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This update cleans up and moves the old production system into the new assignment system. It also polishes and expands the Cargo Bot 1-X system.

Vendor stalls are reorganized and require a progression now. They are MUCH cheaper to build Tier-1 and Tier-2 stalls now, but there is a limit to how many of those you can build in a period of time. Once your Tier-2 vendors gain enough income, you can use that income to build Tier-3 stalls. This allows you to place Tier-2 vendor stalls without feeling like you're wasting materials since you eventually want Tier-3.

Pipe Turrets are expanded to 4 grades, and are aimed at being the "go to" turret for quick setup.

Ballistic Weaves can be acquired with or without the Railroad unlock. Settlers can help you craft weaves if you lack the skill to do it yourself.

A major overhaul of the Weapon Pack was done, along with a lot of other weapon changes.

This patch also introduces the alpha version of Horizon's hardcore mode. You don't have to restart your game to add it on, simply select it when you install. And if you do want to restart, the very begining of the game is not really any different, so you could always just load any early Horizon save, if you wish to save yourself the hassle of recreating the character again.

There's a lot of changes in this update, so please be patient and report any problems. Thanks!


(NEW) Settler Skill Perks
- When your settlers reach certain skill levels, you will now gain a perk for it
- Rank 1 = 25 skill
- Rank 2 = 50 skill
- Rank 3 = 75 skill
- Rank 4 = 100 skill (not obtainable yet)
- To receive perks you are eligible for, visit the Mission Manager in the Command Table

(NEW) Settler Crafting
- The skill that settlers gain from tasks/missions, can now be used to directly craft items for you
- This allows you to have settlers craft some items that you normally would need specific perks for
- Many "Contracted Work" items now require settler skill ranks
- Some workshop objects require settler skills to build (such as rank 2-4 MG turrets)
- Ballistic weave mods can be crafted by settlers now (more details much further below)
- Items such as turret parts, cargo bots, and memory devices don't require settler skills (I want these widely available still, so I'm not sure how I want to deal with them yet.)
- (More recipes will be added next update)

The Resource Manager and the following workshop production devices are reworked:
- Water Purifiers
- Lumber Mill
- Stone Yard
- Steel Yard
- Oil Well

NOTE: If you're using an existing save game, each of these resource generating devices will need to be STORED and PLACED again, in order for them to count properly in the Resource Manager.

Workshop Production
- "Work Orders" are removed, and no longer needed
- Each production device will automatically be activated once you assign it a settler or give it power (as long as it's newly placed)
- Production will now track better in DLC settlements (could use some more testing)

Setter Assignments (Both Jobs and Resources)
- Assignments should be more accurate to the exact settlement now (There used to be a chance that 2 close settlements (like Red Rocket and Sanctuary), could count each other's resources, but it will now check to make sure each station is inside the settlement.)

Notes on Settler Assignments and Resources:
*** Placing job stations or resources very close to the border of settlements may not work
*** Very long distances between similar stations may not work for totaling up resources. Most settlements are fine, ex: if you place stuff on each end of Sanctuary, it should be fine. Whereas a place like Spectacle Island could have problems if you place stuff too far apart.
*** Settlements very close to each other can still occasionally have incorrect assignments (I fixed this so it should usually work fine)

Water Purifiers and Purification
- The upkeep on water purifiers is now 1 "Maintenance Kit" for each bottle produced, instead of fuel
- Each craft makes 4 Maintenance Kits which require 4 Clean Bottles and 1 Tool Kit
- Filters crafted from contracted work now require Settler Skill: Engineering rank 1

(NEW) Extra Crop Production
- You can now gain an additional yield of crops using fertilizer
- Adding 1 fertilizer will grant you 3 "fertilizer units" for settlers to use (for 3 crops)
- You can gain a bonus of up to 20% of your crops in surplus (+1 crop per 5 grown)
- You can allocate fertilizer from the resource manager's main menu
- You can choose exactly which crop types you want to have your settlers focus your fertilizer on
- Surplus crops are evenly distributed based on what you are currently fertilizing
- Surplus crops are always healthy crops, and never rotten
(Simply put.. if you want settlers to focus on a healthy surplus carrots and corn, disable all the others in the options menu, and you're done.)

Resource Manager
- (NEW) A smaller profile vault-style Resource Manager is now available
- The original Resource Manager cabinet has a cargo bot with shorter antennas
- The menu will now only show active production devices, it no longer shows inactive devices that don't have power or a settler assigned to
- (NEW) The Cargo Bot 1-X item destination is now separate from the production/crafting destination*
*The Cargo Bot was only depositing into the Scrap Storage anyway, but that is fixed now with the new destination

Settler Missions
- You now get 1 Engineer and 1 Entertainer task slot to start off with

Cargo Bot 1-X
- (NEW) Cargo Bot 1-X now has it's own skinned mesh that has a basket attached, and shorter antennas
- (NEW) There's a new option to automatically move all your junk items to the Cargo Bot, and then open the inventory
- You can now set the destination for the cargo deposit on the Cargo Bot menu
- The remote access to the command menu now properly requires Local Leader rank 3

More Patch Notes...

