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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Resource Station Menu

The Resource Station is a settlement building that lets you access:

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Aluminum 4

Basic Circuitry 4

Steel 14

Cargo Bot 1

Production Management[edit | edit source]

The name Production Manager implies already what is possible.

To see details follow the link to Production.

Production Menu[edit | edit source]

Production Storage[edit | edit source]

It's an inventory shared with all settlements which by default is used for output from production cycle.

Production output can redirected to workshop of one of the settlements through the menu, that can be used to automatically make it available to all supply-linked crafting stations.

Personal Storages[edit | edit source]

Just globally-available storages for player. Settlers will not take items from these.

  • Personal Storage #1
  • Personal Storage #2

Courier Trading Service[edit | edit source]

The Courier Trading Service allows you to remotely access merchants using Cargo Bots.

Each Workshop Trading Level unlocks access to more merchants.

Depeding on your Trading Skill you can unlock more and more Traders.

(You can even access unfriendly merchants anonymously using this system.)

Manage Local Supply Line[edit | edit source]

Cargo Bots can be used to create Supply Lines between your settlements. This works exactly the same as standard settler SUpply Lines, except they don't require a settler. They also don't add NPCs travelling around, getting in your way, and reducing your framerate.

Each Resource Station acts as it's own source for a Supply Line. You can make as many Resource Stations as you wish per settlement, and have them each pointing to a different settlement.

Once you build a Resource Staion, simply navigate it's menu and chosse your supply line destination.

  • Choose the supply line destination
  • remove current supply line
  • Every resource station can support one supply line that does not use a settler
  • it works identically to a normal supply line
  • Charisma 6 is not needed

Manage Master Workbench[edit | edit source]

Main article: Master Workbench

Cargo Bots can synchronize workbenchers, by transporting ALL items from ALL linked workbenches to 1 Master Workbench. (Requires linked Supply Lines).

  • move all items to Master Workbench (Refresh)
  • Set Destination to: Settlement X

Manage Production Destination[edit | edit source]

This menu allows you to change the destination of your settlement production.

Manage Cargo Destination (Wilson)[edit | edit source]

This menu allows you to choose where Wilson transports items to.

Manage Personal Cargo Bots (Carry Weight)[edit | edit source]

Main article: Personal Cargo Bots

Currently Active Cargo Bots:

  1. Cargo Bot REX-1
  2. Cargo Bot REX-2
  3. Cargo Bot REX-3
  4. Cargo Bot SCB-1
  5. Cargo Bot SCB-2
  6. Cargo Bot SCB-3
  7. Cargo Bot MM-76
  8. Cargo Bot RR-11
  9. Cargo Bot BS-44

Cargo Bot Activation Menu[edit | edit source]

To assign new Personal Cargo Bots, you must first craft Transmitter Chips in the Tech Lab, and then install them into your Pip-Boy using the tools at this station.

Every transmitter chip increases carry weight by 100, or 20 if strict carry weight is installed.

Check Production Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Production Limits[edit | edit source]

The current maximum production yields you can have are based on your overall progress across all settlements.

The 1st number = current maximum

The 2nd number = potential maximum

Increasing your current maximum is usually achieved by having more "Successful Settlements".

(Updated as of Horizon 1.8.0.BETA-7)