Patch notes/Horizon/1.7.1

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- The new scrap item for basic circuitry should now properly contain basic circuitry and not advanced circuitry
- The auto-outfitter will no longer function (or give the setup popup) until you are level 2
- The auto-outfitter setup message should (usually) only display once now, instead of multiple windows at the same time
- The loot manager should properly display it's message, instead of showing "[message"
- Missing icons were added to a few architect junk items

Personal Toolkit
- The stats menu will now show a rough "Threat Level" that ranges from 0 to 5*
*While I wanted to avoid showing your threat numbers, this rough value may be useful, especially for debugging

Home Plate Enhanced
- The default wooden stairs are hidden and replaced with new stairs (in case you scrapped the vanilla ones before installing the addon)

Homemaker Patch
- Fixed the recipes to use the new Architect components