Caravan Transport
- NOTE: "Z_Horizon_DLC_AllCaravan.esp" is NO LONGER USED. Delete it if you manually install Horizon*
- The DLC addons no longer edit the Caravan system
- (NEW) You can now travel to the Nuka-World settlement if you own it
- Traveling should no longer consume supplies unless it actually traveled you somewhere
*An empty version is still included with the zip file, in case people aren't paying attention so that it overwrites the old file

(NEW) Vendor Credit
- Tier 2+ vendor stalls that gain income now earn Vendor Credits instead of caps
- Can be either cashed in for caps, or used to build to Tier-3 vendor stalls
- Credits are worth 1 cap each if you want to directly sell them to vendors
- Credits are prefixed as "(Currency)" and put in your misc tab with other currencies
- Can be crafted through supply lines into caps in the Robotics Lab under WORKSHOP
- NOTE: The prices to buy tier 3 vendors may possibly be a little cheap, but since this is a new system I want to see how it balances

(NEW) Vendor Contracts
- Vendor Contracts are required to build Tier-1 and Tier-2 Vendor stalls
- 1 contract can be bought by: Carla, Lucas, Daisy
- 2 contracts can be bought by: DC Surplus, Deb
- 3 contracts are sent to your mailbox if you are Local Leader rank 1
- Vendor contracts are cheap (30 caps), but you can only get so many over a period of time

Vendor stalls
- Tier-3 Weapon, Armor, and Clothing vendors no longer require Cap Collector, but instead require "Settler Skill: Craftsmanship" Rank 1
- Removed the ability for vendor stalls to be destroyed in an attack
- Vendor stalls are labeled with their tier number now
- (Bug fix): Tier 1 Bars no longer can income (they weren't supposed to)
- All Homemaker vendor mats are updated to match Horizon

Settlement Turrets
- (NEW) Pipe Turret Mk II: 6 defense, increased health, increased damage, has a smaller base without the tripod legs sticking out
- (NEW) Pipe Turret Mk III (MG): 8 defense, increased health, increased rate of fire
- (NEW) Pipe Turret Mk IV (Irradiated Rounds): 10 defense, increased health, adds radiation damage per hit
- Each tier of pipe turrets use +1 more turret deployment part; the Mk IV also requires radioactive material
- The basic Pipe Turret (and the mini-pipe turret) uses a better firing sound effect now
- The basic Pipe Turret should have better alignment for the muzzle flash and firing origin
- MG Turret Mk 1: Requires Gun Nut rank 2
- Heavy MG Turret Mk 3: Requires Settler Skill: Engineering 1
- MG Turret Mk 5: Requires Settler Skill: Engineering 2
- Heavy MG Turret Mk 7: Requires Settler Skill: Engineering 3
- The health/resists on some turrets were increased
- The damage was rebalanced on all turrets

Settlement Objects
>> I got tired of the lack of support columns, so I added a few. I also got tired of seeing crops floating above the ground.
- (NEW) Added new Razorgrain meshes that extend into the ground properly, even on fairly steep hills
- (NEW) Added new Corn meshes that have a wider stalk that extends into the ground properly
- (NEW) Wooden Support Column 
- (NEW) Wooden Support Column (Double)
- (NEW) Wooden Support Column (Thin)
- (NEW) Wooden Support Column (Y Bracing)
- (NEW) Concrete Support Column


Ground Meat
>> Ground Meat is a new type of raw meat that can allow you to mix different raw meats to make an edible meal
- (NEW) Ground Meat (Animal): New recipes in the cooking station let you convert raw animal meat into ground meat
- (NEW) Ground Meat (Exotic): New recipes in the cooking station let you convert raw creature meat into exotic ground meat
- (NEW) Wasteland Burger: Uses ground meat, gives low nutritional value
- (NEW) Hearty Soup: Uses ground meat and purified water, gives moderate nutritional value and hydrates
- (NEW) Animal Stew: Uses ground meat and purified water, gives high nutritional value and hydrates (Survivalist 1)
- (NEW) Bug-Kabobs: Uses exotic ground meat, gives low nutritional value
- (NEW) Mystery Soup: Uses exotic ground meat and purified water, gives moderate nutritional value and hydrates
- (NEW) Arthropod Stew: Uses exotic ground meat and purified water, gives high nutritional value and hydrates (Survivalist 2)
- Grinding meat into ground meat always only requires 1 raw meat
- Converting 1 raw meat into ground meat outputs a varied amount based on the size of the animal
- Example: 1 ground meat = squirrel bits, iguana bits, cat meat, radroach
- Example: 2 ground meat = dog meat, molerat meat
- Example: 4 ground meat = radstag meat, brahmin meat 
- Canned Dog Food only has 1 recipe now under "Utility", which uses "Ground Meat (Animal)"
- New Category in the Cooking Station: "Ground Meat"
- All Ground Meat recipes have their own unique output items, so that the list doesn't unsort while crafting

