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The default survival system in FO4 wasn't necessarily bad, but it needed some tuning to make it not feel as awkward and annoying to deal with.

Eating a good meal should prevent severe hunger for a fair amount of time. You shouldn't have to suffer through a day or 2 worth of debuffs in order to make good "caps" usage out of cooked food. It doesn't make sense.

Horizon has rescaled the food/water consumption so the first stage lasts much longer. But the total amount of food/water you need to eat (over time) remains exactly the same. In other words, it now feels much smoother without pestering you so often.

In short: If you eat a big meal (real cooked food that gives ~100 value) when it says you're "Hungry", it will actually use most/all of that value, and you will be "Well Fed" for longer. Don't bother eating before that though, or you waste food.

Changes to the Status Icons[edit | edit source]

  • Icons for all debuffs can come in varying degrees of color
  • Yellow/Orange/Red icons are based on how severe the debuff is
  • Beneficial buff icons will remain as the normal UI color (the color you have it set to)
  • Hunger/Thirst ranges from: yellow, orange, orange, red, red
  • It's recommended to use a pale color UI to get the most out of any text colors

Changes to Survival Mode[edit | edit source]

  • The time it takes to reach the first hunger level is ~24 hours (up from 6 hours)
  • The food points required for the first hunger level is 4 times higher (roughly 96 food points, i.e. caps value.)
  • Every 12 hours after that, you will reach the next hunger level (similar to before.)
  • The total amount of "food points" (which is based on the caps value) that is needed to stop hunger per hour, remains exactly the same.
  • The total time it takes to reach the last "starve to death" level is slightly extended to 3 days (up from 2.6 days)
  • The time it takes to reach the first thirst level is 8 hours (the max level remains the same; water per hour remains the same.)
  • "Fed" is now "Well Fed", since that level range effectively lasts much longer.
  • "Peckish" is now "Hungry"
  • "Hungry" is now "Very Hungry"
  • The time while sleeping to check food/thirst is increased to match a standard 24-hour eating cycle.
  • The penalty of engaging in combat is reduced slightly.
  • Hunger reduces the amount of healing received when using medical supplies
  • Being "Rested" gives you a bonus to the amount of healing received when using medical supplies
  • Sleep deprivation also reduces your XP gained
  • Lethargy's penalty is slightly lowered.
  • Being over-encumbered no longer damages you, but reduces your agility by -5
  • Molerat disease is reduced to 2 hours and then it will wear off (that icon needed to go.)
  • The game mechanic of "requiring companions to be healed or they go home" is removed[1]

Timescale addon differences[edit | edit source]

  • The timescale is reduced in half to 10 (instead of 20)
  • Sleep deprivation debuffs are more severe (doubled in most cases, since being awake is always half the time)
  • While sleeping, hunger/thirst now advance at normal rate (was 75%)
  • Food/thirst advance at 1.5x the normal value per hour
  • Vendors respawn every 5 days (instead of 7 days)
  • Resource Manager production occurs every 18 hours (instead of 24 hours)

Food and water[edit | edit source]

  • Bottles of Purified Water now grant a buff of +10 Damage/Energy/Rad Resists for 15 minutes
  • Bottles of Purified and Dirty Water give slightly more hydration
  • Many cooked meals are worth more "food points" (i.e. caps value) now
  • Cooked meals in general require a lot more ingredients to craft
  • Some cooked meals have different versions now that require extra meat/crops, but give more value
  • Raw meat is usually worth less "food points" now
  • Most foods that give radiation damage, now give more radiation damage
  • In the cooking station, all food is now categorized in 3 main groups based on perk requirements
  • When you drink any beverage, it will give you back an appropriate empty bottle
  1. This game mechanic has some issues with it, so it's disabled for now. It might be overhauled in the future.