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This update contains an brand new settlement scrapping mod (optional addon), expanded version of Home Plate (optional addon), a new combat pet system, new follower revival system, many updates to the dynamic encounters system, new settlement features, new weapons, and a lot more.

Even though v1.7 is a very large update, I consider it as a beta. Why? Mainly because there is a lot of different things all being added/tested all at the same time. I look at v1.7 as the beta preparation for v1.8. As long as things go well, update v1.8 is going to add a lot of new settlement activities and features. Some of these things I don't even want to spoil with teaser images until it's ready to be released.

Does this mean 1.7 is unstable? No, not really. I'm sure it's fine.. just keep in mind that I may have forgot to adjust a few things, or something may still be throwing debug messages or something. If you see anything like that, just tell me and I'll patch it.

On the plus side, there's been a large amount of prep work for v1.8 already done and tested. I don't have an estimated release for it, but a lot of the hard parts are done, they just aren't included with 1.7 at all.

NOTE: As always, MAKE SURE your LOAD ORDER is set properly for Horizon when you uninstall v1.6 and install v1.7 (read the mod description tab for installation instructions.) Wrong load orders are the #1 problem people have that ruin their playthrough. Make sure its set properly BEFORE you play Horizon. Avoid being "that person" who plays for 20 hours until they realize their load order (and Horizon) has been completely broken!

TESTERS WANTED! (any help would be most appreciated!)
- Testing needed on the new Settlements Enhanced addon
- Testing needed on the new Home Plate Enhanced addon
- Testing needed on Construction Yards, Workshop Construction Levels (perks), and Settlement Communities
- Testing needed on the new combat pet system, and reviving pets/companions
- Testing needed on the new auto-outfitter on assignments

Full Patch Notes inside the spoiler tags:
Spoiler:  Show

>> The following items have been moved into Architect, but some can be converted through crafting recipes
- Ground Meat, Meat Scraps, Gristly/Diseased Meat, Rotten Fruit/Vegetables
- Ground/Scrap Meat can be converted in the cooking station
- The old rotten meat/fruit is trash, so use it up before you patch
- PATCH AUTHORS: You must update any patched recipes using these items

>> ALL custom Horizon components are planned to be migrated into Architect (between v1.7 and v1.8)
- PATCH AUTHORS: All patches that use Horizon components will need to be updated!
- Save game data will be mostly uneffected by this change, as existing misc items will automatically have the new components
- This includes: Packing Material, Liquid Fuel, Basic Circuitry, Nuclear Fragments
- NOTE: The rest of the components will be migrated in upcoming patches for v1.8 (alloys, mutated parts, gunpowder, cells, etc.)

(NEW) Combat Pet Menu System
>> A brand new system for calling out pets now exists
- There are 3 caller devices: Engineering Devices, Attack Dogs, and Animal Companions
- Each device brings up a menu to allow you to pick the various pets in each category
- Using the device once will bring up the pet selection menu
- Using the device twice (quickly double tap your keybind) will automatically summon your last pet again
- Pets can be dismissed from the menu (but NOT in combat)
- The pets available on the menu automatically unlock based on your perk ranks
- The base duration of engineer devices is 5 minutes, and +5 minutes per rank for Robotics Expert rank 2-4
- The base duration of attack dogs is 10 minutes, and +5 minutes per rank for Attack Dog rank 2-4
- The base duration of animal companions is 10 minutes, and +5 minutes per rank for Animal Friend rank 2-4
- There's no cooldown on calling/dismssing pets, but dogs and animals consume Canned Dog Food per summon
- You can no longer trade with pets
- You can no longer use the "talk" option with pets (the old menu is removed)
- Turrets will now make a sound with sparks when deployed
- The caller devices make a different sound now
- The old devices are no longer functional, but can be converted in the Tech Lab for a full refund
- Animal Friend rank 1 can now craft Canned Dog Food too

(NEW) Companion/Pet Revival Overhaul
>> All companions and pets now use a new customized version of reviving them when they fall in combat
- The vanilla "use stimpak" revive option is overridden by the new activator option
- All humanoid companions and dog/animal pets require an Adrenaline Injector to revive them
- All robot companions and engineering devices require an Engineer Repair Kit to revive them
- When a companion/pet needs to be revived the activator text will say "Revive"
- When a companion/pet was just revived, it will say "Recovering..." and using it will do nothing
- When a companion/pet is Recovering, it will take roughly 5 seconds for them to recover and get up (in combat)*
- Companions/pets will still automatically get up on their own after combat ends
- The new system uses animations for both 1st and 3rd person like the vanilla revival does
- [Automatron]: Robot Repair Kits can be converted to Engineer Repair Kits in the Tech Lab
- Please report any problems you have with this (and note that Horizon does NOT use the survival mode quest system)
*This will NOT work properly if you (or a mod) decided to change your game setting for follower death time (it's recommended to NOT change this game setting)

(NEW) Beast Master Specialization
- Available for selection if you have Animal Friend rank 3
- Animal Companions gain +5 base damage and -75% damage taken
- Allows you to have up to 2 trained animal companions at once

- (NEW) Animal Friend rank 4
- Animal Friend grants +3 base damage to Animal Companions per rank
- Animal Handler is now called Canine Handler
- Canine Handler allows you to have up to 2 canine companions at once
- Big Leagues rank 3-4 properly shows that they give melee skill
- Nuclear Physicist properly shows the correct skill it gives
- Local Leader rank 2 now requires level 15

- (NEW) Hans: A Glowing Mole Rat pet that unlocks with Animal Friend rank 2
- (NEW) Rizzo: A Rad-Rat pet that unlocks with Animal Friend rank 1 (Requires Nuka World)
- (NEW) Nicodemus: A Glowing Rad-Rat pet that unlocks with Animal Friend rank 2 (Requires Nuka World)
- Changing the follow distance should properly set it now (this was bugged before)
- The distance setting you last picked, will now be saved, so that re-summoning pets won't reset to medium distance
- The frequency in which companions receive updates to check new xp gained is reduced (it was incorrectly set to my testing values)

