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Purified water is a vital part of Horizon diet. It's one of few hydration items that does not give you rads. It is also an ingredient of high-quality food, remedies and other useful items.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Production of Purified Water bottles requires "Water Purification Units", which are separate from pumps that give water. They are found in workshop menu under Architect -> Production -> Basic Production. Water production orders can be adjusted under Active section of production manager.

Water Purification Unit[edit | edit source]

This workshop device is what now determines whether or not your water production is being purified

  • This object does NOT provide any "Water" rating at all
  • Each bottle of Purified Water produced requires 20 Water rating and 1 Purification Unit
  • Grants +40 Bonus Happiness to the settlement you place it in
  • Currently, there's no requirement that the purifiers must be placed in the same settlement as your water pumps
  • Crafting a Purification Unit requires 1 "Purifier Module" (see below)
  • In Desolation mode the crafting requirements are much higher

Water Purification Unit (Compact)[edit | edit source]

This unit is engineered to be more compact, but requires a higher Workshop Tech Level (4 in default, 6 in Desolation)

  • Requires the same parts that the standard unit requires
  • Gives the same benefits the standard unit does, but with a smaller footprint

Purifier Module[edit | edit source]

  • This item is used for building Water Purification Units
  • Modules can be crafted in the Tech Lab by having Workshop Tech Level 2 (Desolation Mode requires Tech Level 7)
  • Modules can sometimes be found on DC or GN general vendors (not in Desolation Mode)
  • After completing the Graygarden quest you will get mail with 1 Purifier Module
  • Earning "Local Leader II" perk and reaching level 15 will send you a mail with 1 Purifier Module
  • Earning "Settler Skill: Engineering II" will send you a mail with 1 Purifier Module

Producing water[edit | edit source]

  1. Build a Purification Unit and provide the settlement with extra Water rating needed.
  2. Ensure your production storage contains the necessary ingredients: Dirty water, clean bottle, cork, chlorine. Chlorine can be either made at Chemistry workbench manually or, more efficiently but requiring a certain tech level, at Chemical factory.
  3. Add a work order for purified water at production manager -> Active.