Raw Meat
>> Meat dropped from animals is redesigned
- All animals and creatures now drop low quality or bad meat, regardless of skill
- Only skilled hunters can learn how and where to harvest full non-diseased cuts from these post-war mutant animals
- 1 of 3 random meats will always drop from all animals regardless of skill:
- (NEW) Meat Scraps - These are generic scraps of meat that can only be converted into "Ground Meat"
- (NEW) Exotic Meat Scraps - Same as meat scraps, except drops from exotic creatures
- (NEW) Gristly Meat - Cannot be used for any cooking recipes, but can be converted to fertilizer
- (NEW) Diseased Meat - Cannot be used for any cooking recipes, but can be converted to fertilizer
- Different sized animals (small, medium, and large) can drop different amounts of these scraps
- All DLC creatures that are supposed to be accounted for, are included with these changes

>> New juices are available, which give you an option to "boost" purified water
- (NEW) V7 Juice: Cures Lethargy. Gives double the hydration as purified water. +10 dmg/energy/rad/poison/cryo resists
- (NEW) Ultra Carrot Juice: Grants Night Vision and +1 Perception for 15 mins. Hydrates/buffs the same as purified water.
- (NEW) Melon Juice: Resistance to all illness, +10 dmg/energy/rad resists for 15m. Double the hydration of purified water. 
- Juices require Survivalist rank 1/2
- Juice/water buffs are usually separate from food buffs, and should stack with food

- Many medium/large cooked meals that give buffs have increased ingredients
- Some cooked food now weighs in relation to it's nutritional value
- Most DLC meat is included in the Ground Meat recipes
- Pre-war food is worth less nutrition and caps value now
- Cooked pre-war foods no longer hydrate you (the water is the cost of purifying this food)
- Raw meat now states in the tooltip that it has high risk of illness
- Harvesting Tarberries can no longer gives dried material, so you have a better chance of getting a good piece now

>> As you advance further through the Commonwealth, more deadly infections can emerge
- Infection does 4 damage per tick from level 1-4 (down from 5 damage)
- Infection does 8 damage per tick from level 5-9 (down from 10 damage)
- Infection does 12 damage per tick from level 10-19 (new)
- Infection does 18 damage per tick from level 20+ (new)
- Lethargy is reset back to it's vanilla value of -50% AP refresh rate
- Weakness now appears on the top of your perk chart as an alert
- Insomnia now also reduces your Rad Resistance by -30
- Parasites now also reduces your Poison Resistance by -10 (Note that your base resist is 10, so going to 0 can potentially be really bad.)
- The illness "Fatigue" is now renamed to "Overfatigue" so it isn't confused with the Fatigue bar

- (NEW) Rebound: Cures Overfatigue. +10 Max AP and +5 AP regen for 10 minutes.
- Rebound can be crafted with Chemist rank 1 and requires adrenaline, jet, mentats, and sugar bombs
- Rebound can drop from loot and some vendors, and has it's own unique graphic
- Rebound is considered a "Jet" chem, in terms of addiction
- Jet Fuel is changed to: +50 Max AP and +20 AP regen for 1 minute. (up from 35/10)
- Skeeto Tonic now also hydrates, but requires purified water to craft it
- (NEW) Fixer: Lowers addiction levels (is not a full cure)*
- Fixer has negative side effects: -2 agility for 5 mins, -20 health
- Fixer only drops rarely from loot and vendors, and has it's own unique graphic
*Fixer may need some tweaking, and I would also like to give players a way to see their actual addiction levels somehow, so you know what it's even doing

- NOTE: The doctor menu has been moved to a better centralized system, let me know if any doctors have a problem with the menu now
- The doctor menu can now be accessed from certain objects
- (NEW) Medical Triage Station: There is a station located in Goodneighbor to allow you to use doctor services there now
- (NEW) Medical Triage Station: There is a station located in the RR HQ near the doctor
- (NEW) Medical Service: There is a wheelchair located in the BOS HQ near the caravan radio
- (NEW) Medical Service: A wheelchair can be placed in settlements that allow you easier/instant access to local doctors
- Medical Stations will only work if the doctor in the area is alive and NOT hostile towards you
- The Medical Service in settlements will not work unless you have an active doctor in the settlement
- Curing illnesses, limbs, and poisons at doctors costs more now
- The cannibal debuff should properly be checked now at doctors and on DLC doctors too

Items and Crafting

Item Graphics
- (NEW) Bandages are resized smaller and given a new white-colored texture
- (NEW) Pharmaceuticals, smokeless powder, and explosive material, now have custom textures on the bottles
- (NEW) Added a new box graphic for different boxed items, such as parcels and supply kits
- (NEW) Added a cleaner looking book with the jagged pages removed
- (NEW) Some books are different colors now, so they're not all red anymore
- (NEW) Rad-Off, Ultra Combat Stimpaks, and Ultra Radaway have unique graphics now
- (NEW) Locksmith Tools (grade-2) has it's a new graphic

