked ammo boxes have a chance to drop ballistic ammo guides
- Medkits have a chance to drop a medical journal
- Locked medkits have a 2nd chance to drop a medical journal
- Medical Journal (Issues #1-5)
- Locksmith Manual (Issues #1-5)
- Energy Weapons Guide (Issues #1-5)
- Ballistic Weapons Guide (Issues #1-5)
- Hacking Guide (Issues #1-5)
- Leadership Guide (Issues #1-5)
- Covert Ops Guide (Issues #1-5)
- K9 Dog Training Manual (Issues #6-10)

(NEW) Vault-Tec Training Manual
- Using this item will instantly grant 1 perk point
- This item is located in the "AID" tab
- 1 of these can be found in Sanctuary (this item will not be available for existing save games!)
- (I may add more of these later)

(NEW) Research Notes
- Using these items will instantly grant XP
- This item is located in the "AID" tab
- "Research Notes" - Grants 750 XP
- "Page from a Military Tactics Manual" - Grants 450 XP
- "Notes on the Local Wildlife" - Grants 250 XP
- "Tips on First Aid Treatment" - Grants 250 XP
- "Raider Notes" - Grants 250 XP
- These items can be found on some NPCs above certain level ranges
- These items can occasionally be found in loot

- (NEW) Gold Coin, Silver Dollar, Collector's Coin, and other medallions/coins (drops for Fortune Finder)
- (NEW) Lead Piping: Can sometimes be harvested by Technologists from certain large appliances
- (NEW) Lead Bar: Rarely found in pre-war safes
- Gold, Silver, and Copper Bars can sometimes be found in pre-war safes
- When a safe has silverware (forks, knives, etc.), it rolls multiple pieces
- Nuka Cola in safes sometimes has multiple bottles
- Cans of smokeless powder, energy cells, and explosive material (from loot) give more components now
- Cap stashes have a wider random amount of caps to better emulate what different people are saving (it can be very low to moderately high)
- A few indoor areas have Prototype devices placed inside specific containers
- The Laser Musket in concord should now always spawn as degraded
- The Minigun in concord should now always spawn as deteriorated
- Removed the Clean Ammo Box from Home Plate, so that Horizon isn't editing that cell at all now
- There's 2 Portable Memory Devices in one of the Vault 111 desks now
- Purified Water may properly cleanse fire on you now if you were already buffed from it (needs more testing)
- Some loot containers (like trunks and safes) were giving the wrong amount (too few) of ammo
- The variety of ammo types found in trunks, safes, and ammo boxes is greatly expanded
- A few of the default placed Adrenaline Injectors are converted to real Combat Stimpaks
- Common items containing low grade alloys can now spawn in large tool chests and some other containers

Sanctuary Cellar
- The safe in there now contains preset items
- There is now a lead bar and a small can of gunpowder
- The crate now contains 1 Vault-Tec Training Manual (+1 perk point)

- Weapon/General vendors in GN/DC have a lot more caps now
- Other vendors in GN/DC have more caps
- Rural and Farm vendors have a very low amount of caps, and focus on bartering
- Caravan have a low amount of caps, and focus on bartering
- DC Weapons: All armor is moved to Fallon's, Power Armor frame is moved to DC Surplus
- Melee weapons on vendors should now always be in good condition
- Most Caravans and rural area vendors have a lot less caps, and rely more on direct bartering
- Trauma Kits can now be sold by Doctors
- Herbal immunity buffs are found more often on doctors now
- 1 extra bandage may be sold on some doctors now
- Ultra Combat Stimpaks can rarely appear on doctors
- Atomic Scotch is now sold at the Third Rail in Goodneighbor
- Jet Coffee is now sold at the Dugout Inn in Diamond City
- Food/drink vendors no longer sell dirty water, but can sell Sanitized Water
- Prices on most crop bundles is lowered quite a bit