** IMPORTANT NOTES before using the new Home Plate addon **
- WARNING: Do NOT store any buildable workshop objects before installing the new Home Plate addon!
- This addon "reboots" Home Plate with a new workbench, which will need to be activated to claim ownership
- Any buildable objects (not items in workbench) that were stored, will be LOST
- Do not place any objects in the northern area, as they may be left behind the wall that was moved
- This addon will attempt to move your old items in the vanilla workbench over to the new workbench
- This addon will flag the location as "[CLEARED]" if (for some reason) you already had settlers or npcs in the cell

Before you installing Horizon 1.7's Home Plate addon in an existing save game, you must do the following..
- Step 1: Place any stored buildable objects you wish to save, in the SOUTHERN area of Home Plate
- Step 2: Save your game OUTSIDE of Home Plate (being outside is optional, but recommended)
- Step 3: Completely uninstall all of the files for the previous version of Horizon
- Step 4: Install Horizon 1.7 with the Home Plate addon
- Step 5A: If you saved your game inside of Home Plate, you MUST exit to Diamond City first
- Step 5B: Enter Home Plate and use the new workbench (when you enter, you should also see it say if it moved your old items)
- Step 6: Now you can store any utilities or workbenches, and re-place them so they will properly link with the new workbench

(NEW) Home Plate Enhanced (Z_Architect_HomePlate.esp)
- There is now a large underground area in Home Plate! Smash your way through the walled-off passage and discover a hidden area!
- Home Plate is now a fully functional settlement, and not just a workshop
- The crafting/living area is fully decorated and comes with crafting stations
- The bed is a covered "Personal Bed" and cannot be used by settlers
- The decorations can't be scrapped by accident, but CAN be toggled on/off by a switch on the wall near the workbench!
- The side by the other door is mainly untouched, and you can use this for whatever you want
- The front area is stretched slightly to make room for the staircase leading down
- Multi-workstations will now properly link to the workbench (since its now registered as a real settlement)
- You can now send settlers/companions to Home Plate, as well as recruit them using the Recruitment Station
- Now has a map marker, and will show your active supply lines to/from Home Plate on the pipboy map
- Brahmin should not spawn in Home Plate (I'm not sure about vanilla caravans though)
- Has it's own self-sufficient scrapping recipes so you can scrap most of the objects/debris in there
- Has custom walls and pieces that prevent scrap mods from scrapping them, so "scrapall" should usually be safe
- Automatically comes with 30 Defense since it's protected within Diamond City (mostly for recruiting purposes)
- The fusebox only gives 5 power now
- No longer comes with workshop lights or conduits in the front area

- WARNING: If you choose to uninstall this addon at any point, you MUST take all your items from the workbench first, or they will be lost forever
- Any workshop objects you built must be scrapped, or they will be left behind. Storing them will not carry over.

Architect Lights
>> Many of the Architect lights look MUCH better now, and theres new lights too!
- WARNING: A few Architect lights needed to be rotated, so some of your placed lights might need to be rotated
- (NEW) Industrial Light (the vanilla workshop one)
- (NEW) Red Rocket Light
- (NEW) Metal Ceiling Light (lower hanging)
- (NEW) Small Emergency Wall Light
- (NEW) Fluorescent Bar Light
- The 3 subway lights look much better, and have a light beam coming down from the 2 ceiling lights
- The Hanging Cage light looks much better
- The emergency flood light has 2 light beams coming off the lights now
- NOTE: The collision box on some lights isn't perfect, so it may not be accurate in terms of highlighting them to move/use them

Settlements / Architect
- The order of the buildings menu is changed so it displays in the order of Construction Levels now (small warehouses are first)
- Armor, Weapon, and Power Armor workbenches no longer require a perk*
- Armor, Weapon, and Power Armor workbenches require slightly more ingredients to craft them
- Power Convertors in Desolation Mode require Tech Level 7 and more materials
- The Command Table's activation text will now change based on whether it's processing or not
- The Atmoic Cats preview in the design window now shows the right 3d model
- The bugged bed layer is removed from the Marina for now (I may place proper beds in the future)
- The Free The Robots sign should place better
- Guard Dogs should spawn in front of the doghouse now
- Milk Brahmin should spawn in a consistent spot now, and should usually stay inside of the pen
- The Milk Brahmin's pen now has collision and is aligned so the brahmin can walk around inside the pen better
- When you approach a settlement that wasn't loaded, it will reset the positions of any dynamic npcs (guard dogs, brahmin, etc.)
- Settlers are no longer allowed to randomly sandbox vanilla Armor/Weapon workbenches (to prevent a bug, and also so they stop getting in your way; Horizon benches are already like this)
*At this point, I see no reason to even have this, since most other benches never had a requirement. It also prevented you from storing/placing existing benches, which was annoying

Settlement Workshop Ratings
- Many of the workshop ratings displayed and used by Horizon, will now use the active ratings instead of the maximum ratings
- This means objects that are not powered, not assigned, or damaged, should no longer give ratings to some of the Horizon systems
- These ratings include: happiness, defense, power, food (not crop ratings), water, vendors, and bonus happiness
- The Recruitment Station is NOT included with this change, because its bonuses are SUPPOSED to count unassigned objects
- Individual crop ratings are NOT included with this change, and still use the "stability" system (this may change in v1.8)

New Item Keywords (Mainly noted for developers and patch makers)
- Junk, food, water, and many other items are now flagged much more accurately using specific keywords
- Using keywords allows common items to be found by scripts without having to be put into lists
- Cargo Bot item transfer filters are more accurate using these keywords
- Many keywords are used by the new vendor filtering system
- DLC items now work with these types of filters
- Items on patched external mods can easily make use of these filters by just adding the keywords to the items
- DEVELOPER NOTE: All of the new ObjectType keywords are located in Architect, so they can be used with any external mod patch

Examples of Item Keyword Types
- No Value: Very low quality junk that isn't worth even 1 cap (burnt books, plastic forks, folders, etc.)
- Common Junk (low quality): Very basic low quality junk (bottles, vases, kitchenware, lots of other items)
- Common Junk (low quality - medical): Low quality junk, but doctors may buy/sell these (flasks, test tubes, etc.)
- Common Junk (low quality - ammo): Damaged rounds and shell casings
- Common Junk: Common items that either have useful components, or are purposely filtered to stay in the environment (toasters, etc.)
- Organic Junk: Bones, animal parts, etc.
- Quality Junk: Items that have valuable components
- Legendary Junk: Items that have legendary-quality components (alloys, mutated parts, etc.)
- Other keywords: Quest items, different food types, devices, medical items, cures, sellables, utility, and many others