- Some kits were given more appropriate graphics
- Bloatfly Gland is now tagged as a tool (so it won't be auto-scrapped if you need it for the quest)
- You can disassemble the bloatfly gland in the robotics lab, to turn it into the old scrappable junk item
- "Scalpel (Surgical)" is now removed from the DEFUI addon, and won't be considered a junk item
- Loose mods for the N99 and Revolver are named properly
- The Shishkebab from the quest, should now always drop in good condition
- The icons for disposable armor buffs are no longer upside down
- The amount of smokeless powder in cans from loot is lowered (vendors are unchanged)
- Some of the alloy grades in prototype parts were tweaked
- The amount of tungsten in some items was reduced

- A couple new prototype parts can drop from legendary enemies (adds better variety of alloys now)
- Some prototype parts weren't correctly added to some loot (adds better variety of alloys now)
- The rare components that Technologist rank 5 can salvage, can sometimes roll prototype parts
- All Grade-2 alloys will drop more often from some sources
- More Filters can appear on vendors that normally stock them
- Filters can rarely appear in toolboxes now
- Rare items have a greater chance to spawn in locked medkits
- Locked medkits now have an extra chance to roll a useful medical consumable
- More clean bottles will appear on vendors that sell them
- Reworked some of medkit/mirror loot lists, to possibly fix a problem
- Bobby pin boxes will have a better chance to drop more than 1 pin now
- Humanoid NPCs can drop dirty water more often now, and rarely basic food
- Ammo loot in general was slightly reduced
- Specialty ammo should drop in smaller amounts
- Some calibers of ammo were giving a chance for a bit too much ammo
- Some fusion cores that are found on the ground, are now damaged junk that can be scrapped for components
- Power armor frames in the world should usually never roll a full set anymore (a few can, like raider armor)
- Fusion cores have a lower chance of dropping on power armor frames found in the world, and when they do they have less battery power also
(fusion cores in generators are still full power.. which makes finding an active generator rewarding.)

- Pre-war safes should now properly give bonus loot if they are locked
- Unlocked pre-war safes give less of certain types of loot
- Locked safes have a chance to drop low grade alloy items (pre-war is higher chance)
- Master locked pre-war safes always have at least 1 guide
- Locked pre-war safes have a chance to drop pistols (rare pistols and weapon pack included)
- The Deliverer can rarely drop from locked pre-war safes

Unopened Pre-war Parcels
- This item has been changed to a new item type that you manually open from your AID tab
- Many items have been added to the loot table for pre-war parcels (mainly clean pre-war items)
- Parcels can be found in a few more containers, such as rarely in pre-war filing cabinets
- Some vendors can occasionally have parcels
- Tier 2+ settler scavenger missions have a chance for parcels
- This item uses the new box graphic
- The old parcels may still exist in some containers in your existing save games (if it's broken, just vendor it)
- (This should replace the problem with the old items where it would randomly not open the box when you looted it.. plus it lets you manually open the box so you can notice what item you got.)

- (NEW) Maintenace Kits: Used to maintain water purifiers
- Tool Kits were cut in half, so you only need 1 of each tool, but every recipe outputs only 6 kits now
- The Tool Kit recipe that requires Local Leader 3 also requires VANS 5 now
- Clean Bottles now give 4 bottles per craft (uses much less antiseptic per bottle)
- Pulse rounds now properly require it's rare material (Beryllium Copper) to craft them
- HE rounds now properly require it's rare material (Magnesium Alloy) to craft them
- The medicated bandages that only require recipe perks, have a minimum required level of 15 also
- Ingredient type items in the chem lab and cooking station are moved to a new category called "INGREDIENTS"
- Ammo categories are resorted and given new icons (DEF_UI addon)
- (DEF_UI addon) Unused menu categories are given icons in case some other mods use them 
- Vegetable Starch is moved to the chem lab under INGREDIENTS
- Fertilizer recipes are moved to the chem lab under INGREDIENTS
- Frag Mines require less explosive material to properly match their damage
- Jet Coffee and Atomic Scotch no longer mistakenly say they give 2 bottles per craft
- Rad-Off can be crafted in contracted work with Settler Skills: Survival rank 2
- The Weapon Lab has a description when you go to build one
- The Armor Keywords Ammo workbench is renamed to "AK Workbench"
- ZX1 Lab: ingredient requirements were tweaked (mostly reduced)
- ZX1 Lab: crafting weapons now gives double the skill gain per point of quality, but the maximum gain per craft is capped at +90 skill
- Crafting Antibiotics (Basic) now requires 4 moldy food per craft (up from 1)
- Crafting Antibiotics (Herbal) now requires 4 moldy food per craft
- Crafting Advanced Cure-X now requires Chemist rank 4 (up from rank 1! Sorry, this was way too good at rank 1.)
- Converting Fusion Cores to Energy Cells via the Energy Convertor now gives ~150 cells average per core (up from 100)

