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Because it alters so much of the game, special care must be taken when combining Horizon with other mods. In general, the following rules of thumb apply:

  • Most utility mods such as MCM and QuickTrade are fully compatible.
  • Wholly cosmetic environmental mods are fully compatible. This includes weathers, environmental textures, music replacers and the like. It DOES NOT include cosmetic changes to items or NPCs, which require patching. Note that some otherwise cosmetic mods add or alter items, in which case see below.
  • Mods that alter existing objects in any way almost always require patching. This includes sorting mods, weightless junk mods, texture/model replacement for equipment and NPCs, faction overhauls and many others. Without a patch, these mods will often break Horizon, or Horizon will break them.
  • Mods that add new things usually require patching for balance. This includes new weapons and armor, new systems, quest mods and new companions. These mods will usually work as-is, but they will not be integrated into Horizon's special systems and because of the altered balance will often be horrifically over/underpowered.
  • Major overhauls are totally incompatible. This includes other total-conversion mods such as FROST and Immersive Gameplay. While it's theoretically possible to patch them together, it would be almost as much work as making your own overhaul from scratch.

Keep in mind that these are only guidelines, and individual mods will be more or less compatible. Finally, even mods that have been patched or are otherwise compatible may need to have their settings adjusted.

For advice about how specific mods interact with Horizon, consult the Mod Compatibility article, see if the specific mod has a page in the "Mods" category or ask in the Help and Mod Compatibility channels on the Discord.

Recommended[edit | edit source]

It is recommended that you use the following mods while playing Horizon:

  • Everyone's Best Friend (Nexus)

DEF_UI[edit | edit source]

A version of DEF_UI with Phlunder's redsigned iconlib is included in the Horizon download, with an optional .ini file to make colored icons work. There is no need to download DEF_UI separately unless you have a widescreen monitor.

AWCKR and Armorsmith Extended[edit | edit source]

As of version 1.6, Horizon no longer supports Armorsmith Extended in any capacity. It doesn't use and doesn't conflict with the latest versions of AWKCR, so you are free to install it if you need it for other mods. However, those mods likely need to patched; see above.

Redundant[edit | edit source]

Horizon performs the function of many other popular mods while integrating those functions into a cohesive whole. Here is an incomplete list of mods and types of mods that are unnecessary for (and likely incompatible with) a Horizon game:

Sim Settlements[edit | edit source]

Horizon includes a patch for mod Sim Settlements.

  • Balance is not very in-depth but nothing is broken outright. Residential plots work great, standard industrial too.
  • Taxes are probably too much and should be turned off at least for use with desolation mode.
  • Maintenance is broken, turn it off too.
  • Commercial plots don't give automatic income and instead count as Vendors.
  • Industrial Revolution is not really balanced: purified water, oil, etc. very easy to get. Beers give all sorts of unpatched effects.
  • RoTC automatic settlements are very overpowered (free water, food, etc for a bit of scrap)

There's also a mod (1.5.4) with SimSettlements plots containing Horizon's job stations.

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