Vendors: Ammo
- All smokeless powder and energy cell packs give a lot more units now, and cost less per unit
- All explosive material containers give slightly more material now, and cost slightly less per unit
- The prices on .45 and 5.56 ammo packs is slightly lowered
- .357 and 12.7mm ammo packs are added to some vendors
- Some larger ammo packs are less caps per unit than smaller packs
- Some ammo packs now spawn at level 1 instead of level 8
- Some higher tier ammo packs were slightly lowered to appear on vendors sooner when appropriate

(NEW) Prototype Stealth Helmet
>> This really IS a prototype, in that the system is new and needs testing
- This is the first true "cheat-free" hidden helmet that I've seen
- It can be crafted in the Robotics Lab under EQUIPMENT
- It allows you to have a ballistic weave helmet, that is hidden and which doesn't use the top hair slots
- If you try to equip a real helmet, after you exit the pipboy it will immediately unequip it
- It uses a temporary hat in order to force the helmet off your head, which only takes less than a second of time
- You must remove the Stealth Helmet in order to wear another helmet
- This helmet uses the "Headband" slot.. so anything that uses that slot will remove the Stealth Helmet
- This helmet is still experimental, so please report any problems you see, and let me know if it works ok for you!
- NOTE: This hat switch occurs every time you equip any piece of armor, so you may see this hat flip on your head occasionally after you switched your clothing/armor.

(NEW) Costumes
>> A few pieces of armor are added for those who wish to have the cosmetic version of something without being restricted
- Hazmat Suit [Costume]: This suit has no rad resists, but can be outfitted with a lining and weave
- Cleanroom Suit (Hooded) [Costume]: No rad resists, but can have a lining, weave, eyewear, and head lining
- The armorsmith patch supports color mods for these outfits

Clothing Re-Colors
- (NEW) Army Fatigues (Dark) [Dirty] - A dirty army outfit with a black color theme
- (NEW) Army Helmet (Dark) [Dirty] - A dirty army outfit with a black color theme

(NEW) Synth Armor Colors
- You can now change the colors on synth armor (which were in the game, but unavailable for players to change)
- Paint styles: Dirty White, White, Metallic, Dirty Black, Black
- This effects both armor pieces and helmets

(NEW) Shoulder Bag
- This bag is extracted from the Postman's outfit
- This new bag can be carried on top of any other clothing (uses slot: "54 - UNNAMED")
- There are 2 types: a worn-down version, and a clean version
- It can be crafted in the Robotics Lab under "EQUIPMENT" (requires Armorer rank 1)
- The clean version requires Armorer rank 2
- One of them can be found in Vault 111
- It has 3 levels of Carry Weight upgrades: +40 (default), +60, and +80
- It can be colored through a mod slot in any armor workbench
- Each type has 16 colors to choose from
- These use custom textures and palettes 

(NEW) Backpack (Upper)
- This pack is extracted from the Field Scribe's outfit
- This new pack can be carried on top of any other clothing (uses slot: "55 - UNNAMED")
- It has 3 levels of Carry Weight upgrades: +40 (default), +60, and +80
- It only has the 1 default texture style (for now)
- It can be equipped at the same time as any lower packs
- It can be crafted in the Robotics Lab under "EQUIPMENT" (requires Armorer rank 1)
- Lucas (caravan vendor) and Fallon (DC) can sell packs

(NEW) Backpack (Lower)
- This pack is extracted from the Field Scribe's outfit
- This new pack can be carried on top of any other clothing (uses slot: "54 - UNNAMED")
- It has 3 levels of Carry Weight upgrades: +40 (default), +60, and +80
- It only has the 1 default texture style (for now)
- It can be crafted in the Robotics Lab under "EQUIPMENT" (requires Armorer rank 1)

(NEW) Scarf
- This scarf is extracted from Desdemona's outfit
- The scarf itself is only 1 item, but has 16 different color mods to choose from
- The default texture skin is the original texture from Desdemona's outfit
- The colored versions retain some of the default scarf pattern
- It can be crafted in the Robotics Lab under "EQUIPMENT" (no requirement)

