X-25 laser pistol

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X-25 laser pistol is assembled using different weapon parts that make a unique looking pistol

  • It has a similar damage range to the vanilla Laser Gun, but with a much smaller profile
  • The laser beam effects are smoothed out better, and don't have that flood of swimming particles in your face
  • There are 6 barrel to mod. Each barrel defines special properties with the weapon.
  • Most barrels have different colored beams
  • Standard Barrel: Standard. 20% Reduced Recoil. +20% Sighted Accuracy.
  • High Intensity Emitter Barrel: Adds +5 Burning damage. Ignores 50% of the target's damage resistance. Improved range. -50% Ammo Capacity.
  • Photon Agitator Barrel: +10% Critical Hit Chance. +25% Critical Hit Damage. +15% Hip-fire Accuracy.
  • Prismatic Emitter Barrel: Adds +5 Fire, Cryo, and Radiation damage. Better range. +25% Sighted Accuracy. +25% VATS Cost.
  • Gamma Wave Sniper Barrel: Adds +15 Radiation damage. Exceptional range. +25% Sighted Accuracy. +25% VATS Cost.
  • Ultraviolet Modulator Barrel: Emits low visible light levels and sound. +15% Sighted Accuracy. +20% VATS Cost.
  • There's a separate color mod slot to change the color of the beam (does not work with ultraviolet)
  • Beam colors: Red, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, White
  • Scopes are sorted better so you can read them easier
  • Unlike the vanilla laser gun, this actually has a dot reflex sight
  • Grips: Standard, Weighted, Sharpshooter's, and Gyroscopic Stabilizer Grips offer different options
  • Works with the Experimentation Lab system