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Overview[edit | edit source]

Horizon missions illustration

You can deploy Settlers on missions to bring you back useful supplies. What is needed?

  1. Build job stations at settlements (Architect > Basic Production > Mission Jobs)
  2. Assign settlers to them
  3. Ensure you have enough Mission Slots and appropriate supplies
  4. Use the Command Table (Architect > Utilities > Command Table) to deploy settlers

Missions take about 2-3 days to complete, depending on the type of mission and your Leadership skill.

  • Jobs train appropriate settler skills.
  • On higher skill levels, settlers both yield more and fail less.
  • On failure, they get a bit of experience but no items.

Settler Skills[edit | edit source]

  • All settler skills start at 0,
  • increase by 1-2 per failed mission of that type and
  • 2-4 per successful mission.

The base success rate of mission varies, but it's usually 45-50% and it's increased by 1% for every 2 skill points.

Once a skill reaches a value above 79, it starts decaying by 2 every day, so missions must continue actively in order to maintain a high settler skill.

Settler skill also determines the quality of rewards, divided into three tiers: 1-39, 40-80, 80-100.

At low skill levels, the risk of failure is great and the quality of rewards is low, so it is best to think of the materials spent on early missions as an investment for the future rather than expect an immediate payoff.

Job List[edit | edit source]

Higher your Mission Slots and "build" Successful Settlements & Communities.

# Deploy Mission Cost Time (h) Yield
2 Militia Scouting -2 Military Kits 2 ammo crafting supplies, ammunition, weapon parts, water, XP items, military kits
6 Militia Assault -6 Military Kits 4 ammo crafting supplies, XP items, settler recruitment radio, ...
3 Technicians Salvaging -3 Supply Kits 2 appliance parts, a lot of Basic Circuitry, building materials, Junk
1 Technicians Scrounge -1 Supply Kits 2 random junk, tools and other minor loot, possibly some literature
1 Hunter Fishing -1 Fishing Pole with Bait 2 Fish (Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Mutated Catfish)
1 Hunter Hunt Wild Game -1 Supply Kits 2 Meat and animal loot
1 Hunter Find Wild Plants -1 Supply Kits 2 Wild Plants (both domesticable and not), XP items
1 Engineer Craft Devices -1 Common Tool 2 devices (turret deployment parts, unlockers, micro-drones), junk
3 Engineer Research Projects -3 Common Tool 4 manuals, rare alloy items
1 Entertainer Write a Novel -100 Vendor Credits 2 Bottlecaps, Manuals
1 Entertainer Perform -100 Vendor Credits 2 Bottlecaps, XP items, Vendor Contracts, Vendor Credits, Settler Recruitment Radio
1 Craftsman Salvage Weapons -1 Common Tool 2 random weapon parts and associated items like screws
1 Craftsman Scrap Armor -1 Common Tool 2 armor crafting items, rarely including ballistic fiber

(Updated as of Horizon 1.8.0.BETA-7)