(NEW) Master Workbench Synchronization
>> The Workbench synchronization is further expanded to allow you to assign a permanent destination
>> Cargo Bots once again help you to efficiently manage your items for crafting and settlements!
- All workbench sync options can be accessed from the main menu of any Resource Station
- Once you select a "Master Workbench", all workbenches in your supply line will be sync'd to it at certain times
- ALL items inside ALL workbenches in the supply line will be transported to your Master Workbench
- You can change the Master Workbench at any time

Master Workbenches are sync'd up when..
- You first select a Master Workbench
- You press the "refresh" button on the sync menu
- You first open the ZX1 Lab
- You first open the Resource Management menu
- Every 30 minutes (real time)

Crafting - Resource Checking and Consumption
- The ZX-1 Lab is now much faster if you have a Master Workbench assigned
- Once a master is assigned, Horizon crafting systems will always use the Master Workbench instead of wasting time searching supply lines
- The containers that are checked for components goes by the following now...
- No master assigned: Player inventory, production storage, local workbench, connected supply lines (if enabled)
- Master assigned: Player inventory, production storage, master workbench
- The settler mission system should now be able to take items from the above sources

Cargo Bot 1-X
- (NEW) Can automatically fetch junk from you (based on your filter option) every [5/10/20] minutes!
- (NEW) The filter can be toggled in 2 modes:
- Filter Mode 1: Junk and Ingredients (tools, raw meat, etc.)*
- Filter Mode 2: Junk, Ingredients, Crops, Alcohol*
- (NEW) Cargo Bot 1-X now requires power to operate some of it's functionality
- Cargo Bot 1-X can still be called out even if it has no power, so that you can insert more power
- Without power, you cannot access the container or settlement utility menus
- By accessing the menu, you can add Energy Cells which each add +1 Power (up to 10 at a time)
- Crafting the caller device requires less Nuclear Material (acts as it's "low power mode" power so it can still move)
*NOTE: Some items are purposely flagged to be ignored by the filter (such as Blue Paint, Supply Kits) so they aren't fetched from you

(NEW) (BETA FEATURE) Cargo Bot 1-X: Area Scavenging
>> This new option allows CB1X to automatically loot any low quality junk in your immediate area
- This option is located in CB1X's menu and can be toggled ON or OFF
- Requires "Workshop: Technology Level 3"
- Items are brought back to your Cargo Bot destination container
- CB1X only loots very low quality junk items (items with common components, bottles, kitchenware, very small junk, etc.)*
- This does NOT loot high quality junk, or larger common junk that is supposed to stay in the environment (toasters, telephones, lamps, etc.)**
- This does NOT loot weapons, armor, food, aid items, etc.
- This does NOT loot items owned by anyone, even if you are allied with them
- This does NOT loot items inside of containers or corpses (I may do this in the future)
- This should NOT loot items for quests (if you notice it looting stuff you're supposed to take for a quest, let me know)
- WARNING: Loot might be taken from behind locked doors. While this is somewhat unimmersive, remember that it's only low quality junk, so its hardly considered a cheat taking an empty bottle or a pencil.
* Very small junk includes stuff that is hard to see, like flip lighters and fuses, even though they might be considered "higher" quality items
** I did this so large visuals aren't taken away from the environment, but these items aren't as numerous as some of the other low quality junk

(NEW) Scrap Kits
- The new version of Scrap Kits no longer contain components
- Instead they automatically unpack their contents when you transfer them to a container (i.e. a workbench)
- This allows scrap kits to not scrap themselves when crafting
- It also prevents the Junk Scrapper and Cargo Bot from thinking it's common junk
- The resource station scrap kit will now include a Cargo Bot with it
- Any existing scrap kits before the patch will remain as they were

(NEW) Settler Oufitter - Auto-Equip Option
- Outfits can be applied automatically to settlers when they are assigned to jobs or defense
- The first time a job tries to be assigned, it will popup a help message to give you the option to change the defaults
- The options can be changed in the "Settler Outfitter Options" (under Architect Options)
- You can choose a default outfit style for Militia and Guard posts: Mercenary, Minuteman, Army, Off
- For now, there is only simple outfits for each role, but I may add faction-based options later on
- Defense and Militia: (based on the option mode selected)
- (If defense outfitting if off separately, Militia will default to an army outfit)
- Technician: Mechanic outfit w/ random headgear
- Engineer: Engineer outfit w/ random headgear
- Craftsman: Random blacksmith outfit w/ headgear
- Entertainer: Random suit w/ random hat
- Hunter: Shoreman outfit w/ hat
- Doctors: Doctor outfit w/ random eyewear
- Vendors: Random suit w/ random hat (includes Shipping Managers)
- Lumber Yard: Flannel Shirt w/ Hard Hat
- Stone Yard: Flannel Shirt w/ Mining Helmet
- Steel Yard: Flannel Shirt w/ Hard Hat
- Farmer: Random farmer outfit
- Supply Depot: Random suit w/ random hat
- Town Sheriff: A random sheriff outft
- The military outfits have a new selection of random headgear
- +75% Damage Weapons now require Settler Skill: Craftsmanship III, instead of Gun Nut
- By default the Companion Outfitter is disabled (only for new games)
- NOTE: If everything tests out OK with this first phase, I'll see about adding in better customization as to choosing specific sets per role, including more faction choices

Jobs / Settler Assignments
- (NEW) Custom auto-assign messages will now show for crops, defense, etc. (will be hidden if job messages are off)
- (NEW) The auto-assigning functionality will now retry every few seconds if there is another auto-assign already in progress*
- The Town Sheriff is now under Job Stations
*This will help if you place a couple objects in a short amount of time, so that FO4 doesn't try to assign the same settler to all the objects and then wind up failing all by 1 of them

Caravan Travel
- Traveling to/from indoor locations will now use the outdoor locations to determine the supplies used*
- Nuka World and Far Harbor still cost 10 supplies to/from the Commonwealth
*Example: traveling from Oberland Station to Home Plate will only cost a few supplies now

