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In some cases, Armor Penetration was bugged or not giving the proper amounts (mainly for API rounds.) This was fixed, and in some cases AP was changed in other areas of the game. Horizon does not support any external changes for passive AP from other mods modifying the Armor Penetration actor value (unless it comes from the weapon itself.)

PLEASE NOTE: There's a small chance your character's Armor Penetration stats may be bugged, but Horizon will attempt to fix this only WHEN you swap ammo with the Weapon Toolkit. Melee weapons and energy weapons that give AP shouldn't be effected or cause any problems. A message box will pop up letting you know if it found a problem, and fixed it. You shouldn't see this message more than once.. if you keep seeing it, let me know.

(NEW) Architect: Progression Mode
>> A very simple mode which puts restrictions on building based on your total population
- This system is optional, and can be turned on or off
- Architect (Perk): "Rally your settlers to help construct larger and more complex structures."
- This perk has 10 ranks (rank 1 is automatic)
- Ranks are gained by having total settler population across all settlements
- Rank 2: (10 Settlers) Small Houses, Boardwalk Foundations
- Rank 3: (25 Settlers) Large Houses, Warehouses, Small Urban Buildings
- Rank 4: (50 Settlers) Medium Urban Buildings, Metal Platforms, Natural Foundations
- Rank 5: (75 Settlers) Large Urban Buildings, Colossal Foundations
- Rank 6: (100 Settlers) Colossal Structures
- Rank 7: (150 Settlers) Sewage Treatment Units
- Rank 8: (200 Settlers) ?? (nothing yet)
- Rank 9: (300 Settlers) ?? (nothing yet)
- Rank 10: (400 Settlers) ?? (nothing yet - some type of achievement-style decorations maybe)
- This perk is currently only updated upon loading your save, or opening the new Global Options Menu

(NEW) Architect: Cargo Bot Supply Lines
>> This new system lets you add supply lines that don't require settlers
- Build a "Cargo Bot Station" to manage all of your Cargo Bot utilities in 1 device
- Each station can establish 1 supply line to any of your owned settlements
- Home Plate can be linked as a supply line
- All DLCs can be linked as supply lines
- You can build multiple stations in the same settlement if you want multiple links
- Rejects selections if there is already a supply line (by either Cargo Bots or settler caravans)
- This station comes with a "Personal Storage" which is a new shared container for you to store whatever you want safely out of settler's hands
- This station also allows you to access the Compost Bin and Plant Nursery, but only if you have Local Leader rank 2
- Located under Architect->Utility
- (Horizon) Located under Resources->Utility
- (Horizon) This station allows you to open the scrap and shared storage containers
- (Horizon) This station allows you to upgrade your personal cargo bots (carry weight)
- (Horizon) The old Cargo Bot stations are obsolete but can be scrapped for a full refund

(NEW) Architect: Options Menu
- You can turn on/off Progression Mode
- You can turn on/off Settler Outfitter or Settler Outfitter (Companion)
- An uninstall option for the workshop menu (this is mainly for the stand-alone version)
- Craftable in the Cooking Station under Utility
- (Horizon) Craftable in the Tech Lab under Workshop

(NEW) Architect: Apartment Complex
- This very large building is 6-stories tall, but has only a moderately sized footprint
- It is designed to fit inside most settlements, but allows MANY settlers to live in it
- There are 9 styles to choose from
- The lower levels have a few areas for vendors or whatever you want
- The largest room on the first floor is designed to be a bar, with 10 stools and a static bar included
- The bar itself only requires that you place a floor mat vendor behind it, and its ready to go
- This bar room also has extra space on the opposite side of the room for another vendor or whatever you want
- The upper 4 stories are apartment style floors with 24 optional beds in total!
- The rooftop has 3 planters for growing crops
- For immersion, there's a public bathroom and kitchen area
- This building is the first structure to use the "Detail (Debris)" layer

