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- (NEW) Companion Classification: Animal Companion
- Snuffles can now gain XP under Animal Companion
- Snuffles has a custom skin color now (requires him to be dismissed and called out again)

- (NEW) Hammer (1H)
- (NEW) Frying Pan (1H)
- (NEW) Spatula (1H)
- (NEW) Plunger (1H)
- (NEW) Copper Pipe (1H)
- (NEW) Buttercup Leg (1H)
- (NEW) Water Pump Handle (1H)
- (NEW) Clothing Iron (Unarmed)
- (NEW) Coffee Pot (Unarmed)
- (NEW) Broom (2H)
- (NEW) Mop (2H)
- (NEW) Hoe (2H)
- (NEW) Weed Whacker (2H)
- Average citizens of the commonwealth can carry some of these weapons
- Raiders can sometimes carry some of these weapons
- Super Mutants can wield weed whackers

- Armorer now properly states that it gives you Tailoring Skill

Loot Addon
- Malfuctioning Fusion Cores are moved into Architect, so they can be scrapped at the Tech Lab under Disassembly
- Some fusion core loot is converted to misc junk items instead of the malfuctioning core

- Many generic NPCs now use a real loot table for weapons
- Many generic NPCS now often carry a secondary melee weapon in addition to a ranged weapons
- Many Vault 81 residents should now carry degraded N99's instead of pipe weapons
- [CC T-Shirts]: Removed NPCs from spawning with the vault 111 shirts, because they seem too out of place

DEF_UI Config
- An updated "Translate_en.txt" file is now included with Horizon, with some minor tweaks (thanks Phlunder!)*
- The "lyrconf.xml" now has the proper Magazine tag for the sub-menus
*If you need a non-english file, you'll need to get one yourself from DEF_UI

Scrap Everything Patch
- Patched up the hole under the corner of the Red Rocket building