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This patch is very large, and covers a lot of things, so there's bound to be something I forgot to finish, or left in some testing state. Hopefully it's nothing big.. and I'll try to fix any problems tomorrow if I need to hotfix another patch.

(NEW) Architect: Slocum's Joe!
- A large coffee house with an apartment on the 2nd floor
- Located under "Large Urban"
- Has a fire escape in the back that leads up to both rooftops
- Contains 1 door, 4 booths, 2 stools, 2 lights, 6 beds (all optional as usual)
- Has 2 connection points for vendor mats behind the counter
- Has 3 detail layers, in which you can turn off the logo signs separately from other detail

(NEW) Architect: Cargo Yard
- This very large foundation is the first structure in the "Colossal Foundation" category
- This structure allows you to basically cover a large area of a settlement
- There's lots of space on top for many buildings, and comes with 2 optional detail layers
- This structure was designed specifically for the expanded Murkwater settlement, but can be used anywhere

(NEW) Architect: Sanctuary Houses
- 3 Colors of refurbished houses, with full post-war textures
- 1 Color of a pre-war clean house

(NEW) Architect: Large Park
- A large circular park with 3 benches and 3 detail layers
- The healthy trees can be toggled off using the "clutter" option
- The gazebo structure can be toggled off using the "signs/misc" option

(NEW) Architect: Capsule Homes
- 3 sizes for capsule homes: single, double, and large
- Included in the Small and Large House category

(NEW) Architect: Switching Tower
- The small white wooden tower you see near railroads is now included with small houses

(NEW) Architect: Small House Garage

- (NEW) The buttons on the management menu will now only show if that building actually has those layers to toggle
- (NEW) A 3rd detail layer has been added, which was created to toggle off company logo signs without removing other detail
- (NEW) Cash Register (Gray): An alternate color for the cash register upgrade in case you don't want a bright blue one
- (NEW) Thin Wooden Stairs (without rails)
- The clutter button was moved up with the detail layer buttons, and renamed to "Detail (Clutter)"
- Fallon's, Panucci's Pizza, and Drumlin Dinner, now all have a separate layer for signs*
- The Small House now uses the "Stairs (Secondary)" toggle for the back steps separately
- The Small House now has 2 snap points for front and back stairs if you want to add your own stairs
- The Small House now comes with back stairs without rails
- The Bar and Diner Vendors now have the proper snap heights for the cash register and radio upgrades
- The Restroom building now properly has the clutter layer working
*You need to re-select the design in order to add them, but that shouldn't ruin your placement at all

Architect: Settler Outfitter - Overhaul
>> The outfitter is overhauled and moved into Architect
- Settlers now equip their new outfit very fast, without the slow processing it used to have to do!
- Settlers use custom armor items now, which eliminates ALL of the balance issues with using "real" armor..
- Settler outfits are worth 0 caps
- Settler outfits cannot be worn by the player
- Settler outfits have their armor ratings balanced specifically for settlers (or companions)
- Settler outfit scrap is balanced based on the costs, so you can exchange outfits without (usually) losing any materials
- If a settler already has an Outfitter outfit, it will automatically refund you the full cost
- Weapons are refunded the same way as well
- Added many new outfits
- Vanilla FO4 armor/weapons are now given directly to your character
- Added an option to suppress messages when you equip a settler (located in the options sub-menu)
- Horizon: The old settler weapons are still usable, but non-refundable. They can be sold for caps though if you wish to discard them.

- Murkwater has it's borders expanded in the Scrap Everything Patches or Settlement Limits addon
- NOTE: Do NOT use an SE patch and settlement limits addon at the same time

Holotape Config and Perk Loading System
- (NEW) You can now disable the new trap disarming system if you wish
- Some of the options will now active upon toggling the option without requiring a reload
- (Some of the automatic perks you gain in Horizon were moved to another system.. let me know if you see any weird problems with Faction perks, Brute Strength, Primal Instincts, or Trap Disarming Skill not showing up properly)

(NEW) Auto-Save
- You can now enable auto-saves from your Horizon Holotape
- The main option is: OFF, 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins
- It will print the save message 2 seconds BEFORE saving the game, this way its not as surprising and jarring when it lags for a second to save the game
- There's an option to turn off the message each time it saves (ex: "Saving Game...")
- There's an option to stagger autosaves and real saves: OFF, Every 5, Every 10
- Having the stagger option off, means it will ALWAYS save a "real" save game every time
- Having the stagger option on, means it will only make a real save game every 5 or 10 "autosaves"
- NOTE: Remember that your save games will keep adding up. It's recommended to delete old saves if you've accumulated over 100. The stagger option will reduce this quite a bit, but many people like myself prefer it to save real saves everytime.