(NEW) Architect: The Gallows (Colossal Structure)
- This massive building is designed to be placed in Hangman's Alley, but it can be used anywhere
- While this structure is much larger than 9 stories, it has 9 useable floors
- This structure currently does not have any layers, and is intended as a large empty platform for whatever you want
- NOTE: For Hangman's Alley, use the new "Locking Plate" system to snap this structure into place, so that it locks into the place where it's designed for, otherwise it will look bad and stick outside of the default build area.
- (In the future, I may make a shorter version of this structure, for those who just want something more simple, like 2 floors above hangman's alley)

(NEW) Locking Plate System
- This new system is designed to drop "Locking Plates" down in certain settlements, to help align colossal structures
- The menu can be accessed from any controller
- Currently only Hangman's Alley uses this so far

(NEW) Architect: Atomic Cat's Garage
- Located under Warehouse (Large)
- Contains 2 vendor hookpoints, 5 stools, and 5 beds (optional)

(NEW) Architect: Marina Warehouse
- Located under Warehouse (Large)
- Lightly detailed with 3 layers so there's room to build what you need
- The marina sign can be turned off separately
- The clutter layer is mostly indoor furniture/objects that you can turn off if you want a little more room inside
- The sand areas can actually be used to plant crops
- Because this structure is so large, it has an "escape ramp" underneath it in case you spawn under it (this may not always work)

(NEW) Architect: Utility Warehouse
- Located under Warehouse (Small)
- A small warehouse building

(NEW) Architect: Pier Bridge
- A very long 1x16 bridge
- Located under Wooden Foundations (with Boardwalks)
- Great for connecting far harbor with longfellow's, or making shortcuts across the sanctuary water

(NEW) Architect: Foot Bridge
- A small wooden bridge
- Located under Wooden Foundations (with Boardwalks)

(NEW) Architect: Concrete Bridge (Large)
- A very large concrete bridge
- Located under Foundation (Large)

(NEW) Architect: Custom Lighting
- Architect now has it's own set of custom-modified lights
- All Architect lights do not require power*
- Architect lights should be more efficient than standard lights, since they do very little interaction with the workshop code
- When lights are added to buildings, they will now automatically and immediately light up
- All lights are usable, which will turn them on or off manually
- There's so many lights available (50+), that it's divided into 4 sub-categories under Architect->Lights
- Many of the lights are types that weren't previously available in the workshop before
- Some lights are brand new styles, such as the Telephone Pole with a light
- Some light types now have a larger/brighter range than standard workshop lights, so they actually light up the area now
- A few light types have 2 versions: normal and bright, so you can choose which you want
- Some light types use a warmer light color now
- Some "DLC style" lights are added, but they were re-created from 100% vanilla assets/data to create new lights (they don't require the DLCs)
- RECOMMENDED: If you want the new lights in your existing buildings, you may need to toggle OFF/ON your devices in the menu (in some cases you may need to re-choose the building design to reset it.)
*(This was done mainly to minimize vanilla bugs with workshop lighting and power objects, but it also makes placing lights much less annoying)

(NEW) Architect: Workshop Ration System
>> This new system will compensate you food/water while you're inside of a settlement, which allows you to spend as much time as you want to build freely without feeling like your survival supplies are wasting away
- This system can be disabled in the Global Options Menu if you wish
- As time passes, you build up "ration points" which will automatically give you a "Workshop Ration" every few game hours
- Workshop Rations give you both food and water, which is most (but not all) of the hunger/thirst you lost
- When you first enter a settlement, it takes up to a half of a game hour to kick in
- When you exit a settlement, after a short amount of time it will stop counting ration points
- There's a small grace period where if you step out of a settlement, you have some time to get back inside before it resets your timer to the longer duration
- Your ration points are stored permanently until it uses them, so it will resume the next time you enter a settlement again
- Your ration points are displayed in the Global Options Menu
(In the future, I may change this system to automatically feed you the ration, but for now its better to visually see the food in your inventory to make sure its working well)

