Patch notes/Horizon/1.4.1

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- (NEW) Restrooms: A medium size building that has restrooms with toilets/sinks/showers [Medium Urban]
- (NEW) Shed: A very small shed, great for forcing on top of floating workbenches (because of scrapping) [Small House and Tiny Buildings]
- The Large House was updated: better looking sinks, a better bathroom, a patched up roof, smaller painting, and a few other tweaks
- (NEW) Large House (Worn Down): This style of large house uses the old mesh with the broken roof, except it also has broken glass and dirty walls
- (NEW) Large House (Yellow)
- The UV mapping for the bay window on the small house is fixed

- The new death mode can now be toggled on or off
- The new death mode is enabled by default for new games*
- The new trap disarming system should now be functioning properly (could use some testing feedback on this)
- The caravan radio upgrade for vendors now costs caps instead of vendor credit
- Some references to Robotics Labs fixed
- Horizon's old guard defense should now appear again
- Drumlin Diner properly named
- Walking speed is reverted back to normal
- You can now properly scrap all of the obsolete Horizon objects for full materials (without needing the Scrapper perk)
- Some withered plants at greygarden were still showing as mutfruit plants if you don't use the SE patch

*If you are currently playing an existing save game, it will be in whatever state it was. Be sure to turn the option ON now if you want it on!

- The handmade rifle no longer can use .308 ammo (BUG: it might still be selectable through the workbench.. if so, I'll fix that later)

- Scrapper: Changed the vanilla description to note that it also works on settlement scrap (this is only valid on stuff you can build, not the static junk you scrap)

(NEW) Nuclear Fragments
- 20 Nuclear Fragments can be combined to create 1 Nuclear Material
- 1 Nuclear Material can be split to create 20 Nuclear Fragments
- Conversion recipes are located in the Tech Lab under "MATERIALS"
- Nuclear Fragments are found in pre-war junk that used to contain nuclear material
- Some additional junk items have nuclear fragments added to them now
- Some settlement scrap has nuclear fragments, such as cars
- Some glow sights now use 3-5 nuclear fragments instead of full material

Scrap Everything
- Some large objects now give more scrap (ex: cabins give 280 wood)
- Both versions of the patch should have all the greygarden stuff sync'd up now
- Trees are sorted better, and generally give more wood
- Sanctuary houses give more scrap
- foundations give more concrete