(NEW) X-25 Laser Pistol
>> This new laser pistol is assembled using different weapon parts to make a unique looking pistol
- It has a similar damage range to the vanilla Laser Gun, but with a much smaller profile
- The laser beam effects are smoothed out better, and don't have that flood of swimming particles in your face
- There are 6 barrel to mod. Each barrel defines special properties with the weapon.
- Most barrels have different colored beams
- Standard Barrel: Standard. 20% Reduced Recoil. +20% Sighted Accuracy.
- High Intensity Emitter Barrel: Adds +5 Burning damage. Ignores 50% of the target's damage resistance. Improved range. -50% Ammo Capacity.
- Photon Agitator Barrel: +10% Critical Hit Chance. +25% Critical Hit Damage. +15% Hip-fire Accuracy.
- Prismatic Emitter Barrel: Adds +5 Fire, Cryo, and Radiation damage. Better range. +25% Sighted Accuracy. +25% VATS Cost.
- Gamma Wave Sniper Barrel: Adds +15 Radiation damage. Exceptional range. +25% Sighted Accuracy. +25% VATS Cost.
- Ultraviolet Modulator Barrel: Emits low visible light levels and sound. +15% Sighted Accuracy. +20% VATS Cost.
- There's a separate color mod slot to change the color of the beam (does not work with ultraviolet)
- Beam colors: Red, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, White
- Scopes are sorted better so you can read them easier
- Unlike the vanilla laser gun, this actually has a dot reflex sight
- Grips: Standard, Weighted, Sharpshooter's, and Gyroscopic Stabilizer Grips offer different options
- Works with the Experimentation Lab system

(NEW) Combat Plasma Rifle
>> This new rifle is assembled using combat rifle, plasma weapon, and other parts
- It has a similar damage range to the vanilla Plasma Gun, but with the profile of a combat rifle
- The modding system for this weapon uses a new format which I would like to expand to most energy weapons
- Barrel: This slot is now used to change different styles: Critical hits, Long range, or AP (burning damage)
- Receivers: All receivers are linear damage upgrades
- Magazine: Standard, Quick, and Large magazines offer versatility for what works best for you
- Sight: Uses most of the standard combat rifle scopes and sights
- Stock: Standard, Weighted, and Markman's stocks offer different options
- Firing Mode: Semi-Auto, Automatic, Splitter (shotgun), Plasma-thrower
- Works with the Experimentation Lab system

(NEW) Crude Laser Gun
>> This new laser pistol is a crudely handmade energy weapon to give more variety to some NPCs
- Deals damage similar to the laser gun
- Cannot be modded (it's supposed to be a crude junky weapon for NPCs)
- Raiders, Super Mutants, Gunner Conscripts, Minutemen, and some Railroad agents, can use these at any level

- (NEW) 12ga Double Slug Shells: increased damage. increased stagger.
- (NEW) 12ga Cryo Shells: +4 cryo damage, chance to freeze
- (NEW) 12ga API Shells: +8 fire damage, -50% armor piercing
- (NEW) 12ga Terror Shells: causes the target to flee for 10 seconds
- (NEW) 12ga Mind Cloud Shells: chance to blind the target so they can't find you at a distance
- (NEW) 12ga Irradiated Shells: +15 rad damage
- Standard "Shotgun Shells" are now called "12-gauge Shotgun Shells"
- Double-barrel and Combat shotguns can now be used with the weapon toolkit (drop your current weapon on the ground and pick it up for it to work)
- Terror and Mind Cloud shells require Chemist and make use of rare toxins (from Mutated creatures)
- The Double-Barrel and Combat shotguns both have significantly less spread now, and should feel a little bit closer to a real shotgun, but still has a video game feel (if you want the most narrow spread, use a long barrel)

(NEW) Lever-Action Shotgun
- Requires Far Harbor DLC
- Uses the Lever-Action Rifle graphics
- Holds 5 rounds, Can use all 12-gauge rounds
- Fires similar to the (newly updated) double barrel
- In the event that the DLC is removed (somehow), it reverts to a double-barrel shotgun graphic
- Works with the Experimentation Lab system

- (NEW) 5mm API Rounds: +1 Fire damage. Ignores 50% of the target's armor
- 5mm API Rounds are exclusive to the Minigun, and not available to other small arms that can use 5mm rounds
- The minigun can now work with the weapon toolkit (drop your current weapon on the ground and pick it up for it to work)
- Barrel upgrades are increased in damage so the minigun scales better as you level
- A 3rd barrel upgraded was added in the middle, to give more upgrade options while leveling
- Barrel stats are tweaked so they each have a different feel, but still upgrade in damage with each tier
- The resources required for barrel upgrades is changed

- 7.62 ammo is increased in damage, and increased in crafting materials
- .223 requires the proper powder to craft now
- Combat Rifle scopes are sorted better
- The critical effect from plasma kills that generates nuclear material on the corpse, now drops nuclear fragments instead but at a higher droprate

- Cap Collector is now called "Marketeer"

