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Architect is a major portion of this update. The concept of Architect is to give Horizon a foundation to make building up multiple settlement easier, more fun, and look way more awesome. I want the option to be able to actually REBUILD The Commonwealth.

More Patch notes..

Now that we have a good foundation and large buildings to put things in, the next update (v1.5) will probably contain more settlement progression. I want settlements to actually feel like you're rebuilding The Commonwealth, and visually be able to see it happen.

A new optional death/revival mechanic is addded to Horizon, to partially remove the cheesy feeling of "dying and reloading save games with all your stuff restored with no conscequences other than losing real time." This system is still in beta testing, but you can choose to enable it in the Horizon holotape settings. (I may default this feature to ON in the future once it's tested more.)

I would really appreciate any testing and feedback on this update:
- Is there any textures or meshes missing? (possibly due to me missing something in the BA2 archives)
- Is there any issues with placing or removing structures in Architect?
- Any problems when dying and reviving in a settlement?
- Any issues with the Caravan Hub travel system?
- Any issues with newly placed Water Purifiers or Vendors?
- Any feedback or reports is appreciated. Thanks!

(NEW) Player Revival (BETA Testing)
- Upon normal death, you're instead incapacitated, where you're dragged back to a settlement by either your companions or settlers
- You can choose to enable this new mode from your Horizon holotape settings
- The closest settlement to your last known outdoor location is choosen
- If you have no settlements, it will revive you at Vault 111 (I may change this later)
- When you awaken, you will have only 25 health
- If you die with 1000+ radiation, you'll awaken with 970 rads (I may change this, but for now, it works)
- You lose the amount of caps based on your health/rads restored (currently its set to the same as doctors charge)
(Keep in mind this is a beta feature, I still want to add more depth to this system, such as limitations of settlements based on certain conditions, and more penalities so you can't abuse the system in certain cases. But I'd like to test it as-is for now.)
- NOTE: Just because the system allows you to bypass the need for reloading saves, doesn't mean you shouldn't save your game OFTEN. The game can crash. I may even implement an auto-save feature in the next updates.
- WARNING: Don't kill yourself with rad overdose inside the pipboy, or it gets stuck there.

Resource Manager
- Crops are measured in terms of "Rating", where some types give better ratio of "rating per food" than others
- You now always produce crops at 5% of the "total rating" of each crop (without fertilizer)
- You now produce extra crops at 5% of the "total rating" of each crop (using fertilizer)
- These values look smaller, but they are actually double the potential crops if you use the new crop types
- Vanilla crops will produce roughly 2x less in total (regular production and fertilizer combined)
- [Bug fix] Crops for production should now only count if you actually own the settlement

Settlement Crops
- All vanilla-placed crops are scrap-only, and will give you 1 crop now when you scrap them
- Regular crops are now only worth 1/4th the value for production (both settler rations and fertilized production)
- Regular crops still give 1 "food" per plant for settlers (note that "Food" is NOT the same as "Production Rating")
- Tarberries are added to the resource manager now
- Tarberries are worth more production rating than other crops (enough to get +1, and another +1 with fertilizing)
- Planting "Domesticated Crops" is changed (see further down)

Obsolete Objects in Horizon
- WARNING: All Horizon-specific objects listed below will be phased out:
- Vendors / Defenses / Decorations / Beds / Water Pumps / Power Generators / Caravan Hubs
- These objects will continue to function for a few patches until I remove them in the future
- All of these objects can be replaced with Architect
- Scrapping all of these objects should refund you the FULL amount of all materials, so you can replace them

- Standard Small Power Conduits/Pylons now give 2x the range for lights
- Large Power Pylons now give 4x the range for lights
- Fixed a few bugs with Armor and Clothing stalls for tracking traders
- Vanilla Tier-1 and Tier-2 Doctor stalls now require 2 vendor contracts and 100 caps
- Homemaker doctor stalls are updated for this change also

(NEW) Workshop Menus
- Horizon now has it's own menus in the workshop
- Resources->Utility: Resource manager, command table, mailbox, etc.
- Resources->Job Stations: All job stations
- Resources->Production: All Horizon production devices
- NOTE: Currently there is no uninstall for this if you remove Horizon (Horizon was never meant to be uninstalled from an active save game, but I may add the menu uninstaller later)

Crafting Stations
- A weapon lab and robotics lab were added to the RR HQ and the memory den
- Weapon labs were added to a few indoor raider-based areas

