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Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul is a mod by TinyManticore that allows the player several options for altering the beginning of the game, and even later story segments by choosing a new backstory and starting location. It can be used with Horizon but with a number of issues, as detailed below.

Quick start guide[edit | edit source]

For the most consistent and stable experience, select the standard or non-Nora/Nate vault start, DO NOT choose any Traits and do not randomize your stats. Download and use the Basic Version of the mod.

Special considerations[edit | edit source]

Horizon places many useful starting items in Vault 111 and the Sanctuary root cellar, increases difficulty across the board and can cause the starting weapons from Start Me Up to be destroyed. This makes non-vault starts much harder than standard Horizon gameplay, and they are not recommended for beginners.

In addition, if the death system is active, dying without acquiring a settlement will transport the player to Vault 111, somewhat negating the point of spawning elsewhere on the map. You may wish to disable it until you have a settlement.

Known issues[edit | edit source]

If you use StartMeUp to just skip the pre-war scene (select "This is a memory") most of the problems below will not apply to you. You can start in the Vault, pick traits and set your SPECIAL stats without any concern for the game crashing. The only potential problems you may encounter will be due to balance issues from the traits you pick.

However, if you do select "This is a dream" and use an alternate start:

  • Picking Traits will cause the game to crash. DO NOT PICK TRAITS!
  • Because of the altered xp progression, choosing a higher starting level will only get you about half as far as the listed value - picking lvl 5 leaves you about halfway to level 3, picking lvl 10 puts you just short of lvl5 etc.
    • If you wish to start at a specific level, it is best to not set it in Start Me Up and instead use the console command player.setlevel <desired level> after spawning
  • Starting weapons are randomly generated according to Horizon's loot rules, and as such you may start with destroyed weapons
  • Choosing randomized SPECIAL stats will use vanilla values for total stats, not Horizon's increased starting stats
  • In the non-standard starts, the Nate/Nora body in Vault 111 that allows you to start the main quest may be found in strange places, often hovering several feet in the air
  • Some players have reported being unable to open the door into Vault 111 in a non-vault start. It is unknown whether this is actually an incompatibility between Start Me Up and Horizon as not all players seem to experience it.
    • - This is a known issue with StartMeUp - Normal Version, and has persisted for years. The author of StartMeUp acknowledges that problems with the script that fires when you enter Vault 111 after a non-Standard, non-Vault start often, but not always, cause the Vault Door, or inner doors, to not operate properly.