Patch notes/Horizon/1.6.3

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(NEW) Workbench Item Transfer System
- You can now transfer ALL items from all supply-linked workbenches to your current settlement
- To do this, access the option from a Resource Station
- A confirmation box will pop up first when you select the option on the main menu
- NOTE: This is a beta feature and needs more testing.. save your game FIRST before using it!

(NEW) Snuffles (Molerat companion)
- The caller device is crafted in the Tech Lab 
- Requires Animal Friend rank 1
- Cannot be used at the same time as guard dogs
- Requires dog food (I may change this later)
- Because Molerats don't have a CC ability like dogs, I'll be tweaking it so the molerat has slightly better defenses/damage than a dog (let me know if it seems too powerful or too weak compared to a guard dog)
- BUG: Snuffles currently won't gain any XP. I'll fix this next patch.

- The level-up system should now automatically try to fix any broken carry weight stats*
*You may not see the fix immediately, or until your companion ranks up

- The Combat Pistol comfort grip should no longer cause the icon to disappear
- The Combat Pistol non-standard receivers should no longer be tagged as 9mm

Dynamic Encounters
- The option to disable it in the holotape now properly works
- The option showing ON/OFF was backwards before, and should show ON by default now
- The time inbetween potential attacks under level 10 is longer now

- (NEW) Large Mole Rat: larger than a standard mole rat, and does not tunnel underground
- Mole Rat Brood Mothers no longer tunnel underground
- Rabid Mongrels now have the proper DR value instead of the vanilla value
- Albino Mongrels now have lower DR at low levels, but their DR increases greater with levels
- Glowing/Stalker/Predator/Deathskull Radscorpions no longer tunnel underground
- Hunter Radscorpions are smaller now (i.e. all tunnelers are smaller than the non-tunnelers)

- Standard Laser weapons that use Heavy Cells can now work in automatic and shotgun mode properly
- The CC Handmade Shotgun now has a condition slot, and can drop damaged from raiders