Magazine Guides
- (NEW) Blacksmithing Guide (issues #1-5): Adds to the Grognak magazine melee recipe perk
- Some guides have different colored books now
- The Hacking manual from Nick's mail will now require higher affinity and level to receive it
- Locked safes should drop guides more often now

Lock Breaching
>> Requirements to build devices has been redesigned..
- The Locksmith perk now gives you mail with Locksmith Guides at rank 1 and 3
- The Hacker perk now gives you mail with Hacking Guides at rank 1 and 3
- Locksmith Tools Grade-1: Now requires Recipe: Safecracker rank 1
- Locksmith Tools Grade-1: Now requires Recipe: Safecracker rank 3
- Auto-Dialer Grade-1: Now requires Recipe: Safecracker rank 2
- Auto-Dialer Grade-2: Now requires Recipe: Safecracker rank 5
- Explosive Charge Grade-1: Now requires both Demolition Expert rank 1 AND Recipe: Safecracker rank 1
- Explosive Charge Grade-2: Now requires both Demolition Expert rank 1 AND Recipe: Safecracker rank 4
- Auto-Hacker Grade-1: Now requires Recipe: Hack Attack rank 1
- Auto-Hacker Grade-2: Now requires Recipe: Hack Attack rank 4
- All Grade-2 tools still have a minimum requirement of level 5 for them to be craftable

Weapons and Armor

Ammo Swapping
- (NEW) When you swap ammo, it will now pause for a second and force a reload animation*
- Switching firing modes has a brief pause, but no reload animation*
- To avoid problems, the in-combat restriction for swapping ammo was removed from all weapons
- If you don't have any of the ammo you're trying to load, it will no longer swap to it
- The firing mode message can be toggled off via the holotape
- All ammo swaps are now adjusted properly for rate of fire
- Higher caliber rounds (or specialty rounds) now usually fire slower than before (both auto and semi)
- Ammo swap rate of fire adjustments should now stack better with firing modes and some other ROF adjustments from mods
*Swapping ammo or firing modes in the middle of combat is always a risk. Don't complain if you die because your character paused for 1 second while swapping. That pause is supposed to happen.

Mod Descriptions
- Many weapon and armor mods have much greater detailed descriptions now
- Many magazines now show the exact ammo capacity for each magazine mod (including the standard one)
- Burning damage numbers are now shown as the total damage added per shot
- Many weapon mods now show recoil, hip-fire/sighted accuracy, stability, bash damage, and VATS cost numbers
- A very few mod properties still don't show numbers, because the numbers could just be more confusing than the words
- Scopes now show the zoom level
(Energy weapons may be tweaked next patch, so some of the descriptions aren't complete yet for them)

- Light Frame Receivers no longer have a damage penalty
- Degraded and Deteriorated weapons now have worse reload speed, sighted accuracy, recoil, ROF, and higher VATS cost

- NOTE: Your old pre-existing items will NOT have the tooltips or some of the new special properties, and do NOT stack with new items
- (NEW) Most grenades, mines, and traps now have a full description tooltip (this requires them being marked as legendary items)
- (NEW) Pulse Grenades/Mines now deal +30% extra damage to robots/synths
- Cluster Bombs from NPCs will now break into 8 fragments dealing 25 damage each (was 12 at 10 damage each)
- (NEW) Baseball grenades can be crafted in contracted work using Settler Skills: Craftsmanship rank 1
- (NEW) Frag mines can be crafted in contracted work using Settler Skills: Craftsmanship rank 2

(NEW) Altered Mirelurk Egg
>> Performing gene and pheromone alterations on mirelurk eggs? Crazy.
- A grenade-style egg that will hatch into a mirelurk spawn after being thrown
- These spawns are friendly to the player and allies, and will follow you when they are not in combat
- Spawns will fight for you until they die
- Spawns will slowly die over about 10 minutes of time (not accounting for combat damage they take)
- Spawns are very hearty and start with very high health, but slowly loses this health over time
- Spawns are vulnerable to fire damage
- Is bolstered with adrenaline and does much higher damage than normal mirelurk spawns
- Each attack also deals 5 radiation damage (these creatures are best used against enemies without rad immunities)
- Unlike other grenades/mines, the egg projectiles are immune from being damaged, to ensure they aren't wasted
- They can be very powerful if you spawn a few at once
- There's no limit to how many you can have out at once, other than they will eventually die
- Can be crafted 2 ways in the weapons lab:
- 1. Chemist rank 1 and Animal Friend rank 1
- 2. Settler Skills: Survival rank 2
- Requires 4 mirelurk eggs per craft, but gives 4 egg grenades
- (sometimes the corpses of the spawns look like they are still alive, but I think that's a bug with the game itself)

