Patch notes/Horizon/1.5.3

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Power Armor
- (NEW) You can now see which perks/skills you're missing when you're trying to repair power armor

- (NEW) Attack Dogs can now level up! (all dogs are counted as 1 category)
- Curie should now level up properly
- Mercenaries (mod-added companions) should now level up properly

- The new auto-assigning should no longer try to re-assign your supply line provisioners*
- The older Horizon guard posts will now have the new auto-assigning capability
- The 2 vanilla guard posts will now have the new auto-assigning capability

*It's possible you might have a bugged out provisioner who was assigned previously, if you see a settler working some job in the middle of no where, try to re-assign them manually

- The amount of Bolts that can drop from loot is increased
- Bolts can drop in certain containers now
- The amount of ammo in certain containers was unintentionally too low, but the chance for ammo to drop in these containers is slightly lowered
- All raw meat has a pickup sound effect

- The Combat Plasma scopes now have the proper detailed descriptions
- A few misc tweaks to descriptions

- Some of the item and menu icons were changed to match the new library by Phlunder (which looks awesome, and the next update coming out will be even better)