(NEW) Workshop: Construction Level (Workshop Perk)
- This perk is required to construct Architect buildings and structures (replaces the Population perk requirements)
- This perk is gained by increasing settler population and Construction Depots (see below)
- Up to 7 ranks total can be acquired
- Having 5 settlers adds +1 rank (i.e. your first rank)
- Having 50 settlers adds +1 rank
- Each Construction Depot adds +1 rank (Up to a maximum of +3)
- If you have at least 1 Construction Depot and 100 settlers, you gain +1 rank
- If you have at least 2 Construction Depots and 200 settlers, you gain +1 rank
- The highest rank needed is rank 6 for Colossal Structures (this gives you some flexibility)
- NOTE: If you have "Progression Mode" off in Architect, you can still bypass these requirements
- (Some of these numbers may change in v1.8)

(NEW) Construction Depot
- This depot constributes to your "Workshop: Construction" levels
- You can only place 1 Construction Depot per settlement
- Placing more than 3 depots will have no effect (this might change in 1.8)
- Requires: Workshop Tech Level 3 and 25 total settlers globally
- The construction depots are global, so you do not need them in the same settlement as your large buildings
- The depot spawns with a construction-style protectron that wanders around the depot
- The construction bot will help defend the settlement, altho it's probably not very good
- The number of Construction Depots is displayed in the Command Table under total stats
- The foundation has snap points to connect foundation blocks or floors
- NOTE: This depot uses a new method of tracking job/production stations, and is considered a beta test to help for v1.8. Please report any inconsistencies you see with placing construction depots. Thanks!

(NEW) Wilson Factory
>> A modified version of Wilson Atomatoys Factory is now available
- Located in "Medium Urban Buildings" and "Large Urban Buildings"
- Layers: Detail, Clutter, Debris, and Sign
- This building does not contain any beds
*This building is very large, but its in both catgories for now. If I add more features to it, I may remove it from medium.

(NEW) Build Category: Water-based Structures
- This category has a buoy as it's controller object
- Contains the barges and some of the platforms that metal structures does, but will be expanded more later on
- The large barge now spawns a ramp that can make connecting the barge to the shore easier

Architect - Building Pieces
- (NEW) Pier Floor: A simple pier floor piece, located under structural pieces
- (NEW) Pier Platform (Style 1): A simple pier platform piece, located under structural pieces
- (NEW) Pier Platform (Style 2): A simple pier platform piece, located under structural pieces
- (NEW) Pier Platform (Style 3): A simple pier platform piece, located under structural pieces
- These pieces are custom modified and fitted so they align properly and match the standard workshop floors
- These pieces use standard workshop floor connection points

(NEW) Enhanced Settlements (A new ESP addon mod!)
>> This mod is a fully functional settlement scrapping mod designed for Architect and Horizon
>> This mod is loosely based on Scrap Everything, so I want to thank Shadowslasher410 and Vlits for all their work/research/help
>> This mod has all of the same custom features that my custom SE patch had, plus many new features and changes
>> This mod includes all of my custom settlement changes, extended border adjustments, custom scrap lists, etc.
- IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod is NOT compatible with scrapping mods like Scrap Everything or other similar mods
- IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod is NOT compatible with mods that expand settlement borders
- (NEW) Some workshops now have special interactable devices that you can use to hide workbenches, salvage buildings, or upgrade areas!
- Some interactable features require materials, and some give materials
- If you "reverse" an action, it will give/take the materials back in reverse
- Most settlement repairs/upgrades require owning the settlement
- Sanctuary: 3 activators are located near the bridge (on the stone post) that allow you to dynamically alter Sanctuary
- Sanctuary: 1 activator allows you to salvage or replace the houses
- Sanctuary: 1 activator allows you to hide/unhide the workbench
- Sanctuary: 1 activator allows you to upgrade the bridge to a restored version
- Sanctuary: Houses are no longer scrappable, and can only be scrapped from the activator switch
- Sanctuary: Some house fixtures (like showers) are no longer scrappable but will be removed with the activator switch
- Sanctuary: A concrete block is now located under the workbench so it's not floating (this will be hidden if you use the hide option)
- Sanctuary: A few bushes/fences near the borders are now close enough to scrap
- The Castle: 1 activator is located near the workbench, that allows you to dynamically upgrade The Castle!
- The Castle: The upgrade fills the walls in, adds extra stairs, and adds a front gate with large sliding metal doors
- The Castle: The flare box is moved to one of the shelves, which is now blocked from being scrappable (neither box will be floating anymore)
- The Castel: The cables that stabilize the radio tower are no longer scrappable
- The Slog: The buildable area is greatly expanded outwards, deep into the water area and passed the diner!
- The Slog: The buildable area on the water side, goes further than the border graphic shows, allowing you to build large docks, etc.
- The Slog: The platform and diner are permanent landmarks and won't be accidentally scrapped
- The Slog: A catwalk staircase is added on the side of the building, which leads to the roof
- The Slog: 1 activator (to hide the workbench) is located on the main building near Arlen's shack
- Greygarden: 1 activator to disable the robot animations is located near the doorway of the greenhouse
- Greygarden: 1 activator to turn the water sprayers on/off is located near the doorway of the greenhouse
- Taffington Boathouse: The buildable area is expanded slightly further than before
- Taffington Boathouse: 1 activator is located on the stone wall on the side, that lets you hide/show the workbench
- Taffington Boathouse: The blood is hidden now
- Croup Manor: The buildable area is greatly expanded outwards into the water! (very far)
- Croup Manor: The water area has special border markers on the sides/corners so you know the edges (just something I'm testing out)
- Oberland Station: The buildable area is greatly expanded!
- Oberland Station: Some of the random encounter triggers were moved outside of the build zone (hopefully this doesn't break them)
- Jamaica Plain: The buildable area is greatly expanded outwards towards the water area and includes the church!
- Jamaica Plain: The buildable area is displayed by new custom borders so that the visible area is mostly accurate
- Jamaica Plain: 1 activator is located inside the church that allows you to repair the roof and fix the floor!
- Jamaica Plain: Some objects that are prone to scrapping problems are hidden by default (certain telephone wires, bushes, logs, etc.)
- County Crossing: The build area is greatly expanded! (easily enough to fit a large town now)
- County Crossing: Some of the random encounter triggers were moved outside of the build zone (hopefully this doesn't break them)
- County Crossing: 1 activator (to hide the workbench) is located on a telephone pole by the edge of the build area by the roadway
- Greentop Nursury: The buildable area is slightly expanded
- Greentop Nursury: 1 activator (to hide the sanctuary house) is located in the greenhouse
- Somerville Place: 1 activator (to hide the workbench) is located on a new telephone pole by the edge of the build area by the roadway
- Warwick: The shed that contains the quest console is no longer scrappable
- Sunshine Tidings: You can now scrap the "off" subway lights that I replaced
- Starlight Drive-in: The shed that contains the workbench is no longer scrappable
- Starlight Drive-in: The lights in the main building are now off
- Spectacle Island: Is now properly setup so that everything can be scrapped, except for the dockhouse
- Spectacle Island: The workbench has been moved to the dockhouse
- Spectacle Island: WARNING: Never use "scrapall" until you own the workbench after completing the quest
- Misc tweaks and fixes
- The scrap items given by the scrapping mod does not give Horizon/Architect components anymore (i.e. packing material)
- NOTE: In the future, more settlements may have expanded borders (within reason), but some may not
- TESTING FEEDBACK NEEDED: Please let me know if (and where exactly) job stations (etc.) don't register properly when placed in the expanded buildable areas

