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Horizon includes an expandable production system, which allows all kinds of resources to be produced through single interface.

  • All ingredients for services/recipes are now taken directly from your designated production storage.
  • All production is placed into the same place.
  • Some services can be manually allocated to produce specific amounts of resources (see: Work Orders below)
  • Services are split up into different categories, which have different options and sub-menus
  • All production times are now based on real-time (this bypasses any time-scale or time-passing problems)
  • Standard production takes roughly 90 minutes (real-time)
  • Factory production takes roughly 15 minutes (real-time)
  • Refineries and Arc Furnaces take roughly 30 minutes (real-time)
  • All of these menus operate similar, so it will be very easy and familar to navigate any category once you learn it
  • Third-party player-created addons for Architect will be able to add their own schematics and recipes to some categories (such as factories)
  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to assign a Master workbench, as that speeds up everything drastically

Work Orders[edit | edit source]

  • "Work Orders" allow you specify ahead of time exactly how many units of something you want produced
  • Example: You can now tell Lumber Yards to work 10 cycles and then stop completely (i.e. stop consuming fuel)
  • The work orders will continue to run as long as the services are active and have the required ingredients
  • Some production categories do NOT require Work Orders and run non-stop (such as "Passive Services")
  • Work orders can be added in small or large amounts: +1, +5, +25, +200, +999 (max)
  • Depending on the category, you can add/remove work orders to each service individually, or all at once
  • If you want something to keep running nonstop, just set it to 999
  • When you swap Schematics, you'll need to set all your work orders again (in the future I'll see about getting around this)
  • Work orders are only consumed when the item is actually produced (so if you fail to have the ingredients that particular cycle, it doesn't consume the work order, and tries again next cycle)

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