- (NEW) New layer: Detail (Debris) - This layer is primary used for junk/garbage/debris (most buildings don't use this yet)
- (NEW) New category: Warehouse (Large)
- (NEW) New category: Urban (Large)
- (NEW) New category: Foundation (Large)
- (NEW) Metal Bunk Bed - Covered with sheets and a pillow, has 1 bed, and can have a 2nd bed attached
- (NEW) Vault Bunk Bed - Covered with sheets and a pillow, has 1 bed, and can have a 2nd bed attached
- (NEW) Comfortable Mattress - A mattress that can be stacked on a top bunk, or used by itself
- (NEW) Comfortable Mattress (Vault) - A mattress that can be stacked on a top bunk, or used by itself
- (NEW) 4 new colors of standard covered bed are added (Red, Blue, Brown, Beige)
- The default covered bed texture is smoothed out a bit
- Most buildings will now use different colored beds for variety
- The Telephone Pole and Traffic Light only act as simple wire connectors now (Sorry, but I want NO part of power radiation anymore! Goodbye power radiation.)
- The Telephone Pole and Traffic Light are moved to a new category under Architect->Lights->Power
- The existing Traffic Light is renamed to "Power Connector" (since there's a new Traffic Light with a light)
- The Red Rocket now has 3 doors and 1 light
- The Drumlin Diner now has 2 lights
- The Brick Store now has 3 more styles
- Changed the default stairs for small/large houses, so they don't have rails, and the back steps are wider (if you want the rail stairs again, you can just disable stairs, and place your own from the structure menu)
- The large house now has an alternate stairs layer for the side entrance
- The Tavern has more appropriate stairs that fit the front steps and match the railings
- The "Signs" layer should properly be removed/added when you adjust the position
- A few new styles of stairs/steps added
- Some errors with Slocum's Joe were fixed
- Slocum's and Panucci's will now place the proper non-scrappable beds

Revival System (Alternative Death Mode)
- When you disable the system, it will immediately disable the functionality, but further reloads won't prevent other mods from enabling their own death modes
- Reviving will now cure poisons, but has an added caps penalty (which is more than doctors charge)
- The caps penalty for healing health/rads is 2x at level 10+, 4x at level 20+, and 6x at level 30+

Market Trading Terminal
- (NEW) Railroad: Ballistic and Energy weave rank 1 can be purchased if they are unlocked and you are allied with the RR
- (NEW) Black Market: Alloy Trading - Allows you to trade rare alloys, but at a steep exchange rate*
- (NEW) Black Market: Mutant Part Trading - Allows you to trade rare toxins and some mutated parts, but at a steep exchange rate*
*These recipes are always available on the Black Market, regardless of what trading cycle you're on

- The ZX-1 Lab will now check your local workbench even if it's not your designated workbench
- All vanilla power pylons are reverted back to their default values (the increased ranges seemed to just add to the pylon bugs)
- All vanilla weapons now properly have the new Creation Club "Material" slot for weapons
- Scrap kits cost slightly more than the materials they use, so they have a real crafting cost associated with it
- Many unique items found on vendors no longer have high level mods attached by default
- The Lever-action Shotgun should now properly appear on some weapon vendors at level 5+
- The pre-war sink should no longer be useable
- Post-war sinks and fountains now show they give dirty water on the activation text
- .223 rounds are renamed to ".22 LR"
- The rate of fire on 7.62 is decreased for automatic mode
- Standing power attacks in first person mode should now properly animate

Power Armor
- Repairing T45 can be done with either Science 1 OR "Recipe: Energy Weaponry" rank 4
- Repairing T51 can be done with either Science 2 OR "Recipe: Energy Weaponry" rank 6
- Repairing T60 can be done with either Science 3 OR "Recipe: Energy Weaponry" rank 8
- Repairing X01 can be done with either Science 4 OR "Recipe: Energy Weaponry" rank 10