(NEW) Enhanced Settlements - DLC (Addon)
>> This addon only includes changes for Far Harbor and Nuka World
- Cells are open to allow scrapping of objects that were inside of precombines
- This currently does not include any specific DLC objects (this may be tweaked in time)

Documentation Menu
- New documents were added to the settlement menu regarding: 
- Water production, crop production, cargo bot supply lines, Cargo Bot 1-X
- Workshop levels for Tech, Trading, and Construction
- Settler outfitter, Experimentation lab

Dynamic Encounters
>> SUMMARY: Spawns should reliably spawn at better distances, and not as often unless you're a high enough threat
- Enemies spawn further away from you now, and also have a more randomized distance
- The system will attempt to not spawn enemies too close to the player
- Enemies will spawn faster together as a group now
- Enemy spawn locations can come from more directions now
- A group of enemies usually spawns together from 1 general location
- When packs are large enough (6+), they have a random chance to split up at 2 locations for a pincer attack*
- The perception message will now correctly display AFTER all the enemies have spawned
- The timings for spawning events should be much smoother (and random) now
- When you exit a "safe area" the encounters shouldn't just immediately want to attack you
*More attack patterns like this will be added in the future

Dynamic Encounters - Threat
- Active companions and pets EACH add a significant amount of threat now (lots of pets = lots of threat!)
- Being inside of Power Armor now adds a significant amount of threat now
- Item threat values are reworked to be more accurate, and more easily support DLC and external items*
- Encounters are less frequent if your threat level is fairly low, and even less if its very low
- Feral Ghouls have a chance of spawning with lower threat now
- If you have the Ghoulish rank 3 perk, there's less of a chance Feral Ghouls will attack you
- NOTE: Threat increases the size of animal/creature groups, and increases the frequency of all encounters
*Threat is based on keywords now, so patches can easily make use of threat by just adding appropriate keywords to items. Many of these same keywords are used for other systems as well.

Dynamic Encounters - Misc Fixes/Tweaks
- There's a new option stage in the config holotape called "ON (Casual)", which allows slower spawns without disabling them completely
- Checking to see if you're inside of a settlement should work better now (especially after you caravan travel)
- Some additional areas should now block dynamic spawns
- The simulation zone in Far Harbor should block spawns (needs testing)
- NOTE: v1.7's spawn system is much smoother, but realize this type of system will never be perfect, you'll still rarely get spawns in weird spots

(NEW) Dynamic Traps (BETA Feature)
- NOTE: As with dynamic spawns, things may not always be placed in good spots, or be easily visible
- Mines and traps can now dynamically spawn in outdoor environments.. watch out!
- Dynamic traps use a custom-crafted trap system that have a different system than vanilla mines
- Dynamic traps work very similar to vanilla mines in many regards..
- They are triggered when you walk to close to them
- They can be disabled like regular mines, except that some traps require multiple disarm stages (see more below)
- After disarming a trap, you can salvage it just like how you "Pick Up" a mine
- Salvage is random, and different types of traps give different salvage
- They can be destroyed by shooting them (or taking any damage)
- Most traps have a slightly longer warning period (before they explode) than standard mines
- TIP: Traps/mines aren't always meant to be disabled.. if you have to run, just RUN!

Dynamic Trap - Stages
- Some traps have different levels of disarming stages
- Each disarm stage requires you to use the item to advance further
- Example: Stage 1: Disarm Casing
- Example: Stage 2: Disarm Fuse
- Example: Stage 3: Disarm Wiring
- Not all traps have 3 stages, some have 1 or 2 only

Dynamic Trap - Types
- Fragmentation Mine: Standard frag mine with a standard explosion
- Handmade Mine: Improvised Hot Plate mine with a standard explosion
- Typewriter Mine: Improvised mine with a standard explosion
- Stash Mine: Improvised Caps Stash mine with a standard explosion
- Paint Can Mine: Improvised mine with a standard explosion
- Board Game Mine: Improvised mine with a gamma explosion that leaves a radiation hazard
- Pumpkin Mine: Improvised mine with a molotov-style fire explosion
- Bucket Mine: Improvised mine with a molotov-style fire explosion
- Fuel Mine: Improvised Mr Handy fuel mine with a molotov-style fire explosion
- Teddy Bear Mine: Improvised mine with a standard explosion
- Cigar Box Mine: Improvised mine with a standard explosion
- Toaster Mine: Improvised mine with a standard explosion
- Electrical Trap: Electrical trap with an electrical explosion
- Radiation Trap: Radiation trap with an explosion that leaves a radiation hazard
- Cryo Mine: Same as cryo mines
- Plasma Mine: Same as plasma mines
- Pulse Mine: Same as pulse mines
- Nuke Mine: Same as nuke mines
- Bottlecap Mine: Same as Bottlecap mines

Kill Tracker
- (NEW) A 3rd Minutemen mail reward is added for killing Feral Ghouls and Raiders
- Each faction mail reward is now unique
- The kill requirements for some mail rewards is increased
- Children of Atom should properly be tracked now

