Patch notes/Horizon/1.6.1

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- (NEW) Dusky Radroach: a variant that has higher DR than ER, and takes extra fire damage
- (NEW) Large Radroach: a variant that has more health and is larger than average
- Glowing Radroaches should spawn less frequently
- Generic Bloatflies should spawn more frequently than special types

Dynamic Encounters
- Dynamic encounters shouldn't occur at all until after you reached level 3 now*
- Dynamic encounters will spawn less frequently below level 10
*This can be changed using a global variable if you want to make your own patch tweak

- You should now receive a Personal Toolkit at level 2, in case your previous one was removed in the vault
- The Short-Names addon should now properly tag melee weapons
- The icon tag for melee enhancements should be correct now
- The CC Prey suit should no longer give you a suit for free (you only should have got the no-helm one anyway)