Patch notes/Horizon/1.7.6

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Master Workbench
- If you have a large amount of dirty water and settler rations, the sync will evenly distribute them to all settlements in the supply line

- The books and bandages on top of the mailbox, training desk, and chem stations should now have the proper textures
- The Vault 81 tool quest should now properly use Horizon's changes (a script file was missing)
- Some of the error messages for missing resources should show an ID number now
- The pipe turret pet was removed from the trading market (this device may return later on.. you probably can use the ones that you already have)
- Fixed a typo with one of the vanilla survival mode loading screen messages

Enhanced Settlements
- You can now scrap all the robot parts and the machine near the workshop

Desolation Mode
- Now has the proper fix for Berry Mentats

- Super Mutant Behemoths no longer regen health (this may not work on already spawned ones)
- Super Mutant Behemoths will now take +300% damage from explosives (up from +200%)