(NEW) Dynamic Loot Quantities
>> The loot addon now contains a few types of items that can be given with random quantities
- Gasoline Can: Empty, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% (Liquid fuel given is 1-5 based on percentages)
- Cigar Box: Can contain random amounts of cigars, with a low chance for a lighter or other items
- Cigar Boxes always give an empty Cigar Box
- Cigarette Carton: Contains random amounts of cigarette packs (1-10), with a low chance for a lighter
- (More items may be added in the future, provided these changes above work out well)

- Individual cigars are now considered valuable items and worth caps (single cigarettes are still not)

Power Armor Frame Salvaging
- WARNING: Marking frames for salvage will no longer automatically loot all the items inside it
- (NEW) Accessing the frame options can be done without a perk requirement now and brings up a new main menu
- The main menu contains the following options: Lock/Unlock Frame, Salvage Frame
- (NEW) You can now "Lock" a power armor frame to be completely unusable by NPCs (and you)
- Accessing the options again allows you to unlock a frame
- Salvaging still requires "settler skill: salvaging", but the button will tell you it's blocked
- When you mark a frame for salvage, a marker flag appears on the ground in front of the frame
- Once you mark a frame, you can no longer interact with it (sorry, there's no way to back out of it)
- The frame and marker will remain for 30 seconds until they disappear (just for some immersive flavor)
- The perk itself was moved to Architect, and can be disabled in the Architect Options

- When you hack or lockpick, it should refresh the proper skill now at that time (this bug was basically only a display bug, you were still getting the right credit for the skill you performed)
- Each lock picked grants less skill now (NOTE: this is retroactive, you may lose some skill)

- The Hunger Pains debuff perk is now more descriptive for each stage, so its more apparent that the debuffs are different
- The first stage of hunger no longer reduces your Charisma by 1*
*It will say "0 CHR" on the debuff, but that should allow it to properly restore your charisma if you currently lost some from it before the patch

NOTES: I chose to reduce the first stage to 0 CHR, only because its one of those things where it can accidentially screw over your speech checks if it just rolled over and you didn't notice it (which is annoying.) I think the first stage of conditions should mostly just be a mild "warning" like how I already have the thirst/sleep ones. So now, all 3 conditions should have very mild 1st stages, so you don't have to frantically worry about it ruining your choices, or make it completely necessary to eat/drink down to 0 food value. You can leave it at like 16 food value if you want, and it won't be that bad now. The 2nd stage of hunger is not nerfed though.. so it jumps up quite a bit if you let it go.

Baseball Caps
- (NEW) 5 new colors that can be changed via a mod slot in the armor workbench
- Dark Green, Blue, Dark Red, Black, Brown
- The Settler Outfitter can make use of these new colors for outfits
- Some NPCs can spawn with them
- Color tags are written in the item name

Knit Caps
- (NEW) 5 new colors that can be changed via a mod slot in the armor workbench
- Dark Green, Gray, Dark Red, Black, Brown, (Blue is the Default, which FO4 called "Gray")
- The Settler Outfitter can make use of these new colors for outfits
- Some NPCs can spawn with them
- Color tags are written in the item name

Mechanic Jumpsuits
- (NEW) 3 new colors that can be changed via a mod slot in the armor workbench
- Dark Gray, Red, Blue
- The Settler Outfitter can make use of these new colors for outfits
- Some NPCs can spawn with them
- Color tags are written in the item name

Leather Trench Coat (Piper's)
- (NEW) 4 new colors that can be changed via a mod slot in the armor workbench
- Black, Black w/ tan, Brown, Beige
- The Settler Outfitter can make use of these new colors for outfits
- Some NPCs can spawn with the non-red colors
- The red color only spawns on Piper (to keep her unique from other npcs)
- Piper's coat can be modded to other colors, and standard coats can be made red through the workbench
- Color tags are written in the item name

(NEW) Bomber Jacket with Jeans
- A Bomber Jacket with jeans instead of the BOS flightsuit
- 2 versions: White shirt and black shirt
- The Settler Outfitter can make use of these new colors for outfits
- Some NPCs can spawn with them
- NOTE: This piece isn't perfect, there are some texture/mesh problems, but you can't really notice them from a distance

- (NEW) Red T-Shirt with Dark Jeans
- (NEW) Green T-Shirt with Black Jeans
- Horizon's Blue T-Shirt and Black T-Shirt now looks a lot better
- The Settler Outfitter can now choose from CC T-Shirts if you have the Horizon patch loaded

Beaded Blazer
- (NEW) Beaded Blazer: A separate body piece (without the hat) from Mama Murphy's outfit
- (NEW) Beaded Hat: A separate hat from Mama Murphy's outfit
- The Blazer and Hat can sometimes be found on clothing vendors, or some NPCs
- The Beaded Blazer Outfit from Mama Murphy is now visible and usable

Armor Augments
- (NEW) Headgear Augments: Fire Resist, Cryo Resist, Rad Resist
- (NEW) Chest Augments: +4 Fire Resist, +4 Cryo Resist, +10/20 Rad Resist, +8 DR, +8 ER
- (NEW) Limb Augments: +4 DR, +4 ER, +4 Rad Resist
- All headgear now has an augment slot (requires augments specifically for headgear)

- (NEW) Doctor Lab Coat re-texture: The dirty lab coat is still grungey, but no longer disgustingly dirty*
- A few color names are added to the naming tags
- Missng armor piece upgrade recipes are added to Horizon and updated to use skills
*A new separate item was created for this, so the old dirty one is still available in the game in some places

- (NEW) Mama Murphy will send you a mail with a clothing set after you build her chair

Personal Toolkit
- (NEW) Shows your hunger/thirst on the main menu
- (NEW) Survival Statistics Menu: Shows your hunger/thirst and revival mode stats
- (NEW) The Architect Options Menu and Settlement Options Menu can now be accessed from the main menu
- Putting items into the shredder or equipment scrapper, should now properly scrap them

(NEW) Custom Bolt-Action Rifle
>> A new custom made bolt-action rifle based on the hunting rifle
- This weapon uses the .357/.44/.45-70 ammo set (same as the Lever-action Rifle)
- The bolt-action is much faster than the hunting rifle
- (NEW) Has 4 bolt upgrades (a new attachment slot), which improves the bolt-action speed even further
- Has 4 receiver upgrades
- Has 2 barrel upgrades
- Shares the same magazines, scopes (and sights), and muzzles as the Hunting Rifle*
- Is sold at certain vendors
- A few types of NPCs can carry these
- Can be crafted in the Weapons Lab
- Can be reverse-engineered and crafted in the Experimentation Lab
*This means those loose misc mods can be re-purposed on both rifles