(NEW) Uniform
- This clothing is a copy of the Synth Uniform with the logo fully removed
- It has a full custom color palette with multiple color choices using the color mod slot
- It can be crafted in the Robotics Lab under "EQUIPMENT" (requires Armorer rank 2 and Tricks of the trade rank 2)

(NEW) Vault Jumpsuit Mk II
- A new jumpsuit is added with a full color palette
- It's a plain suit, without a number on the back
- There are 14 colors to choose, which can be selected from a mod slot
- The default clean and dirty skins can also be selected from the mod slot
- Some normal vault jumpsuits can also use this new mod slot to color them, and will retain the numbers
- It can be crafted in the Robotics Lab under "EQUIPMENT" (requires Armorer rank 1)
- There is 1 Jumpsuit Mk. II in Vault 111 on top of some vault-tec boxes

Vault 81
- (NEW) Over decades of time, Vault 81 has adapted to the newer Mk. II suits for their vault dwellers
- Different job roles have different colors:
- Red = Overseer
- Black/white = Security
- Green = Maintenance
- Gray = Vendors
- Blue = Everyone else
- NOTE: NPCs will not have these new suits on if you already visited them in an existing save game

Armor Rebalancing - Phase 2
- Most clothing had it's SPECIAL bonuses removed
- All vanilla clothing effects for SPECIALs are disabled, which means it should automatically balance player-crafted armor too
- All glasses/sunglasses give +1 perception
- Most goggles and helmets that cover the eyes, have some fire resist now
- Many colors and "dirty" prefixes now read as: "Bandana (Red)" or "Fedora [Dirty]", to help find/read stuff easier
- Military Hat is now "Military Beret"
- Brotherhood Fatigues are now labeled to show the color

Armor Rebalancing - Clothing
- (NEW) Clothing has it's own custom mod slots for Horizon now*
- Body Clothing: Lining mod, Utility Mod
- Headgear (including Helmets): Lining mod (only)
- Eyewear: Utility mod (only)
- Gas Masks: (see below)
- NOTE: Any helmet that uses the eye slot will also have an eyewear mod
- The material slot for helmets no longer gives stats, only paint jobs
- Armor on clothing is more closely normalized, so that some clothing is not drastically overpowered over everything else
- Clothing like the Railroad Armored Coat, were drastically reduced
- Most clothing can be used with all armor pieces (chest, legs, arms)
- All clothing that uses the "body" slot, can use the ballistic weave slot
- All headgear that uses the "top of head" slot, can use the ballistic weave slot
- Clothing such as bandanas provide nothing and cannot be modded
*WARNING: Sorry, but some of your current Armorsmith clothing/headgear/eyewear mod attachments may disappear

Armor Rebalancing - Eyewear Mods
>> Eyewear has new utility mods available
- RobCo On-Screen Database v1.7: +1 Intelligence
- RobCo On-Screen Database v2.3: +2 Intelligence
- Sensor Array Mk I: +1 Perception
- Sensor Array Mk II: +2 Perception
- VATS Matrix Overlay: Increases VATS hit chance by +10%
- Recon Sensors: Sighted aiming marks enemies with a compass pip
- S.M.R.T. Targeting HUD: Grants target highlighting while aiming - Enemies = Red, Friendlies = blue, Corpses = white

Armor Rebalancing - Body Clothing Mods
>> Clothing has new mods available
- The Lining mod has an assortment of different resists
- The Utility mod has an assortmnt of different utilities

Armor Rebalancing - Hazmat suits
- Hazmat and Hooded Cleanroom suits can not be worn with armor (Either risk the loss in armor while wearing it, or upgrade a gas mask.)
- Hazmat Suits now provided 400 Rad resistance plus their built-in bonus of -50% rads
- Hooded Cleanroom Suits now provided 400 Rad resistance, and now add the hazmat suit bonus
- While wearing these suits, your AP refresh is reduced by 90%

