Patch notes/Horizon/1.7.4

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- There was some debugging messages running in 1.7.3 by accident, which is now removed

Combat Pets
- The "no food" messages for animals and engineer devices were backwards and is fixed now

Cargo Bot 1-X
- (NEW) You can now toggle the notifications button 3 times: SHOW ALL, HIDE AUTO-FETCH, and HIDE ALL
- Showing all notifications will now show how many items the auto-fetch found, but only if it found something
- Hiding just the auto-fetch message will still show the messages when CB1X physically leaves
- The "not ready" message is reworded for summoning cargo bot 1-x
- The auto-fetch pulse is extended to 30 seconds (up from 20 seconds)
- The auto-fetch timer resets when you first load your save to 60 seconds, so it gives your game time to load up
- (Please note that the auto-fetch system is still a beta feature and a work in progress - you can disable it in the menu if it causes you any problems)