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Armor pieces are receiving their 2nd pass at overhauling. All armor pieces are finely tuned to be balanced, yet have some diverse characteristics in terms of protection.

Pieces now start at a more normalized protection. The total amount of protection will be similar between all armor types, but their ratio of damage/energy resistance varies, which is what defines each armor type's characteristics.

The class/size (light, med, heavy) simply bolsters the base ratio directly by a smaller amount now. Whereas material mods add different amounts of protection, and give a lot more now.

For example:
1> Leather chest base starting values = 4 DR / 12 ER
2> Leather chest "heavy" class adds +4 DR / +12 ER (instead of +21 DR / +26 ER)
3A> "Boiled" upgrade adds +3 DR / +9 ER (instead of +2 DR / +2 ER)
3B> "Treated" upgrade adds +12 DR / +36 ER (instead of +6 DR / +7 ER)
3C> "Studded" upgrade adds +24 DR / +24 ER (instead of +8 DR / +10 ER)

This allows each type of armor to retain it's base characteristics better, and keeps the base class mods balanced better. It also makes the actual upgrade mods mean something now (which is how it should be.)

Armor Pieces - Phase 2 Overhaul
>> All armor pieces now have lower base starting protection for all sizes, but gain more protection from mods
- (NEW) The appearance slot can now also change the visual style of the armor (light, medium, heavy)
- All armor pieces have their base values re-adjusted
- All armor pieces have their size (light,medium,heavy) protection reduced
- All armor piece upgrades (Material slot) are much more potent and balanced better
- The weight added with some mods is lowered in some cases
- Medium and Heavy armor is reduced in caps value
- Material slots add more value to the armor in some cases
- Limbs and torsos now have a proportional "weight to value" ratio, so both are almost as good in terms of selling for caps
- DC armor and Vault Security armor is now FULLY modable using the leather armor mods*
- DC armor and Vault Security armor now has all 3 sizes (light, medium, heavy), but it uses the same graphic
- DC armor and Vault Security armor can now be properly hidden (may need more testing)
- DC Heavy Helmet now includes an eyewear mod slot, since it covers the eyes
- The "Light" armor mod no longer has any requirements, so that players can add a "Size" mod to DC/Security armor
- Size recipes have more appropriate ingredients
- Combat armor still sells for more than most other armors, but it's no where near as extreme now
- Torso: Lead lining now adds 30 rad resists, but now adds a straight 4 lbs, regardless of armor type
- Limb: Lead lining now adds 15 rad resists, but now adds a straight 2 lbs, regardless of armor type
- The different armor sizes have no bearing on the crafting recipe requirements for material mods now
- The metal helmet should have appropriate crafting requirements/materials now
- NOTE: Helmets still need to be reworked, which will be covered in the next patch

*In order to install a Material mod on to an existing piece of armor in your save game, you must install a SIZE mod first

Armor Pieces - DLC
- The extremely bloated numbers on armor, weight, and caps value of DLC armor pieces have been brought in line with vanilla armor
- DLC Armor pieces can now be properly hidden (may need more testing)
- The Trapper chest piece now has an "upper" backpack slot from Horizon (removes armorsmith's carry weight slot)
- Fixed some pieces of Trapper armor that were incorrectly set as raider armor by default*
- Removed an extra unused Trapper ultra-light build recipe
- Some Marine and Trapper armor mods will now have better descriptions
- Marine torso's ligher build gives the proper +5 AP
*This fix will remove those trapper mods from the standard raider armor mod list

Power Armor
- Power Armor paint jobs should now take priority over material swaps from other attachments
- Power Armor repair costs are tweaked

Ballistic Weaves
- Have a "No Weave" mod, to allow you to extract the existing mod
- Each rank must be crafted in order now*
- Requires rare materials for rank 3+
- The standard ballistic weave now also requires "Recipe: Ballistic Weaponry" to craft them
*Like other progression upgrades, you may need to exit/enter the workbench after you extract the current loose mod

- (NEW) All bags have a 2nd version called "(Double Slot)", which takes up both equipment slots and gives 2 carry weight mods
- Packs can now be hidden with the appearance mod slot
- Packs can have the carry weight mod set to nothing
- All bags are worth 10 caps
- Carry weight values are halved in the Strict Carry Weight addon

Weapon Toolkit (Ammo switcher)
- The N99 pistol, Revolver, Hunting Rifle, and Bolt-action Pipe, should now have the proper working order for ammo

- The Incinerator has a new look with better attached parts
- Now uses rifle animations instead of pistol

Institute Weapons
- (NEW) A new black texture set is now available for Institute weapons*
- (NEW) The Tactical, the Gauss, and the standard Institute guns can now be set as Black or White with a mod slot
*NOTE: The specular (i.e. shiny) textures are not completed for this yet, so it will appear a little strange up close, but it isn't too bad for now

Submachine Gun
- Now has a "Heavy" receiver
- All the recipe requirements are setup properly now

(NEW) Water Purifier - Pump
- A small ground-placed pump that can be used as a real water purifier
- It gives 10 water and is similar to the medium water-placed purifier
- Requires Technologist rank 1
- Works with the resource manager (let me know if there's any bugs with it)