(NEW) Gas Mask Upgrade System
- All vanilla gas masks now have 2 new mod slots
- The Assault Gas Mask covers the head, so it also has a ballistic weave slot, and a headgear lining slot
- All gas masks also cover the eyes, and have an Eyewear Mod slot
- Gas Masks scrap into "Used Filters"
- Rad Filter: This slot can be upgraded 5 times (+30-150 Rad Resistance)

Gas Mask Upgrade System: Advanced Rad Defender System[/color]
>> The concept behind these gas mask upgrades, is they are very useful, but you don't want to wear it all the time
>> The design of the Defender System is to provide high rad resists while allowing you to wear your regular armor
- Advanced Rad Defender System: This slot can be upgraded 5 times (+50-400 Rad Resistance based on rank)
- The Defender system does not remove rad damage you already have, it simply helps to prevent further damage to your body
- The Defender system reduces your AP refresh while wearing it (-40% to -80% based on rank)*
- The Defender system mods have a very unique crafting feel to them, with a progressive flow that requires different skills and recipes
- Each rank (above 1) requires the previous rank's loose mod
- To upgrade each rank, choose the standard mod to eject the current mod, exit the workbench, and then build the next rank with it**
- NOTE: Be careful not to build the same rank twice by accident, as it will do nothing
*I may make a better debuff system in the future, but I don't want to add more to the patch right now
**The loose mod requirements won't update properly unless you exit/enter the workbench again

Armor Rebalancing - Armor Pieces
- The weight differences between some mod options isn't so drastic on some armor types
- Biocomm Mesh is removed from armor pieces (you can get it on clothing)
- Armor pieces can be upgraded/downgraded to Light, Medium, Heavy, depending on your perks*
- All "paint-based" material slots for armor such as Combat Armor, no longer effect the stats, just the paint
*They are displayed out of order in the attachment list, but I really don't want to screw with all of those mods for something so trivial.

Armor Rebalancing - Scrapping
- All clothing and armor is organized into better categories for scrap
- All of the custom re-colored clothing I added, can now be scrapped
- All bandanas can now be scrapped for cloth
- All dog armor/accessories can now be scrapped for either leather or metal
- All goggles/glasses are properly in the "glass" category
- Full clothing gives 2 cloth, hats/misc give 1 cloth
- Large leather pieces give 2 leather, hats/misc give 1 leather
- Heavy Leather Armor can give 1 extra piece of leather
- Some metal armors can give more steel now

Armor Rebalancing - Legendary Mods
>> Some Legendary mods are being rolled into the "Lining" mod section of specific armor types
>> This gives much better flexibility for allowing something like Leather armor to only have certain mods
- Legendary mods are crafted inside the Armor workbench as all other mods are
- Legendary mods usually require raw materials found on legendary enemies
- Legendary mods that didn't make sense or don't fit/balance, are not carried over (which are many)
- Some existing legendary mods are disabled

Legendary Mods available so far:
- Leather Torso only: Chameleon - Enemies have a harder time detecting you, while you're sneaking and not moving.
- Leather Torso only: Poisoner's - +10 poison resistance.
- Leather Toros only: Sprinter's - Increases wearer's movement speed by 10%. Reduces weight.
- Leather Arms only: Lucky - +1 Luck
- Combat Torso: Cavalier - Reduces damage while blocking or sprinting by 15%.
- Combat Torso: Titan - Reduces damage while standing and not moving by 15%.
- Combat Torso: Punishing - Reflects 10% of melee damage back on attacker.
- Combat Arms: Duelist - 10% chance to disarm melee attacker on hit.