(NEW) Custom SMG
>> A new custom made SMG that is designed to be an alternative to the Pipe Gun (especially if you hate the pipe gun)
- This weapons uses the .38/.22LR/.44 ammo set (same as the Pipe Gun)
- Has a nearly indentical feel to the pipe gun in terms of recoil/damage/etc.
- Has 4 receiver upgrades
- Has 2 barrel upgrades
- Has 2 grip upgrades
- Is sold at certain vendors
- A few types of NPCs can carry these
- Can be crafted in the Weapons Lab
- Can be reverse-engineered and crafted in the Experimentation Lab

(NEW) R5A Machine Pistol
>> A new variant of the R55 Pistol that is specifically designed for the 5mm ammo set
- Has a modified 3d model that is different than the R55
- Can have all the standard upgrades that the R55 pistol has
- Can share the same loose mods with the R55, except the magazines
- Magazines sizes are 50-round for standard, and 100-round for large
- This weapon cannot use a suppressor
- This is an automatic weapon, and does not have a semi-auto firing mode
- Can be crafted in the Weapons Lab
- Can be reverse-engineered and crafted in the Experimentation Lab

- (NEW) 5mm Irradiated Rounds
- (NEW) 5mm Cryo Rounds
- The 10mm ammo set can no longer use 5mm rounds (existing 5mm ammo swaps are converted to use 9mm)
- 5mm projectiles that aren't fired from the minigun are smaller and no longer have guaranteed tracers
- The gunpowder required for .38 ammo is lowered (it should have been slightly lower than 9mm, not higher)
- The gunpowder required for shotgun shells is lowered
- .50, 12.7mm, and .308/7.62 API rounds can now upgrade weapons to sever or explode limbs (if the weapon couldn't normally)
- .45 API and 5.56 API can now sever limbs (if the weapon couldn't normally)
- Explosive and HE rounds can now explode limbs
- 2mm AP or 2mm VICE MX rounds can now explode limbs
- 40mm shotgun rounds will no longer explode limbs, but they can still sever them
- 40mm flechette and railway spikes are no longer recoverable from corpses
- The .45 and 5.56 ammo for the Combat Pistol has a slower ROF

- Some adjustments were made to the Handmade Rifle (which may possibly fix vanilla bugs - needs testing)
- The 4 laser guns now have consistent types of receivers, including the recipe requirements
- All laser receivers now use 5 materials like most Horizon recipes (so you don't have to scroll down)
- Some laser receivers were renamed so certain terms weren't used in other places
- Institute Gauss receivers no longer require the previous mods
- The R55 should no longer come in damaged condition when crafted
- The R55 has some mesh and texture adjustments to make it look better
- Hammer is now called Ball-Peen Hammer
- Coffee Pot is now called Weighted Coffee Pot
- You can convert the Ball-Peen Hammer weapon into a craftable tool in the Tech Lab under Tools and Parts
- You can convert the Buttercup Leg weapon into a craftable Front Leg in the Tech Lab under Tools and Parts
- Grognak's axe now has similar damage/speed/cost to other 2h weapons
- The Deliverer should no longer come with a hardcoded name (and the wrong tag)
- The Comfort grip for the R55 should no longer cause the weapon to lose its icon
- The railway rifle's mods now have the proper Horizon descriptions
- The Katana and Wakizashi can now be scrapped, and give steel alloy
- [Nuka World]: Some Handmade Rifles should no longer come with top-tier mods
- [Nuka World]: Baseball bat and sledgehammer mods are rebalanced
- [Nuka World]: Heated mods on the melee weapons actually add fire damage now

(NEW) Gas Pump Part
- A new 1H melee weapon made of a gas station pump part
- Can sometimes be found in containers/vendors where tools drop
- Average citizens of the commonwealth have a chance to carry this

Revival Mode (alternate death)
- In non-Desolation Mode, for level 1-3, you'll be revived with extra health and not charged any penalties
- In non-Desolation Mode, for level 4-6, you'll be revived with extra health if your death count is above 1 time
- In non-Desolation Mode, for level 7-9, you'll be revived with extra health if your death count is above 3 times

- (NEW) Hacking Guides now have an Issue #6 and #7, so that you can actually reach 10 magazine recipe ranks total
- (NEW) La Coiffe and Taboo Tattoos will now add to the "Urban Artist" perk, so you can reach 10 ranks
- Low tier Augments can now drop more often from all loot sources for augments
- Some legendary robots and synths now have a chance to drop augments
- The amount of Packing Material contained in many junk items is increased
- [Far Harbor]: Some placed loot (like water and radaway) were removed in Far Harbor
- [Far Harbor]: Some chests have reduced caps
- Most Spatulas that drop as loot in containers will now drop as a spatula weapon instead
- Most Clothing Irons that drop as loot in containers will now drop as a Clothing Iron weapon instead
- Most Plungers that drop as loot in containers will now drop as a Plunger weapon instead
- Most Brooms that drop as loot in containers will now drop as a Broom weapon instead
- (Items on the ground are untouched, and won't be changed)

Vanilla Legendary Mods
- Furious is now converted to "Quickdraw - Costs 10% less Action Points"*
- Relentless is now converted to "Advanced - +10% Damage"*
*Sorry, but some of these should have been changed a long time ago, this was just an oversight by me

- Calvin will now only buy up to 50 tools maximum before he no longer wants anymore
- The Jamaica Plain laser tripwires may not trigger anymore from companions (needs testing)
- The Grognak axe mail reward now requires a further step in the kent's quest
- [Far Harbor]: Reduced the amount of pre-war money from rewards in vault 118
- [Far Harbor]: The named feral ghouls are significantly tougher to kill