Vault 81
- Now has crafting stations
- The middle oven in the kitchen area is a clean version of the new kitchen stove
- One of the storage rooms is converted into a crafting room, with armor and weapon workbenches
- A robotics lab is located near the generator room
- The medical lab has the new vault-style chemistry station

(NEW) Scrapping Tools (BETA)
>> Please note that this is brand new, so it may need some testing
- This kit allows you to scrap junk items in your inventory into raw components
- Use this kit from the AID tab, and then exit your pip-boy
- You will get a pop-up message to press a button and turn your items into scrap
- The scrapping process averages 5-15 seconds depending on the amount of junk
- Crafting the kit requires either Scrapper rank 1, or Settler Skills: Salvaging rank 1

(NEW) ZX-1 Experiementation Lab: Weapon Tinker Kits
- These kits are used to gain Weapon Crafting Skill more quickly in the ZX-1 Experimentation Lab
- Tinker kits can be used in the ZX-1 lab under "Tinkering"
- Each kit grants 50 skill and some experience points
- Each kit requires a large assortment of materials (you need to scroll down the list when you craft it)
- Some of the materials required include: grade-1 alloys, adhesive, many pipe weapon parts, tools, and other components
- They are crafted in the Robotics Lab under WORKSHOP

- (NEW) Adhesive - Craft bubblegum, beer, acid, and hubflower into 2 adhesives (requires Survivalist rank 2)
- (NEW) RadAway Chew - Removes 50 rads slowly over time (requires Survivalist rank 2)
- (NEW) Supply Kits: Craftable using Mutfruit, Melons, Tatos, and only 1 water (the melons hydrate) - Requires Local Leader 2
- Supply Kits that use settler rations, require Local Leader 3 now
- Supply Kits can also be assembled in Cooking Stations now too
- Clean Bottles now give 5 per craft, and require liquid fuel instead of oil
- Maintanence Kits now give 5 per craft, and can also be crafted in the Cooking Station
- Military Kits now use Supply Kits instead, so you're not forced to use rations only for food (they're also slightly cheaper to craft this way for Local Leaders)
- The single-use Cargo Bot caller device no longer has any perk requirements (other than placing one of the scrap storage objects)
- The single-use Cargo Bot caller in the contracted work tab is removed
- The multi-use Cargo Bot caller requires more materials now to craft, and also requires Robco Secrets rank 2
- The single-use Memory Device no longer has any perk requirements
- The single-use Memory Device in the contracted work tab is removed
- The multi-use Memory Device requires more materials now to craft, and also requires Fact or Fiction rank 2

(NEW) Grenade Swapper (BETA)
>> This is a proof of concept item I'm testing, but it's available for you to try out
- Using this device gives you a popup menu to select a grenade or mine in your inventory
- Inside the [Mine] menu, you'll find an option that you can toggle to make grenades/mines automatically throw as soon as you press the button
- This device can be crafted in the weapons lab, and is located in the AID tab
- You can add this item to your favorites bar

- New icons are added to some items so they look nicer and you can spot them faster
- Tags in the AID tab are rearranged to sort categories better, but still have an order of importance
- Category order: Meds, Cures, Buffs, Tools/Devices, Chems, Water, Drinks, Food, Crops, Liquor, Prewar, Raw, Wild, Junk
(I consider all the stuff on the bottom as junk you throw into your settlements, so its easy to scroll down and just chuck everything upwards into a container really fast)

- (NEW) Sealed Literature Package: A sealed package that contains a random guide or magazine
- (NEW) 5 volumes of books are added to expand the "Unstoppables" magazine recipe perk
- (NEW) 5 volumes of books are added to expand the "Amazingly Awesome Tales" magazine recipe perk
- The misc item for Beryllium Copper is properly labeled
- Atomic Scotch and Jet Coffee only give 1 per craft now
- The Trailblazer's guide is renamed to "A General's Guide to Leadership"
- (NEW) "Prototype Acid Canister": can drop from legendary humans above level 15
- Charge Cards are labeled as "Currency" and are no longer scrappable
- Pre-war money is labeled as Currency instead of crafting material
- Some Nuka World items are labeled as Currency

(NEW) Dynamic Magazines
>> Static placed magazines often ruined part of the exploration aspect for many players. So now, many magazines are now random to help remove that "meta-gaming" knowledge of knowing where stuff already is.
- Many vanilla pre-war Magazines that are placed around the world are now randomized loot
- Not all placed magazines are replaced
- Magazines are replaced with a "Sealed Magazine Package", which has it's own envelope style package graphic
- "Sealed Magazine Package" will always give a vanilla pre-war magazine, and not a Horizon guide
- "Sealed Literature Package" are different, and located in other sources, and contains random guides or magazines