Armor Rebalancing - Ballistic Weaves
- All non-stackable headgear can now have ballistic weaves (this matches armorsmith more closely)
- All ballistic weaves (in Horizon) are balanced around the possiblity of having 2 weaves total
- Ballistic Weave was rebalanced
- Insulated Weave was rebalanced

Armor Rebalancing - Power Armor
>> The base armor value is no longer determined by the power armor itself, but with a new base structure mod
- Materials no longer give any stat bonuses (NOTE: some mods in this category are reworked)
- Winterized Coating is now "Winterized Paint" and retains it's paint style
- Added a missing misc mod (and ingredients) for the Minutemen paint job so that it will sort properly
- Motion-Assist Servos no longer give strength, but instead give +20% melee weapon damage
- Blood Cleanser is now "Contaminant Cleanser" - Increases poison resistance by 10
- Medic Pump is now "Winterized Insulation" which gives +5 cryo resist
- Emergency Protocols was always set to -25% DR, but the tooltip wasn't reflecting this before
- Photovoltaic Coating is now "Photovoltaic Plates", and is a Helmet utility addon, instead of a material
- Photovoltaic Plates gives +10% ap regen in the sun, and +5 fire resist
- Titanium Plating, Explosive Shielding, and Prism Shielding are removed
- Lead Plating is now "Rusty Paint", and allows you to put the rust texture back on any PA set
- (NEW) Lead Plating: a Torso utility addon that gives 150 rad resists
- Tesla Bracers were reduced to +30 energy damage per arm, and updated the tooltip to explain exactly what it even does
- Hydraulic Bracers show that it adds +15 damage per arm on the tooltip
- Tesla Coils is drastically reduced (this was way overpowered - may be changed again later)
- All armor pieces are named better and more consistant
- The battery drain is 5 times lower from normal running
- The battery drain is 10 times lower from sprinting
- The battery drain is 2 times lower when using action points (power attacks)
- Standard melee attacks now drain the battery by a very small amount
- Landing on the ground (shock absorption) now drains the battery by a small amount
- Jumping now drains the battery by a very small amount

Armor Rebalancing - Power Armor: Classes (T-45, etc.)
- Armor values are rebalanced so that the different classes of PA aren't quite as far apart in stats
- Each class of Power Armor has it's own differences, even if they're minor

(NEW) Armor Rebalancing - Power Armor: Base Structure Mod
>> This new mod slot is the core of Power Armor pieces now, which allows you to specify what material the base structure is made of
- There are 2 categories for these mods: Torso and Limb (includes Helm)
- Limb mods are 1/4th of the protection that the chest gives
- Structure mods are expensive/difficult to upgrade, but are interchangeable between different classes of Power Armor*
- Structure mods are the first mods that return their full materials inside of the "loose mod" item**
*Example: You can unattach an Aluminum Alloy mod from a T-45, and move it to a T-60
**What this means, is you can scrap your old detached mods and re-use the alloys again

There are 3 paths you can take in the structure system:
>> The path you take is based on your stat preferences, and the materials you can find/spare
>> Titanium is the best overall, but it can be costly as it is ALSO the best for weapon crafting
>> You can still get a nice balance by mixing Steel and Aluminum pieces, but it's not quite as high as full Titanium
- Steel Alloy (rank 1,2,3) -> Reinforced Steel Alloy (rank 4,5,6)
- Aluminum Alloy (rank 1,2,3) -> Leaded Aluminum Alloy (rank 4,5,6)
- Titanium Alloy (rank 1,2,3) -> Insulated Titanium Alloy (rank 4,5,6)

Each structure material has different properties:
- Rusted Steel: Very poor stats. Can sometimes be found on Power Armor you find on NPCs/frames
- Steel (Standard): Starting mod. This is the base default stats. Increased weight.
- Steel Alloy: Gives high Damaged Reduction (DR), low Energy Resistance (ER), adds armor health
- Reinforced Steel Alloy: Gives high DR, moderate ER, adds armor health
- Aluminum Alloy: Gives high ER, low DR, adds some fire resist, adds AP, reduced weight
- Lead-Lined Aluminum Alloy: Adds rad resists to Aluminum Alloy, moderate DR
- Titanium Alloy: Gives high DR and ER, adds armor health
- Insulated Titanium Alloy: Adds fire/cryo/rad resists to Titanium Alloy