(NEW) Market Trading Terminal
>> This station allow you to trade items and currencies for an assortment of goods
- Requires Marketeer Rank 1 to build, located under Resources->Utility
- The Market is a crafting station, but has a different feel with a unique style of random items
- Every 48 hours, the market changes, in which each category cycles to it's own random set of items
- Each menu category is a unique trader or faction (5 standard traders, 4 factions, 1 black market)
- Marketeer Rank 3 unlocks the Black Market
- Some traders require Vendor Credits or Pre-war Money as currencies
- Some traders require different items in exchange for their goods
- There is currently no limit to how many of each trade you can do, but the costs can be fairly steep or limited based on rare items or currencies
- Faction traders require that you are on good terms with them (i.e. the faction perk you gain)
- The faction traders should be hidden until you are at least introduced to them
- The faction traders don't offer much yet, but I'll add more (there's currently no trades for institute or MM yet)
- (More items will continue to be added to the market over time)

- Medicated bandages now only have -20% AP regen penalty (down from -40%)
- First Aid Kits now also heal 20% limb damage slowly over time, and only -20% AP regen penalty

- Bandage crafting is changed, so it doesn't feel like a ripoff to "top yourself off" with a small bandage
- Medicated bandages no longer use bobby pins and instead use 2 adhesives
- First Aid Kits requires 3 adhesives and have other materials altered
- Locksmith Tools use Tool Kits now instead of specific tools
- Some lock breaching recipes are tweaked
- Converting Fusion Cells to Overcharged Cells with Contracted Work no longer requires settler skill
- Converting Fusion Cells to Overcharged Cells with Science only requires Fusion Cells

Item Shredding
- (NEW) The Equipment Shredder (and the new toolkit) now shreds items immediately as you move them into the container
- WARNING: Don't put good equipment in there... there's no "undo" button
- WARNING: Don't put good equipment in there... there's no "undo" button
- WARNING: Don't put good equipment in there... there's no "undo" button
- (I may add some type of warning popup for first time usage, but I'll add that later)
- Items that do not shred into scrap, will be immediately handed back to the player
- The new Personal Toolkit can use this feature as well
- If you have any existing items in the shredder before the patch, you can still retreive them
- The Shredder now requires power

(NEW) Item Shredding: Weapons
- You can now put weapons in the shredder or personal toolkit
- Weapons do NOT give the same materials as workbenches, and usually only give weapon parts
- Each rank of Scrapper gives you +1 weapon part per rank, regardless of condition*
*This technically means you can get MORE parts by scrapping destroyed and deteriorated weapons this way if you are a skilled Scrapper

(NEW) Personal Toolkit
- The Scrapping Tools have been renamed to the "Personal Toolkit", and now has multiple menus
- There are currently 4 categories: Junk Scrapping, Armor scrapping, Science Tools, and Medical Tools
- Science tools can be used to convert 20 fusion cells to 10 overcharged cells
- Medical tools can be used to craft basic bandages
- Clothing/Armor scrapping uses the new shredder functionality
- Crafting the toolkit itself no longer requires any perks (recipe removed from contracted work)
- The specific button options in the menu now require perks based on what they do
- Both scrapping features require the "Scrapper" perk (rank 1)
- (This toolkit may have more uses in the future)

- Clothing/armor scrapping has been overhauled
- Some clothing/armor now gives the proper amount of materials it was supposed to
- Gas masks properly give 1 used filter like they were supposed to
- Hazmat suits now give a lot more scrap including 1 filter and 1 used filter
- Degraded weapons now only give 4 parts, instead of 5
- (NOTE: DLC armor/clothing may not be fully included with these changes yet)

- Some API recipes were incorrectly set to Gun Nut instead of Demolition Expert
- The Resource Manager should now show the correct production cycle time if you're use the timescale addon
- The damage on the Handmade rifle is reduced to only be slightly higher than the combat rifle
- Made changes that may possibly fix the "Worn Down" perk from getting stuck
- The "Worn Down" perk now states the amount debuffed in the name
- Crafting a Power Armor station now requires Blacksmithing instead of Armorer
- Swapping between 9mm and 10mm ammo types at the workbench for N99's no longer requires Gun Nut, however it still requires the conversion kits to do it in the field
- The range on the double-barrel shotgun barrels for short, long, and rapid-break were increased slightly
- Fixed a vanilla bug where the dirty Lab Coat wasn't using the dirty texture for female characters
- Nuclear Fragments are now included in any component scrapping tools or functions
- Some small artifacts on the scarf and backpack textures are fixed
- Fixed the placed pumpkin mine
- Crop production is worded better, to state that it gives you double the yield (it does not lower the rating requirements)
- I think I forgot to include my cleaner scope textures in 1.4.1, but they're included now

Vault 111
- The Horizon Holotape can now be acquired in Vault 111 next to a computer terminal
- One of the 10mm pistols is removed
- The other 10mm pistol is restored to a standard 10mm pistol, but is moved to the exit, and has it's tutorial script removed (so it should work with the weapon toolkit now)

- JacobBruce's VATS Freeze Fix has been incorporated into Horizon's HC_Manager
- This fix isn't fully tested in Horizon yet, so it will need more testing
- NOTE: Just because the HC_Manager has a possible fix to crashes in VATS, doesn't mean OTHER parts of the game that apply potions still can't possibly crash VATS