(NEW) Micro-Drone
- Hand launch a small drone that flies slowly until it impacts a target
- Explodes for 175 damage
- Requires Robotics Expert rank 1 and Demolition Expert rank 1
- Settler Engineer missions can sometimes make you Micro-Drones
- (This device is intended to be a seeker, but I can't get that working yet with grenades)

(NEW) Pipe Bomb
- Grenade-style explosive that deals 65 damage
- Requires Recipe: Inconceivable rank 1
- Drops from some loot that can drop grenades
- Some raiders and super mutants can carry these

(NEW) Pumpkin Fire Mine
- Mine that deals 35 damage plus 60 fire damage over 30 seconds
- Requires Recipe: Inconceivable rank 2

(NEW) Handmade Frag Mine
- Mine that deals 85 damage
- Requires Recipe: Inconceivable rank 3
- Drops from some loot that can drop mines

(NEW) Unknown Improvised Enemy Mines
- While rare, a few improvised mines are placed in some Commonwealth interiors.. watch out!
(more may be added later)

- The pipe gun should properly show the .223 ammo count on top, and the other ammo counts should be shifted correctly now
- The 12.7mm ammo requires higher rank perks now
- Fixed the "Outdated" receiver on the Submachine Gun, in case you somehow still have or find an old SMG
- Fixed some NPCs from possibly dropping the old damaged weapons
- Possibly fixed smg sound effects for some people (I can't test this, because I don't have the problem)
- [Bug Fix]: Vendor-sold missile launchers should now always roll as "good condition"
- Scrapping some heavy melee weapons give more materials
- Scrapping Synth Blades now gives laser parts
- Scrapping the Micro Sledge now gives baton materials

- All thirst levels are pushed up by 8 hours, but everything still requires the same amount of water per hour of time passed
- The first thirst level is now 16 hours (up from 8)
- Each additional thirst level is every 8 hours after

(NEW) Trap Disarming
>> Many traps and mines now require skill (perks) to disarm them, but with some freedom in choices
- There are 4 classifications of traps: Basic Traps, Basic Mines, Class-1 Tech, Class-2 Tech
- Basic Traps can be disarmed with: Master Thief 1, Hunter 2, Technologist 1, Sneak 2, or Recipe: Covert Ops 4
- Basic Mines can be disarmed with: Demo Expert 1, Master Thief 1, Technologist 4, Sneak 4, or Recipe: Covert Ops 6
- Class-1 Tech can be disarmed with: Science 1, Technologist 2, Master Thief 3, or Recipe: Covert Ops 8
- Class-2 Tech can be disarmed with: Science 3, Technologist 5, Master Thief 4

Perk: Pickpocket is now "Master Thief"
- Rank 1 now grants the ability to disarm Basic Traps and Basic Mines
- Rank 3 now grants the ability to disarm Class-1 Tech Traps and Mines
- Rank 4 now grants the ability to disarm Class-2 Tech Traps and Mines
(I will probably add more benefits to Master Thief in the future)

Perk: Sneak
- Sneak level requirements are changed to: 1, 6, 12, 18, 24
- Sneak rank 5 no longer gives you magical invisibility, but instead gives you another 10% bonus to sneaking (I thought I did this months ago, I must have forgot it)
- Reworded rank 3 to "moving at normal speed" instead of "running" so that it actually makes sense, since you don't "run" while sneaking*
*Many players often don't understand the difference between walk mode and run mode, so hopefully this helps

Attack Dogs
- Your Attack Dog will now stay out for 10 mins (up from 5 mins)

Companion Revival
- The timers were reduced for how long it takes for companions to get back up after combat ends
- (Keep in mind, I have plans to rework how companions are revived, but I'm not ready yet)

- All insect type creatures have their endurance removed to match all other NPCs (please let me know if you notice any weird problems with this)*
- All raider types and gunner ranks will now spawn starting at level 1**
- Some legendary raiders should have the proper templates for faces
*This includes DLC Ants and Crickets
**Since the levels were mostly low as it was, I want to see if this helps fix distribution of types better