- Horizon's workshop menus for utilities, job stations, and production, are moved into the Architect menu
- The maximum storage for Fuel/Maintenance/Fertilizer, now increases by 10 per successful settlement (up from 5)
- The minimum storage for Fuel/Maintenance is increased to 30 (up from 20)

Desolation Mode
- "Full" cans of smokeless powder (or energy cells or explosives), drop a lot less often than "used" or "damaged" cans now

Weapon Toolkit (Ammo Swapping)
- The Weapon Toolkit is changed to swap ammo smoother and remove the problem with AP not applying correctly
- Any possible errors with your Armor Penetration stats will be automatically fixed when you swap ammo
- The popup message you receive when it fixes your AP, will only popup once
- NOTE: Please report any problems with this, as it may still need a little testing
- 7.62mm on the Combat Rifle now requires rank 2 conversion kits

- (NEW) Fusion Core Ejection: You can now craft an item in the Tech Lab to toggle the fusion core ejection system (requires Nuclear Physicist rank 3)
- Nuclear Physicist rank 3 no longer automatically grants fusion core ejections
- Big Leagues no longer provides Armor Penetration, but instead just gives the same amount in standard damage bonus*
- Blackmith ranks are now: 0, 7, 14, 21 (down from 24)
- "Recipe: Architect" is renamed to "Recipe: Construction"
- Hunter rank 2+ now has a greater chance to get mutant parts off standard deathclaws, radscorps, and yao guai
*I will probably change this in the future to something more interesting, but I wanted to remove AP from skills for now

- (NEW) Explosive Molotov: Explodes for 50 damage. Deals 180 Fire Damage over 30 seconds.
- Explosive Molotov crafting requires Demo Expert rank 3
- Crafting standard Molotov Cocktails now gives 4 per craft, and all ingredients except adhesive are increased

Missile Launcher
- (NEW) Missile (API) - Increases direct damage by a large amount. Direct hits ignore 100% armor and add 140 fire damage*
- (NEW) Missile (Nuclear) - Explodes with a nuclear blast. Direct hits ignore 75% armor piercing and add 120 radiation damage
- Direct hits from standard Missiles from the Missile Launcher ignore 25% of the target's armor
- These new bonus damages do NOT work from the explosive itself, it requires a direct hit
- The Missile Launcher can now use the weapon toolkit to swap ammo
- All missiles can be crafted in the Weapons Lab
- Standard missiles now require a lower rank of Energy weapons recipes
*API Missiles are very strong if they directly hit a target, but require 1 tungsten alloy per rocket. The area damage is the same as normal missiles.. so don't miss.

- Combat Armor now properly has Horizon's "Paint" slot for all pieces, instead of just the helmet
- Marine Armor provides less starting protection, but is setup by default as "Heavy" armor
- Marine Armor now has armor upgrades like other armor types, so they scale upwards better
- The Marine Armor cosmetic styles are now considered the "size" mod attachment, and have only small defensive bonuses

Sim Settlements Patch
- Recipes are fixed for 3.0 (keep in mind, these are NOT tuned well yet.. a more thorough balancing is still needed for plots)
- Some tags are added (not all yet)
- All aid items are fixed
- All health restoration and endurance/health buffs removed from beers
- All Sim crops cannot be harvested by the player anymore (they still count for Horizon's production system though)
- Power Armor vendors have less items and no cores
- Decontamination Archs no longer cure rads
- Ammo/weapons/explosives production now instead gives stuff like weapon parts, gunpowder, and explosive material
- Chem production has a high chance to give nothing
- Nuclear production only gives nuclear fragments
- Processed Fuel now gives Liquid Fuel instead of oil
- Paper gives packing material instead of cloth
- Hazardous ore gives nuclear fragments instead of full nuclear material
- Uncommon junk cannot give adhesives
- Purified water production gives less
- (the missing output from some industrial production should now work properly from the stand-alone patch)

Scrap Everything Patch
- Deco parts are no longer scrappable, so places like hangman's alley aren't a mess. I can't remember if any settlements actually needed these parts to be removeable, but I may manually edit those parts in some cases.