Armor Rebalancing - Power Armor: Overall Condition
- The "Model" mod slot is completely reworked and simplified for crafting
- The slot is now considered an overall "condition" slot, which is long-term wear that can't be fixed with just simple repairs
- Model A = "Rusted" - Very poor protection/durability/value (uses the rusted texture)
- Model B = "Deteriorated" - Poor protection/durability/value
- Model C = "Degraded" - Below-average protection/durability/value
- Model D = "Functional" - Standard protection/durability (This is the standard working version)
- Model E = "Improved" - Improved protection/durability
- Model F = "Customized" - Superior protection/durability
- You can craft anything Functional and above, in order to restore old and busted PA
- These upgrades are cheaper than structure upgrades, since they are tied to the class of armor
- Each level has increased protection, and significantly increased durability
- Raider armor now has all 6 levels of mods, instead of 2
- Raider: Small bonus to Damage Reduction each rank
- T-45: Small bonus to Damage Reduction each rank
- T-51: Small bonus to Energy Resistance
- T-60: Small bonus to both DR and ER each rank
- X-01: Small bonus to both DR and ER each rank
- The T-51 "Model A" slot now properly shows a rusted texture like the other PA types
- All Model A mods now have a loose mod so they sort correctly

Armor Rebalancing - Raider Power Armor
- (NEW) Raider Power Armor now has a material slot
- (NEW) Now has a brand new texture map for palette colors
- (NEW) Now has a full palette of 16 possible colors patterns
- The default vanilla skin can be applied with a paint job called "Raider Paint"
- The default vanilla skin is automatically applied to "Deteriorated" and "Degraded" conditions
- The new "Rusty" paint is automatically applied to "Rusted" (The Model A)
- The new "Clean" paint is automatically applied to "Functional" and above
- These new palette-based paint jobs are very basic, but it adds a lot of variety to raider power armor

Armor Rebalancing - Power Armor from Loot/NPCs
- Power Armor on frames will often spawn with varying health damage
- Power Armor frames will no longer automatically have only the "highest" class of PA based on your level (T51, etc.)
- Raiders with power armor will spawn with some variety of quality and paint jobs

Armor Rebalancing - Armor/clothing naming
- Horizon's default armor/clothing naming/tagging system is fully expanded
- Every piece of vanilla/dlc armor and clothing will sort properly and have an appropriate icon
- You no longer require Armorsmith to have detailed icons/names, but it is still supported
- The Armorsmith patch itself now has the Horizon naming system, plus the AE tags as well
- All DLC armor/clothing is included with these changes
- Many DLC items no longer use the DLC naming rules, as Horizon's default rules account for mostly everything now*
*I'll still need to fine-tune this for DLC items as I go

Armorsmith Extended Patch
>> The armorsmith patch requires Armorsmith Extended 3.31+
>> The armorsmith patch requires Armor Keywords 3.2+
- Updated every damn item to be balanced and compatible with Horizon!
- All clothing uses Horizon's mods and balance now (let me know if I missed something)
- Fixed misc conflicts
- All of the Armor Keywords' armor/clothing naming rules now exist inside of this file, along with Horizon's naming rules
- Danse's PA pieces were missing in the patch, and updated with the proper Horizon balance
- All of the new ballistic weave recipes are disabled*
- All of the stats on existing weave mods were balanced closer to Horizon's level (in case you are already using them)
*Sorry, but I'd rather use Horizon's balanced weaves, which are always available regardless of the mods you use. Horizon currently has 2 styles of weaves, but I may add 1 or 2 more, so you can get a wider customized feel.

Armor Rebalancing - Notes/Future Plans
- I plan to add more mod attachments (some legendary) to certain mod groups, to make more use of Mutated creature parts
- I want a wide variety of options for armor attachments
- I want to make the upgrade attachments the real focus for gaining bonuses, not the armor itself
- I want upgrading your armor to have a progressive feel, so there's always something to work towards
- I want more options to buy/loot armor upgrades, so its not 100% tied to crafting

Horizon Setting Holotape
- (NEW) Poison FX: You can now toggle on/off some of the poison effects that appear on your character*
- NOTE: Not all poison effects may be included in the first version. 
- NOTE: This feature needs more testing!
*This effect can be toggled at any time, including when you already have poison already on you

Blur Removal Addon
- (NEW) Screen Blood Removal: The full version will install a BA2 archive which includes 1 texture that disables blood splatter on the screen*
*You can use this BA2 file with any blur removal version. Just copy or delete it in the data folder. The full version option in the installer automatically includes it.