- (NEW) Tavern (Low) - This version has no foundation which makes it easy to place on flat surfaces
- (NEW) Townhouse (Low) - This version has no foundation which makes it easy to place on flat surfaces
- All job stations now have the proper recipe ingredients
- Added more components (mainly circuitry) to certain scrap items that really should give some
- Doctors and Traders should appear correctly on the mission menus (they aren't used yet though anyway)
- The Tier 3 food vendors no longer require cap collector, but require Local Leader 2
- Tier 3 Doctor vendors now require a "Scalpel (Surgical)", instead of the regular scalpel
- "Scalpel" can be converted to "Scalpel (Surgical)" by Medic rank 1, in the Robotics Lab under Tools and Parts
- The very large Horizon industrial water purifier only requires 1 module, and Trailblazer rank 2*
*(it wasn't worth building before because it was more expensive per water unit, but now it's worth it)

Settler Outfiter
- Powerful weapons now properly require 50+ Smithing skill, and also require Local Leader rank 3
- Powerful weapons can no longer be scrapped (standard weapons still can be)*
- Standard settler weapons now cost 2 weapon parts and 10 steel
- Powerful settler weapons now cost 3 weapon parts and 20 steel
- The N99 is now properly named on the outfitter menu
- When you equip 1 settler weapon to a settler, it will now give them all of the "Settler-only" ammo types**

*This allows you to scrap standard weapons to build powerful ones, but you can't get extra scrap from powerful ones with mods
**This allows you to trade weapons from one settler to another, and they will be able to fire them as long as they were equipped with at least 1 weapon from the menu

- Dog/turret devices now properly say if they are reusable or single use
- Raw wood, steel, concrete, plastic, and packing material is no longer worth any caps
- (NEW) Wood, steel, and concrete, can be packaged into "Cargo Orders", which can be sold to vendors
- Cargo Orders do not directly contain any materials, but can be disassembled in the Disassembly category
- Disassembling Cargo Orders costs caps to pay someone to unload it (prevents infinite crafting XP loops)*
- The reusable Cargo Bot 1-X only requires Robotics Expert rank 1, and some ingredients were changed
- The reusable Portable Memory Device only requires Science rank 1, and some ingredients were changed
- The 2nd Medicated Bandage recipe should no longer conflict with the medic version of the recipe
- DLC firearms require a minimum of 4 weapon parts for receivers now, so that they will properly scrap into weapon parts
*Ideally you wouldn't want to disassemble these.. if you make them, you're intending to sell them

- (NEW) A reusable Portable Memory Device can now be purchased from Daisy in Goodneighbor for 750 caps
- The memory drain on the Memory Device is now -3 INT (up from -1 INT)
- XP consumable items are now worth some caps
- A few vendors will can now sell Stealth Boys
- A whole bunch of vendors that I missed, now have weapons that won't show their ammo on the barter screen (or damaged rounds)
- The desk in Vault 111 now gives 5 Portable Memory Devices
- There's 1 supply kit in the sanctuary cellar crate now
- Level-action Rifle is reduced in caps value
- The shipment of packing material is greatly reduced in caps value, and increased in quantity
- A bunch of junk items have their component tags fixed (there may be some missing still)
- Fixed a few junk items from not having the same components in the DEFUI esp
- Fixed a bug where vault 81 vendors weren't giving enough crops and water
- Codsworth will now give 2 Sanitized Waters as his gift instead of tools

- All ranks of Trailblazer should now show an image when crafting something that requires it
- Technologist rank 4 is properly labeled

Magazine Guides
>> This now brings the total number of guides obtainable from loot to 50 issues
- (NEW) Tricks of the Trade (Issue 1-5) - Adds to the trading recipe perk
- (NEW) The Wanderer's Survival Guide (Issue 1-5) - Adds to the survival recipe perk
- Locked safes now have a greater chance of dropping a guide
- Some "boss-level" trunks have a higher chance of dropping a guide
- Some bosses have a guaranteed chance of dropping a guide
- Settler Missions: Scavenging has a higher chance of finding a guide
- Settler Missions: Assault missions have a higher chance of finding a guide (higher skills can find 2 guides)
- Settler Missions: Entertainers have a small chance of finding certain utility-based guides

- Machinegun Turrets were incorrectly set, and not giving all the loot they were supposed to
- Machinegun Turrets will now give more than 1 ammo (bubble turrets are 10mm, tripods are 5.56mm)
- Laser Bubble Turrets will now give fusion cells
- The first tier of Mirelurk Hunters had higher DR than intended
- Fixed 1 type of Mutant Radroach that wasn't set to give legendary loot

- Companion data is updated to prepare them for a future patch for a companion XP system
- DLC Companions are updated also
- (The companion XP system is not enabled yet)

Strict Carry Weight Addon
- Pocketed mods for new Clothing mods now give half the carry weight, to match the other armor mods
- Backpacks give half the carry weight of the default mode

Scrap Everything Patch
- Starlight: Removed the "Projector" (which is a building) from the gadgets category, so you can't scrap it
- The Castle: The Armory Door should no longer be scrappable
- Tenpines Bluff: You can now scrap that destroyed tiny house, the small maple tree, and the plank of wood
- Home Plate: Removed being able to scrap any permanent structures (walls, floors, stairs)
- NOTE: I still haven't visited many settlements, so this patch is NOT finished yet