Patch notes/Horizon/1.4.7

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Architect Structures and Horizon Job Stations (and Water Purifiers)
- You can now place these objects near the borders of settlements
(it should even work fine with expanded settlement sizes, like my expanded Murkwater)

Settler Outfitter
- All armor sets should now use 1 item for the full armor set (to avoid caps value and other problems)
- All armor sets now have the proper armor ratings
- Outfitter minutemen outfits should now have hands
- Fixed all the icon tags on outfits

Scrap Everything
- Added the missing "Marsh Moss" and Car wrecks to the scrap lists, so you can scrap them
- Added more scrappable zones to Murkwater so you can scrap the stuff on the sides too

- Double-Barrel long barrel requires gun nut rank 2 now
- Combat Rifle hardened receiver requires gun nut rank 2 now