- Ruined weapons will (for now) no longer cause the NPC to run out of ammo (until I can figure out a better balance for this)
- Radiation damage from Feral Ghouls now scales based on your level, and not the type of ghoul
- Rust Devils should now properly track as Rust Devils instead of generic Raiders for kill counts
- Raiders that Bethesda purposely placed as unarmed, are now labeled as "Raider Brawlers" so you know they are not bugged
- A few bosses (and named NPCs) should now have the proper boss loot table, and not ruined weapons*
- Fahrenheit now spawns with a random legendary minigun and more 5mm ammo*
- Settlers should no longer spawn with the old horizon NPC weapons*
- Minutemen should no longer spawn with ruined weapons*
- Rare types of radroaches are easier at very low levels, but scale up with more resists and damage at higher levels
- Some types of Ants were slightly reduced in damage and health
- Crickets do less base damage; leap attacks do less damage; poison attacks on Piercers do less damage
- Some types of Crickets have their health lowered, but some types scale up higher with damage or DR now
- Rad-rats do less damage now; Glowing rad-rats gain scaling energy resists
- Melee-specific raiders now deal more damage
- NPCs that can roll API, roll API less often, and some types no longer roll it at all
- If an NPC tries to consume Berry Mentats, it should no longer give the player the buffs
- Lucy Abernathy should spawn with farmer loot and not raider loot
- The Sentry Bot at the Training yard will always spawn as a Siege Breaker now, instead of a random type
- Most synths should no longer spawn with special barrels on their institute lasers
- NPCs who fire the institute laser should have a proper firing sound effect when in rifle mode
- Eyebots no longer drop loose weapon mods
*This obviously does not effect any NPCs already spawned in your save game

- (NEW) Some vendors will now only buy/sell certain types of items
- Doctors: will usually only buy meds, food, chems, and tools/junk
- Weapon Vendors: will usually only buy weapons, ammo, power armor, and tools/junk
- Clothing Vendors: will usually only buy armor, clothing, and tools/junk
- Farms: will usually only buy food, meds, weapons/armor (not power armor), and tools/junk
- General Vendors: will usually buy anything
- Food Vendors: will usually only buy food, meds, and chems
- Teagan: will buy armor, weapons, meds, food, water.. but doesn't want stuff like chems or collectables
- Some vendors will only buy quality junk items
- Certain "valuable" items ($) can usually only be sold by people who actually want them (like general vendors)
- Most vendors don't even bother to buy/sell really crappy junk like burnt magazines, plastic forks, etc.
- Some clothing vendors have a wider possibility of having most clothing in the game now*
*Higher Trading Skill will also allow many more outfits on the clothing vendors for a better chance at finding something unique

Trading Market
- Some recipes have their vendor credit costs increased (these are designed to be "credit dumps", and NOT supposed to be easily afforded)

(NEW) Public Water Drinking Disabled
- By default, Horizon will block you from being able to drink from disgusting public water sources (rivers, puddles, etc.)
- If you want, you can re-enable this in the Horizon holotape options
- The quest in Far Harbor that requires you to drink SHOULD work because I added a special bypass for that area (needs testing)
- NOTE: Even though drinking is blocked, it still has a "Drink" activator, but it won't do anything if you use it

- (NEW) Cram, Salibury Steak, Potted Meat, and Pork n' Beans can now be salvaged for small amounts of Ground Meat in the cooking station
- The prewar meat salvaging recipes require 20 Survival Skill
- The Institute Water to Purified Water conversion should now properly work
- Bartenders and food vendors will no longer block Nuka Cola on the buy/sell list
- Stew that takes 2 waters to craft, now gives 2 bottles after you eat it
- All empty bottles are prefixed with "Empty" now
- DLC drinks now give you an empty bottle when you drink them
- All Purified water/juices, Brahmin Milk, and Jet Coffee should no longer be classified as generic water, for the sake of preventing settlers from drinking it through the supply lines*
*The keywords were changed so it's classified as a generic drink instead. This should still allow it to appear on bartender inventories and such

Recruitment Station
- Recruitment now receives a hidden +25% chance for the first settler for each settlement (shares the same flag as the vanilla beacon)
- Recruitment now receives a hidden +25% chance for the first 10 settlers recruited from Horizon stations (globally)*
- If the population is full, it will now show 0% chance to recruit
- The menu now shows your global population
*This gives new games a chance to get a kickstart on settlers a little faster, and also represents the chance of extra settlers roaming before your settlement homes exist. This bonus will also work in existing save games for the first 10 settlers recruited after you patched.

- (NEW) A new unique synth can be recruited when you achieve Settler Engineering: Rank 3 (via the mailbox)
- Synth settlers have an added tweak that should stop them from randomly disappearing*
- Synth settlers will now be placed in front of you instead of randomly around you
*Unfortunately this will not apply to existing synth settlers

Settler Missions
- Armor Crafting missions can sometimes yield a random piece of clothing (body, head, eyewear, or bandana)

Crafting / Items
- (NEW) Packing Material (Bulk): crafted in the Tech Lab under Materials (required Tech Level 3)*
- (NEW) Packing Material (Foam Rubber): crafted in the Tech Lab under Materials (required Tech Level 5)*
- The old foam rubber recipe is removed
- Some junk items were adjusted to have more proper weight values
- A few quest-related items are tagged as quest items or tools now
- The 3 other synth settler recipes should be properly hidden until you kill at least 1 synth (only the black one was hidden before)
- The Giddyup Buttercup recipe is altered
- [Automatron]: You can convert Robot Repair Kits into Engineering Repair Kits in the Tech Lab under Devices
- [Far Harbor]: You can convert a Lumberjack Saw into a Carpenter Saw in the Tech Lab under Tools and Parts
*These recipes may change in v1.8, but they are added for now because of the rebalanced Packing Material in the new scrap mod

>> If you use your own file, obviously you won't get these changes
- The "STIMPAK" button is now properly renamed as "ADRENALINE INJECTOR"
- The "COOK" button is changed to "CRAFT"

Scavenger Mode
>> NOTE: Scavenger Mode is designed for players who want an easier looting experience like vanilla FO4
- Now adds more rare junk back into some of the container loot and vendors (including adhesives, antiseptic, etc.)
- Food/water can be found slightly more in some containers
- Crafting Vegetable Starch is easier in this mode

Weapon Patching Addon
- Some "Standard" loot keywords are removed to streamline loot tables and make them less confusing
- A few tweaks were made to weapon loot tables so that many "standard" tables actually use the pistols and rifles tables, instead of directly using pistols and rifles individually
- A few new keyword/LL combos have been added for factions

Official Weapon Pack
- The Crude Blowback now shows the proper ammo in the name
- Minor tweaks