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- When you craft 1000 Engineer Power Cells it should now give you 1000 instead of 500

- The Scrap Kits should no longer bug out if you throw them on the ground
- Many prototype devices and robot parts now have some Energy Cells
- Additional sources of augments have been added
- Rare clothing now has a low chance to spawn inside dressers
- The preview book when you pick up a Blacksmith Guide should face the right way

- Auto-Hackers will now display the correct messages
- Empty Gwinnett Stout Bottles and Cigars used by the Kellogg quest are now flagged as quest items and won't be picked up by Cargo Bot 1-X
- Fixed the 7.62 text in the ammo swap for the LMG
- The red and black jean/jacket clothes now have the proper Horizon texturing again
- The leather coat (piper's type) now has a new mesh replacement to fix the male version, so the textures actually work properly
- Watcher's Bandage is now unequippable by the player (it can be equipped on Strong)

- The receivers on the Custom Rifle now have the proper damage multipliers

- Scrapping weapons should now properly add your crafting skill gains to the total*
- You can now gain up to +30 Salvaging Skill from scrapping weapons
- The documentation menu for Salvaging Skill now shows that you can gain skill from scrapping weapons
*NOTE: All the skill gains from scrapping weapons previously were tracked, so you will get credit for them now

- Instead of being a random type, Dead Eye is now always a nightkin, and is also legendary and drops additional loot
- Some named npcs now drop specific types of augments
- Raider Psychos will always have more appropriate headgear now
- Raider Scavvers and Survivalists will have bandanas more often now so they look more like criminal bandits
- Raiders no longer spawn with the leather coat (piper's type)

Workshop Testing
- The error messages when it says it "can't find a workshop for this resource" should now have numbers to help debug any problems
- Note that these messages most likely only occur because of the new construction depots (testing help is still needed for these)

Recruitment Station
- (NEW) Recruitment Station (Console): An indoor style alternative to the larger recruitment station
- The new recruitment station has a snap point where you can dock a small power source (seen below)*
- (NEW) You can adjust the limit to how many settlers you wish to allow recruited per settlement (located on the beacon's menu)
- The recruitment limits are: Standard (normal limit), 15, 20, 25, 10
- The menu will now show 0% chance when you have reached your limit or the station is powered off
*NOTE: You must still attach the wire from the battery to power the station

- (NEW) Wall-mounted Power Generator: Gives 5 power, must be attached to a wall
- (NEW) Battery: A car battery that gives 1 power, can be snapped to the side of the recruitment station
- (NEW) Electron Battery: A small battery that gives 1 power, can be snapped to the side of the recruitment station
- (NEW) Fission Battery #1: A small battery that gives 2 power, can be snapped to the side of the recruitment station
- (NEW) Fission Battery #2: A small battery that gives 2 power, can only be placed on the ground
- Architect windmills can now be placed in water
- The description for Atmospheric Condensers should no longer say it requires dirt
- Some water and power devices can no longer be damaged in combat (however, some workshop events can still cause them to take damage)
- The Construction Depot now requires the proper materials to build it
- The settler assigned as the Sheriff should be permanently assigned now (unlike generic jobs, which can potentially switch)

Resource Station
- The Master Workbench now displays the name of the master workbench right on the menu (let me know if this doesn't work for you)

- The auto-outfits from assignments should ignore companions now

The following objects can no longer be placed in interior settlements:
- All windmills and solar panels
- All large guard posts and guard towers
- Architect buildings and foundations
- Construction Yards and Water Towers

Enhanced Settlements
- Sunshine Tidings: The AC ducts are now scrappable
- Sunshine Tidings: Undoes what the UFO4P does to prevent you from scrapping the terminal
- Sunshine Tidings: Added a Sunshine Tidings sign to the shed, since it's considered a permanent structure
- Covenant: Undoes what the UFO4P does to prevent you from scrapping the terminal
- County Crossing: The tractor tiller is now scrappable
- Starlight Drive-In: Removed the emergency light beam in the back, and removed some sound markers in that building
- The workbenches that are moved to a new location, will only move once
- If you ever need to make the workbench move again to the same new location, there's a global variable to force it to move on every load

Home Plate Enhanced
- (NEW) Access Panel: Call Unassigned Settlers - This button by the main door allows you to summon all unassigned settlers*
- Settlers that are summoned are automatically teleported to the front area, in order to bypass any problems with moving settlers to Home Plate from other settlements