DLC Traps
- Caltrops now deal 15 damage per spike
- Poisoned Caltrops now deal 15 damage per spike + 30 poison damage over 30 seconds
- Traps cost more materials to craft now
- Traps will craft into ammo packs, so you can see how many you get per craft
- Bear Traps have their own bleeding effect now, which deals 2 damage per second for 20 seconds (up from 1/10 sec)
- Bear Traps will no longer incorrectly be protected by the old vanilla Sneak rank 2 ability (for both you and enemies)

Throwing Knives
- (NEW) Throwing Knives deal +200% damage if the target is under 30% health
- Now deals 30 base damage (up from 20)
- Now craft into an ammo pack, so you can see how many knives you get per craft
- Now give 10 per craft (up from 5), but require 1 steel alloy grade-1

- (NEW) .50 AE Round: This is a .50 caliber round for pistols
- Magnum Ammo Set: The magnum ammo set now includes .50 AE
- (NEW) Ammo Set: All 40mm grenade and missile rounds
- (NEW) Ammo Set: .223, .38, .45, 5.56 (Crude Blowback, That Gun, Varmint Rifle)
- (NEW) Ammo Set: 9mm, 10mm, .38, .223 (Deliverer)
- (NEW) Ammo Set: Auto/Semi Firing Mode ONLY (Mauser)
- There's a new category in the Weapons Lab for heavy ammo (includes 40mm, rockets, etc.)
- The smokeless powder required for some ammo was tweaked to better match their damage
- .45 rounds do less damage now, and are closer matched to the newer 10mm damage range
- N99 Ammo Set: 9mm and 10mm swapping requires Gun Nut rank 1 or a Rank 1 Conversion kit
- N99 Ammo Set: 12.7mm damage is reduced, and the crafting ingredients reduced

- (NEW) The glass on the reflex sights for most weapons use custom textures now to clean some of the dirt off
- The camera will now move closer to the 10mm reflex sight, so the area of the sight doesn't look so tiny
(The 10mm dirt was especially horrible, you can actually see through the site now)

(NEW) 40mm Ammunition
- All 40mm ammunition is added internally to Horizon
- It includes: Frag, Cryo, Plasma, Pulse, Shotgun, Slug, Flechette, Incendiary, RPG, RPG Seeker, Mini-Nuke
- The ammo switching system now supports a 40mm set
- The speed at which most 40mm projectiles travel is slower
- The China Lake in the weapons pack now uses Horizon's ammo
- The 40mm ammo in the weapon pack is no longer usable, but can be sold for caps

(NEW) Pipe Launcher
- This is a new custom pipe gun that I assembled to use 40mm ammo
- It can be crafted in the Weapons Lab
- It is considered an entry level "stepping stone" weapon that you might use before you get a China Lake
- (the graphics still needs some work on this weapon)

(NEW) Katana
- This weapon was extracted from the Shishkebab, and modified as a 2H sword
- This weapon can be modded to remove the rust from the blade
- This weapon can be modded with the new damage enhancements (seen further below)
- Can be found on some melee NPCs, and rarely on some weapon vendors above level 11
- Can be reverse engineered and crafted in the ZX-1 Lab

(NEW) Wakizashi
- Smaller one-handed version of the Katana
- This weapon can be modded to remove the rust from the blade
- This weapon can be modded with the new damage enhancements (seen further below)
- Can be found on some melee NPCs, and rarely on some weapon vendors
- Can be reverse engineered and crafted in the ZX-1 Lab

- Now has the proper grip attachments for the 2 upgrades
- [Bug fix] should no longer be using the "flare gun" aim model, and should no longer have unintended recoil

Submachine Guns
- (NEW) 30-round Box Magazine (replaces the Rapid Eject mod)
- The Thompson SMG is now defaulted to semi-auto and uses .38 rounds
- Very low level SMG's always drop as .38 now
- Low level SMG's won't always drop as "destroyed" from triggermen now
- Swapping .45 rounds now requires Gun Nut rank 2 or rank 2 conversion kits
- .45 rounds do slightly less damage now
- Removed the VATS cost increase on some receivers
- Removed the range penalty on all receivers
- NOTE: 

- (NEW) Now has it's own ammo set: 9mm, 10mm, .38, .223 
- Defaults to 9mm now
- (NEW) Reflex Sight: Allows you to put a reflex sight on the deliverer

- (NEW) .50 AE Rounds: Requires Gun Nut rank 3 or rank 3 conversion kits
- Swapping .44 now requires Gun Nut rank 2 or rank 2 conversion kits

Hunting Rifle / Pipe Bolt-Action
- Swapping .308 now requires Gun Nut rank 1 or rank 1 conversion kits
- Swapping .50 now requires Gun Nut rank 3 or rank 3 conversion kits

Combat Rifle
- .45 rounds do less damage now
- Swapping 5.56 and 7.62 now requires Gun Nut rank 2 or rank 2 conversion kits

