Personal Cargo Bots

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Personal Cargo Bots are a very simple way to allow you to increase your personal carry weight.

These Cargo Bots are completely stealthed, and automatically give you extra carry weight based on how many you have.


To enable them, you must craft Cargo Bot upgrade chips in the Tech Lab, and then install them using any Resource Station. Each unique chip has their own requirements to craft them, and you can only craft 1 of each.Every transmitter chip increases carry weight by 100, or 20 if strict carry weight is installed.

Transmitter Chip's[edit | edit source]

  • Cargo Bot REX-1
  • Cargo Bot REX-2
  • Cargo Bot REX-3
  • Cargo Bot SCB-1
  • Cargo Bot SCB-2
  • Cargo Bot SCB-3

(Updated as of Horizon 1.8.0.BETA-7)