Mutated Creatures/Parts (i.e. legendary)
- Stingwings, bloodbugs, bloatflies, Yao Guai now have their own custom loot distribution for mutated parts
- For many mutated creatures, the guaranteed part that drops is now more specific to that specific creature type
- Stingwings: Always drops 1 Mutated Stingwing Stinger (new)
- Bloodbug: Always drops 1 Mutated Bloodbug Gland (new)
- Bloatfly: Always drops 1 Mutated Bloatfly Stinger (new)
- Radscorpion: Always drops 1 Mutated Radscorpion Stinger (new), and sometimes a carapace or claw
- Mirelurk King: Always drops 1 Mutated Poison Gland (new), and a carapace
- Mirelurk Queen: Always drops 2 Mutated Poison Glands (new), and 2 carapaces
- Yao Guai: Always drops 1 Mutated Yao Guai Fur (new), and sometimes some teeth, and 1 extra part above level 15
- Deathclaw: Always drops 1 Mutated Deathclaw Hand (same as before)
- Glowing and high-tier Feral Ghouls: Now also drops a mutated organic part, in additional to the random prototype
- Feral Ghouls have a small chance to give a mutated organic part for Hunter rank 2+
- Hunter rank 2+ has a chance of getting mutated parts from more creatures now (most are medium/large animals and creatures)
- Hunter chance for mutated parts uses a better distribution of parts based on the specific creature
- The weights on mutated parts are now setup based on the components
- The radscorpion stinger drops 3 different poisons, which is loosely based on some real-life scorpions
- The stingwing and bloatfly stinger drops 2 different poisons, which is loosely based on real-life bees/wasps

>> The crop plants in Graygarden were altered in order to fix numerous issues with them
- All mutfruit plants are converted to "Withered Mulfruit Plants" which are small mutfruit-sized trees
- All planters are coverted to "Withered" crops
- All withered plants are static scrap objects, which can be scrapped for materials
- Each withered plant will give 1 crop of the appropriate type, which you can use to re-plant a new crop if you wish
- The vendors are updated to reflect these changes (requires a vendor recycle)
(I feel these changes fit fine with the quest and the story behind Graygarden, so I don't see it removing any immersion.)

(NEW) Graygarden Robot Controller
- A craftable AID item that can disable (or re-enable) the Graygarden robot animations
- Located in the Robotics Lab under Workshop
- This recipe only appears after you own Graygarden

- Horizon's "No Weave" slot for ballistic weaves is now activated
- Armorsmith's "No Weave" slot is disabled in the patch, so there aren't duplicates
- The value of loose mods for weaves is increased
- The value that weaves add to armor is increased
- Ballistic Weave Mk1: DR reduced to 15 (from 20)
- WARNING: Horizon still does not support the newer Armor Keywords and Armorsmith yet. This will come soon in the next patches. For now, use v3.2(?)

- (NEW) The memory den now has a wheelchair up front so you can use the doctor's services before the basement is open
- Reworded the Blacksmithing description
- Fixed some texture mapping problems on the training desk
- Renamed the old parcel package, in case you somehow still have a bugged one, so you know its just vendor junk
- The shovel is no longer incorrectly added to the defui addon

Sim Settlements Patch
- Updated to work with the newer versions

Scrap Everything Patch
- (NEW) Now increases the height limits for settlement building to 10,000 units for all settlements
- Increases the height range that settlers can sandbox around
- Removed the ability to scrap graygarden pipes, and railroad tracks
- Added the "Dead Tato plants" to a scrap list so you can now scrap them
- Air ducts can now be scrapped
- All animations markers are scrappable
- Added bird markers to the animation marker list
- Small rocks can now be scrapped (I cant test all of them, so let me know if any cause holes in the terrain - I still don't allow large rocks/cliffs to be scrapped though)
- Sanctuary: houses can now be scrapped (since you can easily place new houses now)
- Sanctuary: steps, driveways, and footpaths can now be safely scrapped (none of them appear to have any bad terrain under it)
- Sanctuary: Moved over that fallen tree (and 2 other trees) in the back leaning on the house, so it's inside of the scrappable area now
- Sanctuary: Adjusted a few dirt mounds so edges weren't sticking out when you scrap foundations and steps
- Starlight: You can now scrap the broken wing, and some of the pieces
- Abernathy Farm: All buildings and the tower is now scrappable
- Abernathy Farm: The wire connecting the electrical tower is disabled so isnt hanging there if you scrap the tower
- Sunshine Tidings: All buildings are now scrappable
- Taffington Boathouse: All buildings are now scrappable
- The Castle: The small interior portal door was removed from the scrap list

Places to be cautious of when scrapping everything:
>> The following settlements don't scrap well, so save your game and scrap only certain objects
- Warwick Homestead (major problems.. scrapping the buildings leaves problem areas)
- Croup Manor (minor problems.. but you can work around it as long as you don't fall into the pits.)