Light Machine Gun
- Does slightly more base damage now

Institute Tactical
- Fixed a bug with the 2 crit barrels that caused the rifle stock to bug out
- Fixed a bug with barrels not firing their lasers from the correct position

Pipe Weapons
- .45 rounds do less damage now
- The long scopes were reduced to Science 2 and Gun Nut 2 (still requires Sniper)

Laser Weapons
- Burning damage now does real fire damage, but applies it slower
- Burning damage rank 1 does 10 fire damage over 10 seconds (from 9 over 3 seconds)
- Burning damage rank 2 does 20 fire damage over 10 seconds (from 15 over 3 seconds)
- The amount of burning damage is now noted on the mod's description

Gatling Laser
- Burning damage rank 1 does 5 fire damage over 5 seconds (from 9 over 3 seconds)
- Burning damage rank 2 does 10 fire damage over 5 seconds (from 15 over 3 seconds)

Plasma Gun
- Boosted Photon Agitator was fixed to match other critical hit damage mods

Melee Weapons
- Synth Blade: Can now be colored black or white just like the other institute weapons
- Micro Sledge: Can now be reverse engineered and crafted
- Pipe Wrench: Can now be reverse engineered and crafted
- Knuckles: Can now be reverse engineered and crafted
- Lead Pipe: Can now be reverse engineered and crafted

Machete Glaive / Handmade Axe / Synth Blade / Katana
- These new melee upgrades are cheap and based on skill rather than materials
- These mods cannot be transfered to other weapons
- (NEW) Sharpened (Average Quality) upgrade: +25% damage
- (NEW) Sharpened (Better Quality) upgrade: +50% damage
- (NEW) Sharpened (High Quality) upgrade: +75% damage
- (NEW) Sharpened (Master Quality) upgrade: +90% damage, causes the target to bleed
- The base damage was slightly adjusted on these weapons

Micro Sledge / Organ Pipe, Water Pipe
- (NEW) Hardened (Average Quality) upgrade: +25% damage
- (NEW) Hardened (Better Quality) upgrade: +50% damage
- (NEW) Hardened (High Quality) upgrade: +75% damage
- (NEW) Hardened (Master Quality) upgrade: +90% damage

Thermic Lance / Killamajig / Skull Pike / Improvised Mace / Improvised War Club
- (NEW) Enhanced (Average Quality) upgrade: +25% damage
- (NEW) Enhanced (Better Quality) upgrade: +50% damage
- (NEW) Enhanced (High Quality) upgrade: +75% damage
- (NEW) Enhanced (Master Quality) upgrade: +90% damage

DLC Weapons
- DLC firearms have their receivers setup to match Horizon
- The Handmade Rifle uses .45 by default so it can make use of the combat rifle's ammo switching
- The Handmade Rifle will still often drop as 7.62mm even though the weapon is defaulted to .45
- The Radium Rifle does less ballistic damage now
- The Radium Rifle no longer has any automatic receivers, and can only use .45*
- The Radium Rifle has a new slot for swapping semi/auto, but cannot use the field ammo switcher
*Since this weapon has built-in rad damage, it needs to be balanced separately. I may rework other ammo types for it later.

Companion Weapons
>> Crafting these weapons is made into a more varied and immersive "contracted work" style system
- Each item is crafted using a different assortment of items in which traders want in exchange for these weapons
- The ingredients and perks can vary for each weapon

Deployable Turrets/Dogs
- The order of the interaction menu is altered, so that double pressing the use key doesn't ruin your summon:
- Dogs: The first menu key is now "follow me", so you don't accidentally dismiss your dog and waste food
- Disposable turrets: The first menu key is now "exit", so you don't accidentally destroy it
- Re-deployable turrets/bots: The first menu key is still "pickup" since there's no consumable loss

Old Legendaries and Uniques
- All vanilla legendary properties are now considered either obsolete or only minor bonuses
- All vanilla legendary properties are reduced in strength
- Unique items sold on vendors are now considered minor optional upgrades
- Most unique weapons sold on vendors are weaker, and reduced in price
- Most uniques and old legendaries are no longer consider "featured" items, and can be scrapped

Ballistic Weaves
- Ballistic Weaves can be acquired with or without the Railroad unlock
- Mk1 weaves can be acquired 2 ways:
--- 1> Acquire a piece of gear from the railroad with an Mk1 mod, and re-use that mod*
--- 2> Settler Skills: Craftsman Rank 1 (i.e. 25 Smithing skill)
- Mk2 to Mk5 upgrades can be crafted normally at the Armor Workbench with the Armorer perk, OR through Settler Crafting
- Mk2 to Mk5 Ballistic Weaves now require rank 4,6,8,10 of the Ballistic Weapons recipe perk
- Mk2 to Mk5 Insulated Weaves now require rank 4,6,8,10 of the Energy Weapons recipe perk
- Mk2 to Mk5 weaves require Armorer rank 1-4
*This method is essentially the original way to unlock it, since they don't sell the armor until you unlock weaves

