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Radiation effects and counter-measures has been largely changed in Horizon.

Radiation should be something to be avoided if possible. You will find yourself needing a real doctor or valuable items to cure yourself of any sizable radiation damage.

  • RadAway will rarely drop from loot or containers, but continues to exist in static locations
  • RadAway cures half the amount of rads now, but the immunity debuff is reduced to 20 minutes
  • RadAway can still be increased by the Medic Perk, but the amount is reduced rebalanced
  • RadAway, drugs, and alcohol, no longer dehydrates the player (since I've made curing rads harder now, there's no need to penalize the player with annoyances like this)
  • RadAway also no longer causes starvation (again, this is a pointless annoyance to the player.. removed)
  • RadAway no longer benefits from Chemist or BioComm mods (this should never have been like this to begin with)
  • Rad-X now lasts for 10 minutes
  • The price for buying Radaway is greatly increased
  • The price for curing radiation from doctors is increased, and scales based on the exact amount of rads you need cured
  • RadAway takes a few extra ingredients to craft it
  • Food and water that cause radiation damage now cause more radiation damage
  • All drinkable water sources now cause some radiation damage and are considered dirty water (which is everything except Purified Water bottles)
  • Filling bottles at any water source (including water pumps) now gives dirty water
  • Radiation resistances on Hazmats suits is reduced, and they also have reduced "built-in" radiation reduction
  • Radiation resistances on Power Armor is significiantly reduced. If you want rad resists on PA, you must craft lead lining and/or rad scrubbers
  • Rad Scrubbers no longer remove radiation from food, but instead give you rad resists