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Purified water is a vital part of Horizon diet. It's one of few hydration items that does not give you rads. It is also an ingredient of high-quality food, remedies and other useful items.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Production of Purified Water bottles requires "Water Purification Units", which are separate from pumps that give water. They are found in workshop menu under Architect -> Production -> Basic Production. Water production orders can be adjusted under Active section of production manager.

Water Purification Unit[edit | edit source]

This workshop device is what now determines whether or not your water production is being purified

  • This object does NOT provide any "Water" rating at all; water rating is the production shown at the top of the screen when in build mode.
  • Each bottle of Purified Water produced requires 10 Water rating and 1 Purification Unit
  • Grants +40 Bonus Happiness to the settlement you place it in (this may no longer be true in v1.8)
  • Purification Units can also improve a settlement's "Wellness" rating (+10%)
  • Purification Units now require it's water rating to be located in the same settlement
  • Crafting a Purification Unit requires 1 "Purifier Module" (see below)
  • In Desolation mode the crafting requirements are much higher

Water Purification Unit (Compact)[edit | edit source]

This unit is engineered to be more compact, but requires a higher Workshop Tech Level (4 in default, 6 in Desolation)

  • Requires the same parts that the standard unit requires
  • Gives the same benefits the standard unit does, but with a smaller footprint

Purifier Module[edit | edit source]

  • This item is used for building Water Purification Units
  • Modules can be crafted in the Tech Lab by having Workshop Tech Level 2 (Desolation Mode requires Tech Level 8)
  • Modules can sometimes be found on DC or GN general vendors (not in Desolation Mode)
  • After completing the Graygarden quest you will get mail with 1 Purifier Module
  • Earning "Local Leader II" perk and reaching level 15 will send you a mail with 1 Purifier Module
  • Earning "Settler Skill: Engineering II" will send you a mail with 1 Purifier Module

Producing water[edit | edit source]

  1. Build a Purification Unit (requiring a Purifier Module) and provide the settlement with extra Water (10) rating needed.
  2. Ensure the Purification Unit is powered.
  3. Purification Units now require it's water rating to be located in the same settlement
  4. In standard Horizon mode, the purified water production requires: ceramic, aluminum, copper, clean bottle In Desolation mode, the purified water production requires: ceramic, cork, chlorine, clean bottle
    1. All ingredients for services/recipes are now taken directly from your designated workshop containers
    2. Chlorine can be either made at Chemistry workbench manually or, more efficiently but requiring a certain tech level, at Chemical factory.
    3. Chlorine and Sodium can be extracted from Salt in the Chemistry Station under Ingredients
  5. Purified water is produced with Active Services via the Production Console, Add a work order for purified water at production manager -> Active.
    1. If there is no Active Services for Purified Water (just an Open) at the end, try going to the Production Console and using Refresh Settlement Information Update. After a few minutes, Purified Water should appear as an option (should be the 1st out of 9).
    2. Be mindful of the costs of producing purified water. Create only what you need since the ingredient cost will be deducted per bottle produced. In particular, copper is rare since the introduction of Basic Circuitry and very useful for settlement expansion.
  6. The Production Console will indicate that Purified Water is being produced. This may take a few minutes to update correctly.

Producing water via cooking station[edit | edit source]

  1. Purified water (3 bottles) may be produced via the cooking station. This requires: advanced filter, dirty water(4) and clean bottles (3).