DLC Armor
- DLC Power Armor repairs now match the standard power armor
- Marine Armor is now considered "heavy" armor by default and given the proper base DR values
- The Zealot tier of Marine Armor is considered a base-level upgrade level
- Inquisitor/Assault Marine Armor upgrades now act as the top upgrade in terms of protection values

Misc Changes

NPC Humanoid Damage scaling
- Humans deal more damage now per level bracket (your level)
- Level 5-10 = +10% (up from 5%)
- Level 10-15 = +20% (up from 10%)
- Level 15-20 = +30% (up from 15%)
- Level 20-25 = +40% (up from 20%)
- Level 25-30 = +50% (up from 25%)
- Level 30+ = +60% (up from 30%)
- (Scaling effects humans, feral ghouls, and super mutants)

Horizon Tutorial Help Messages
- New help messages pop up at certain levels to explain Horizon game mechanics
- After getting the first help message, you can select the 2nd button to hide further messages
- Message: Level 2 - Explains that further levels won't heal you, and level 5 unlocks VANS
- Message: Level 5 - Explains the VANS system is available, so players remember to spend their next point on it
- Message: Level 15 - Explains that Combat Specializations are now open

- Raiders should now spawn lower tier types more often than higher
- Raider Scavvers have their own selection of random outfits
- Shaggy Yao Guai's fur is now 2x more vulnerable to fire than other Yao Guai, but they have higher DR/ER resists now
- Deezer and Dora in Covenant should only be killable by the player (like how the abernathy cat is set)

- Some loading screen descriptions are updated for the N99
- DLC esps were cleaned up so that they don't contain any new form ID's for loot

Scrap Everything Patch
- Most friendly NPCs (cats, settlers, overseer, etc.) are no longer scrapable (covenant is still scrappable)
- Most NPC animation markers are now scrappable again (minor cosmetic animations like for cats and dogmeat, are still hidden.)
- The Doghouse is removed from the scrap lists, since it's a vanilla buildable item
- You can now scrap short stone walls
- If you want to actually "scrap everything" you can manually install "Z_Horizon_Patch_ScrapEverythingFull.esp", but only use 1 of the ESPs at a time

Homemaker Patch
- All of the vendor stalls are updated to match Horizon

Weapon Patch Authors
- Some of the keywords required for ammo swapping were changed
- Ammo swapping can now support separate menus from the actual mod attachment keywords for ammo sets
- More keywords were added for vendors
- A keyword was added for pre-war safes to drop rare sidearms

Horizon - Desolation (Alpha Version)

Desolation is a new hardcore mode that focuses on tougher survival. This version is very rough, and doesn't contain a lot of changes yet.

In this mode, there's a bigger emphasis on being more self-sufficiant, instead of relying on NPC vendors and doctors. Combat Stimpaks are harder to craft/buy, as there is more pressure to make sure you're healed up properly outside of combat.

Most illnesses and diseases should be cured as soon as possible. They are balanced so that you should no longer feel it's "ok" to just wait to cure them.

This mode will not change NPC damage multipliers or carry weight. You can optionally use the existing addons for those.

I definitely want feedback on it, but this mode isn't made for new players. If it's too taxing on you, turn it off.

- All pre-war food (that isn't preserved) is considered garbage food and has high risk of disease (not recommended to eat)
- All pre-war food is worth very little caps
- The debuff on Combat Stimpaks is increased to -150 rad resists (up from -50)

- Purified water can no longer be crafted by hand, and requires real purifiers to process it for you
- Some medical supplies require more antiseptic or other materials
- Crafting antiseptics from alcohol requires more pharmaceuticals
- Pharmaceuticals require more materials
- Cooked pre-war food is not available

- Less ammo drops on NPCs
- Ammo Boxes generally have less ammo
- Ammo and smokeless powder drops less from some containers
- Tools drop less from containers

- Vendors don't trust you. All sell prices are 25% of the caps value (down from 50%)
- Combat Stimpaks and Blood Packs cost more caps

- Weakness makes you take 40% extra damage
- Lethargy reduces AP regen by -75%
- Insomnia also reduces your Rad Resistance by -100
- Parasites also reduce your Poison Resistance by -30
- Some poisons deal more damage per tick
- Infection does 10 damage per tick from level 1-4
- Infection does 15 damage per tick from level 5-9
- Infection does 20 damage per tick from level 10-19 (this can now kill you)
- Infection does 30 damage per tick from level 20+ 

- Power Armor repairs are more expensive (not implemented yet - next patch)

Q: My Submachine Gun or Mauser (or others possibly) won't work right with the ammo swapping.
A: Try throwing it on the ground and picking it up. If that doesn't fix it, you may need to get/craft a new version of that weapon post-patch if you want the ammo swapper to work properly.