Patch notes/Horizon/1.5.1

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Bug Fixes
- You can no longer equip DESTROYED weapons
- The Farming Workbench now works
- The (Rested) tags are fixed now
- Sniper Skill will now recognize non-ballistic sniper weapons
- Sniper Skill will now properly give sneak attack damage above skill of 40
- Sniper Skill no longer requires a scope, since it's supposed to be based on the weapon itself

- Fitness: Temporarily you can only reach 70 Fitness Skill (a future patch will expand this further)

(NEW) Emergency Fixes Menu
- Located under the Architect Options menu (on the bottom)
- New option: Reset all Workshop Menus to Default - this will erase all mod-added menus from your workshop menus in case you had something bugged*
*You may need to save/reload your game in order for your current mods to re-add their menus back

Weapon Pack
- The DKS is now classified as a Sniper weapon
- A few of the weapon attachment recipes now use skills