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Resource station is a settlement building that lets you access several functions related to logistics.

Production storage[edit | edit source]

It's an inventory shared with all settlements which by default is used for output from production cycle. Production output can redirected to workshop of one of the settlements through the menu, that can be used to automatically make it available to all supply-linked crafting stations.

Personal cargo bots management[edit | edit source]

Personal storages[edit | edit source]

Just globally-available storages for player. Settlers will not take items from these.

Supply line[edit | edit source]

Every resource station can support one supply line that does not use a settler. Otherwise it works identically to normal line.

Production[edit | edit source]

Player can enable fertilization for different kinds of plants which doubles the yield at the cost of fertilizer. Also, maintenance kits and liquid fuel can be inserted here to produce fuel, purified water, concrete, lumber and steel.