Patch notes/Horizon/1.7.2

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Equipment Scrapping
- Any items you lost when scrapping in the toolkit, should be returned to you when you try to scrap
- The item return for failed items takes 15 seconds after it attempts to scrap them
- You must wait a few seconds now if you wish to immediately open the scrap container up again
- NOTE: This is just a workaround to get your items back. I'm not sure if the bug itself will be fixed or not.. I'll need people to test this for me. Thanks!

Combat Pets: Attack Dogs
- (NEW) Buster: A brown german shepherd with a new custom skin (unlocks with Attack Dog Rank 1)
- (NEW) Thunder: A silver german shepherd with a new custom skin (unlocks with Attack Dog Rank 2)
- (NEW) Lightning: A black german shepherd with a new custom skin (unlocks with Attack Dog Rank 3)
- Each dog has different gear, and are slightly different sizes
- Lightning runs faster, but has slightly lower resists (like Bandit)
- Thunder has higher health/resists, but deals -15% less damage (like Tank)
- These dogs are located in the Dog Caller menu
- NOTE: I just added these today, so they may need some testing still. Also note that I may change the requirements in the future.
- NOTE: The low-res textures will look really bad up close, but I'm not sure if this is for LOD or for low quality video settings?

- If you don't have enough injectors when you revive a companion, it will now show a better error message

Enhanced Settlements addon
- Croup Manor should now properly have the new graphical workshop border
- The floating block in sanctuary is removed

- Turret platforms now ignore your default layer settings, so they aren't blocked by the device layer being off by default
- The shed now uses stairs without railings
- A few tweaks were made to the workshop code for buildings to match some of the other changes I made in 1.7*
*(let me know if any architect buildings are saying they are "out of bounds" when they shouldn't be - this could also be a bug with the expanded borders in my new addon)

DEF_UI Config
- The Architect settings item should properly go into the Utility sub-menu under the AID tab
- The following tags will go into this sub-menu: Mod, Town, City, Menu

- Dora and Maisie (cats) should no longer be agro to most attacking enemies

- The in-game version message should now say the current version