(NEW) Camera Addon
- An optional addon can be selected, to remove camera shaking from FO4

Strict Carry Weight Addon
- Updated to support the Cargo Bot fix
- Updated mod tooltips

(NEW) Scrap Everything Patch (Optional)
>> NOTE: This patch is specifically tailored to what I personally want out of scrapping settlements. If you don't like it, don't use it!
>> My Goal: To be able to clean up settlements without the fear of accidentally deleting stuff that probably shouldn't be deleted
>> I limited what can be scrapped, so that it's safer to scrap areas without the fear of removing roads, sidewalks, foundations, and buildings.
- REQUIRES: Scrap Everything Ultimate v2.4 (All DLCs - I'm not making a patch for the regular version)
- Most scrap recipes are roughly balanced for Horizon, but its not fine-tuned or anything yet
- Most buildings, sidewalks, roads, bridges, large walls (i.e. permanent structures) are not scrappable
- Dirt hills, small grass, and large rocks are not scrappable
- Some recipes give no materials, such as removing corpses
NOTE: I've only tested this on Sanctuary, but you can freely scrap there without worrying about deleting structures. I'll tweak it as I go.

Developer notes for patch authors
- Using bandages, cargo bots, and memory devices will use a message form now, so you can translate those messages
- NOTE: I'm trying my best to use message forms from now on, for text messages, to make it easier for translations. I will attempt to update more of the older code in the future as I go.

Missing Patch Notes from 1.2.0

Armor Rebalancing - Armor Pieces
- (NEW) Armor pieces can be hidden/shown using a mod slot

- Molotovs will now show a full description of what the fire damage does
- NOTE: Molotovs will appear with a legendary "star" (this is the only way to show the description)

Q: Can companions work jobs?
A: Yes, human/ghoul companions can be assigned to settler job stations. However, I have plans to make their own missions (and skills) eventually.

Q: What about Robots?
A: Robots don't count if you assign them. I plan to add special jobs that only work for robots, since some of the current job stations are too specific to humans.

Q: The "Resource->Misc" category is getting crowded.
A: I know. I'll figure something out. But this works fine for now.

Q: Can I remove the old ammo from settlers once they have a "Settler-Only" weapon?
A: Yes. The Settler-Only weapons use ammo that isn't visible to the player. By default, when you equip a weapon on a settler through the interface, it will give you all the old weapons/ammo automatically.

Q: The shredder doesn't seem all that efficient at saving me time to shred clothing.
A: It's designed to work best for the settler outfit system, and in the future I plan to have an option for your Cargo Bot 1-X automatically drop off clothing/armor into the shredder.

Q: I have player-created armor added, and it uses the Armorsmith attachment mods, is this ok?
A: It's fine. My main concern is making the base FO4 items automatically supported in Horizon. The Armorsmith mod slots are prefectly fine by themselves. If you want custom armor to use Horizon's mod system instead, it'll need a small patch.

Q: Why was charisma nerfed so hard?
A: Temporary charisma was WAY too unbalanced. It never made sense that you can stack so much charisma. It made actually having real charisma not mean anything. If you really want the benefits of charisma, you should have to put points into it.

Q: The carry weights on packs seem high since they add together?
A: I think they're ok, especially since my hardcore addon in the future may require you to carry a pack to get decent carryweight, since your starting value will be lower.

Feedback I'm looking for:
- Anything on the settler task/mission system
- Anything on the settler equipment outfitter system
- Bugs, oversights, problems, with anything

Special thanks to Kinggath for help with how to deal with certain parts of the settler assignment code.
Special thanks to Redbaron148 for helping with Power Armor ideas and balancing